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James Blunt - Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart
: Heart to Heart
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: 13-10-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (James Blunt - Heart to Heart )
  1. Eve Ballard

    Incredible voice and lyrics!! Whoever doesn't like James Blunt doesn't know what good music is.

  2. blik cwak

    1:02 lopatu mi daj xdd

  3. RisK Agma

    Lopatu mi dej

  4. Johnny Raven

    This song has been stuck in my head for a month now along with his other song "OK." Both songs remind me of a woman I made a connection with. Counting her, that's only happened 3 times in my life. I've cared for many, but they're the only one's that made it into my heart. Here's to hoping it works out.

  5. Geornte 254

    Cool vibes cool runnings across the heart,mbcheeeew!!!!!

  6. Sanzia Niger

    Ooo ho sometimes...

  7. Meike Yuki

    Hier ist der Deutsche Kommentar den du gesucht hast hab ich gerne gemacht 😂👌

  8. chimexboy96 leo

    I love your songs so much, all the way from Nigeria

  9. Baby Honey

    He reminds me so much of Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99


    0:28 when u finish exams and then ur friend tell you it had 2 pages

  11. Logan Gls

    I think i make a very emotional progressive house remix..😍

  12. Elham K

    I love this song. This’s fantastic. I hear it every day.

  13. chin teck Shew

    Am I the one notice SONY phone? :)

  14. Julian . N

    Feiere die Werbung richtig unauffällig 😂😂👌🤦‍♂️

  15. rocknroller1986

    I love this song, who knew James had such a beautiful smile.

  16. reys joao Alson

    You are the One who i never been see in planet like This

  17. Fedezesp

    Heart to Heart, thats right.

  18. ayeisha haze

    I'm actually crazy in love with James he has always been amazing I've so much love for you James 💜💜💜I have just got arm tattooed with James blunnts cold lyrics I need a little fire and you're my gasoline.

  19. Madhu Agarwal

    The two girls were unnecessary, they only got between you and the camera

  20. Ludwing Mardoqueo Menchu

    Hoooooo hooooooo hooooooo

  21. Nicholas Hall

    I'm going to see him live in march ! :)

  22. Alyah Avina

    is it just me or does it look like he's making a tiktok

  23. Xuan Nhi Nguyen

    First time listening to it was on TV, now 2019

  24. Drita Leni

    Beautiful! ✌

  25. Drita Lenison

    Hand to hand ✌️

  26. MAP


  27. auroraass

    I couldn't find a song for 5 years and every day I tried with some verse that I remembered, today I heard it on the radio, needless to say I cried,finally

  28. Viktor Tomanov

    I kinda love that stop motion filming technique. Why doesn't it get applied more often?

  29. Sarah Patt

    Love James Blunt & his songs. Love the lyrics to Heart to Heart especially, "You shine even on a rainy day." and "We see eye to eye, heart to heart." :) James Blunt is phenomenal!

  30. Claude Monete

    🌞HELLO JAMES:)❤TO❤😃💙❤💛✌😘

  31. Viktoria Hristov

    even in his more upbeat songs you can see the pain in his eyes. so expressive.

  32. Sajjad Laghari

    August 2019

  33. Forbidaxe

    1:19 Sponsored by Sony Xperia

  34. cintia kaufmann

    Love this man

  35. The Daily Snail

    1:18 Cheeky Sony plug ;)

  36. Lina Rick

    beautifulll so beautiful

  37. Vitória Poletti

    Love It these music guys bye friends.

  38. nubia bueno

    Lindo maravilhoso sua voz perfeição de pessoa que Deus abençoe cada dia mas+++++++++😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  39. Fedezesp

    Thanks James for your music

  40. Jay Zimmermann

    The reason I started learning English))

  41. mayette cinco

    love this song. Oh, James!

  42. Alessandra Pena

    Heart to heart the best song

  43. prashant sharma

    somebody here july 2019?


    Sure, ever

  44. Luke Brown

    I remember listening to this when i was little omg

  45. Drita L

    My favorite right now..

  46. pravin khude

    Anyone going to listen in 2020? Cz I am going to be.

  47. Nurdin Kühnel

    Is James Blunt a phaggot? Or did the Army stand too often on his tail?

  48. Hamid Abdallah

    Love Love love

  49. linda hawk

    i still listen this song since i was less or more 10 years. obviously i was just a kid, but (i don't know why) this song always made me cry, even if i didn't know the meaning of this song. now i'm 16, and i can say that this song is still in my heart, and i learned that is full of meaning and love. thanks james, eye to eye and heart to heart.♡

  50. God:hacked site World Leader,go to new site

    I love Our new boy Daviis ❤️ together forever eternity. LOVE infinity 🕯️ THOUGH SHALL NOT SUFFER I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋 PARAISO ❤️ soon...Day 1= 👪❤️❤️❤️

  51. Fonsy Vlogs

    June 22, 2019? anyone?

  52. Maya de souza carneiro

  53. Edit Mikola

    Love him!!! <3

  54. Jacobs Sen mejia

    Y por eso no la puedo dejar de escuchar en el 2019 y en adelante saludos a todos 😗😘😎

  55. Anaky Martins

    Lindo! ♡

  56. DJ Danby

    Good Song :)

  57. Drita L

    I am sending you a smile...

  58. Людмила Табакова

    Певец супер, а какой красавчик!!!

  59. Drita L

    Don't worry James, I am right here. XO XO

  60. willow

    This song is so nostalgic, I remember dancing to this when I was a childTime really flies :)

  61. Radmino 365

    1:01 Lopatu mi daj :D

  62. Natália Barincová

    2019?? ❤️❤️😭❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU JAMEEEEEES ❤️❤️ PLEASE COME TO SLOVAKIA ❤️❤️

  63. Drita L

    I am playing this one for you...

  64. messi best player in the world go messi

    2019 anyone

  65. Gd Motovlog

    2019 mei

  66. Zoey Trent

    This song has made me think about so much in my life, and is just a great song in general..Also anyone think the music video is cool in general as well?

  67. ARES

    Это было так довно. . .

  68. Masixole Satshu

    2019 May

  69. Memento Mori

    To all the people saying this guy/gal is underrated or this band or whatever is underrrated. Stop it. We all know one thing: All the best music in the world are the ones that are underrated. Why? It doesn't mask the popular culture wherein the masses' taste is masked and influenced.

  70. Drita L

    On my way out, I will miss your music but I will be back soon. XO

  71. Drita L


  72. Drita L

    They say that it is not good to surpress feelings but If you can not handle the pain James just do your best to forget it.

  73. Alessandra KovaVaz

    come back to the game

  74. lực hoàng đình

    I wonder why such a good song without many views

  75. Alondra B

    It's 2019 in the middle of the night and I'm crying because of this

  76. Obgor

    This song is Legendary! where lock's this 2019?

  77. leon svendsen

    is the video sponsed by sony experia or? ;P otherwise, like the song :D

  78. Antonia's Adventures

    That part in the description "German fans watch here: [Insert some link to vimeo]" DUDE, memories were brought up. When GEMA was still withholding music from us because we could listen to it for free on YouTube and didn't have to pay the artist for it

  79. Tom Cody

    2.8k dislikes wtf is this bullshit

  80. Querulant

    2019, bitches?

  81. سجاد - Sejad

    2:15 NOOOOOO PLEASE Lesbians in A James Blunt Song Why I Thought He is A Good Guy.

  82. سجاد - Sejad

    James Blunt is A Legend That Nobody Gives Him What He Deserves.

  83. Aayush Shrestha

    2019 April?Amyone

  84. Abdoulgani Saad

    good song

  85. trisha costa

    great song writer you are truly blessed

  86. Tshupelo Mabutho

    It's 2019 and I'm here....Love this song

  87. aamgdp

    Subtle Xperia product placement

  88. Macina MilujeKytky

    Ohhhh that's song of my childhood :,)) ❤️❤️ I love iiit

  89. Kagura Legends

    If you need a hand to holdI'll come running, because You and I won't part till we dieYou should know We see eye to eye, heart to heart....

  90. Ethan Tomek

    Buzz light year is coming for you.

  91. Student

    A wonderful song - I love it - because it makes me so happy

  92. Michael Speranzioso

    Man this song hits me right in the feelings

  93. Ellen Tani

    Walay maka level sa ka bright nimo.

Heart to Heart Şarkı Sözü
There are times when I don't know where I stand
You make me feel like I'm a boy and not a man
There are times when you don't give me a smile
I lie awake at night and worry for a while
It's OK, 'cause I know
You shine even on a rainy day
And I can find your halo
Guides me to wherever you fall
If you need a hand to hold
I'll come running, because
You and I won't part till we die
You should know
We see eye to eye, heart to heart
There are times when I cry, 'cause you shed no tears
Your mind's so far away, but your body's right here
There are times when I just walked out your door
And thought I'd never get to see you anymore.
It's OK, 'cause I know
You shine even on a rainy day
And I can find your halo
Guides me to wherever you fall
If you need a hand to hold
I'll come running, because
You and I won't part till we die
You should know
We see eye to eye, heart to heart
Oh Sometimes
Oh sometimes
Oh sometimes
Wherever you fall
If you need a hand to hold
I'll come running, because
You and I won't part till we die
You should know
We see eye to eye, heart to heart

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