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James Blunt - Love Me Better

Love Me Better
: Love Me Better
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: 13-10-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (James Blunt - Love Me Better )
  1. Ro-Ro Mi-Mi

    Hồi xưa coi trên 60 giây thấy giới thiệu bài hát ms của a này là lên gg kiếm liề đây mà 2 năm r nhanh thật

  2. Swapna Das

    I see true love in his eyes. 😍😍😍

  3. Kevin Sellers

    James I'm getting rid of Donald Trump. Hes making me sick

  4. Tony kelly

    Is that your feckin car??

  5. Cara Jeanne

    this sucks

  6. Andreia Cintra

    Maravilhoso 😍😍😍

  7. Augustine Lorna


  8. Naren Hang Limbu

    Nice song 🎼👌

  9. Boris Gonzalez

    Esta musica me hace relajar mi mente

  10. Cecy Arroyo

    I can hear Ryan Tedder singing "Love me better" 🤠

  11. silvy Martin

    this is my favorite song James and the very pretty girls, that I see again and again

  12. Nanda FEema

    Perfect the best!!

  13. Moon Talam

    this song is underrated

  14. Aš esu Blaze'as

    Who listening in 2019?

  15. Drita L

    Hey James, how is your dog doing? Are you in the club with him??? Dogs can be real good company. I will call him "Jamie".

  16. Aung Kaung Pyae aka Sky

    Graham Norton?

  17. Елена Смирнова

    Could somebody explain to me - Who is Danny duncan? And why everybody writing '' send me''?

  18. rabie giçi

    My Facebook memorie brought me here ❤️

  19. Ravok Games


  20. Rosi Szanyi

    I don’t like this song,it’s a bla,bla,bla Song it gos Not skin deep!

  21. Drita L

    Hey James Blunt, what's up?

  22. Jessy

    James Blunt Mv's should have more views, his musics are made to touch our soul ❤

  23. Meme Central

    2,5 years already 😲 wow

  24. JD JB

    Este, según yo, no es en esencia James Blunt.

  25. Shortbread Longthorne

    The black girl has a terrific smile - 03:08

  26. Drita L

    They call you many things but the truth is :You are great...

  27. Carlos Pulido Guzmán

    Té queda grandota esa morenasa. James Blunt 😋🤣🤣

  28. luisdehardy


  29. what

    James Blunt has the last laugh with the Gallagher brothers. James Blunt is still having fun making millions, creating music while gallagers are doing barely anything.

  30. Lewis Clarke

    mint song

  31. Manuela Alves


    Manuela Alves

    Don t give up on US don t have anyone else in my life except you@

  32. C.W. Bretz

    Who is the trio singing the chorus?

  33. landofw56

    I don't like it


    I love It!!!!

  35. Sharon PENG

    I love this song,but I can’t understand the meaning of video

  36. Amanda Matos

    Gostei.. diferente do comum♡

  37. Scripture Unbroken

    Is that Jussie Smollet and the Nigerian bros at 0:56?

  38. Sharon Clark

    Listen this makes me sad!!! Cuz some people are just cruel. Wow!! Love ur music and everything you have done to get here. 1st time hearing this album!

  39. Alys 3344

    i am a 13 year old girl and i am proud to say i love you also you have changed my life so much and saved my life many times so i just wanted to say thank you

  40. Manuela Alves

    Let US lo e you better

  41. Robert Dikes


  42. nero fred


  43. Kunal Gurung

    My favourite singer🎵🎶🎶🎵nd your songs are amazing

  44. Naty Falcón


  45. Isaiah Sepulveda

    how does this song only have 62k likes people lost taste in music clearly

  46. šlïpperÿ• •siśtėrš

    One hit wonder I guess 😶🥶😖🤷🏻‍♀️

  47. Shortbread Longthorne

    Still a great record, and brilliant video.

  48. Pulson Neto

    Welcome back James.

  49. aailla rodrigues


  50. El Lagarto Juancho Official

    Que Video

  51. dead dentist

    U hurt Me more than Josh. I never hurt u. Good luck w ur whores. I'm outtie. U fucked up way too much. U just couldn't wait. My love for u filled the sky. The 🌎 took u in and u fucked it. Too bad. But Harry styles said he's glad u fucked up bc u NEVER deserved ME like he and k do. Ur older but idiotic. Don't worry ur not going to hell. Ur not coming to My new kingdom bc uve hurt Me to deeply. I don't want to c u an eternity. U r going to My immortals heaven. I doubt u can fix MY pain uve caused James. So much for ur love. SKANK

  52. Sheila Santos

    Esse cará é um show james blunt Brasil.

  53. H Tea

    Too bad my local KTV does not include this song...

  54. Madhav Subedi

    Who is still in 2019

  55. Mclovin

    Es buenísima

  56. Gaming Rankz

    very beautiful song. really loved this song a lot.

  57. Kadyn Vissia

    Wheres ryan tedder in this video

  58. Clementine Chex

    😍😘😙💖💕 🎤🎼🎶🎵🎹👄Love love love Love me Love me better. ..💋🎤🎶🎵...❤J'adore ! 😙

  59. Han Drayss

    Here 'cause good music, lyrics, and song

  60. Clementine Chex

    😍💋 I love so much James ❤👧👄🎤🎼🎶🎵🎸🎹....🌼

  61. HellaHellaHella HEY

    1:10 This is where you pickup Milfs and Cougars at the bar and the song starts playing like you just own them.

  62. juan manuel baez suarez

    Q habra pasado cn james blunt hacia canciones buenas y termina con todo ese comercio llamado mtv q solo arruina a buenos artistas

  63. Clementine Chex


  64. Penny Humphreys

    Heard it, liked it, loved it, still listening 😊

  65. Sakti Indi Agustin

    Love you better...

  66. Vivek Rajwar

    Only 7.7 mn views yet! 😒

  67. Brandon Owen

    you're a fucking piece of shit james blunt fuck you

  68. Hannah Ellery

    Highkey want him to go on a UK tour so I can see him 👀🔥

  69. Top Rated Amazon Products

    He sold out

  70. Violeta Rojas

    You see so SEXY in this video. I wannna be your model in your videos. I am your fan.

  71. Kath J

    0:38 Andy Samberg, is that you?

  72. Jesica t

    Q lindo q sigue James! Es el hombre perfecto q toda mujer desearía tener. Y además su voz es muy linda y su musica d la mejor, m gustó este vídeo se vé tan atractivo! Viva james Blunt!!

  73. Suzie Q

    Backup is fiya!!!💖💖💖

  74. Ken & Shan

    I've tried to reach James on twitter I wrote a song for him. I want him to play it for my baby :( - love, the muse s.

  75. Rafik Merouche

    I ch libe

  76. John Robertson

    Great album

  77. Ayush Kapoor

    So Underrated ❤️

  78. Evie Weller

    Why do people not like this GOD

  79. Lucas D.

    Just amazing S2

  80. Adela Negoita

    he sounds so different but i like it

  81. Cecilia Brochero Mendoza

    Definitivamente, 3 negros es mucho ego compitiendo en un solo ideo jejeje, ojo no me vayan a caer a palo, jajaja no soy rasita, vengo de familia de color y soy morena, pero los negritos con su moviminto de manos, los abrigos de leopardo, las pulseras de oro y el movimiento de manos, jajajaj no puedo con tanto.... bello James Blunt, siempre sencillo amo su musica, ha mejorado sus videos.... pero su musica lo maximo su letra y su acento,,,, love me better

    Jesica t

    Ceci la verdad es q cuando James hace los vídeos es el único q reluse!!! Lo demás es decorado. Salió como es, tan atractivo y hermosoooo

  82. Gabriela Rodriguez

    I love you your music James Blunt .Visit Uruguay please.My ingles is very bad sorry.❤


    dem i like those niggas

  84. Ian Mcintyre

    steven is that you.....? No wonder I cant find you...sincerely Deborah Voultsos... still looking for stephen jones.... 30 years later...

  85. Endoe Kronic

    So he's into big black chicks then?

  86. Brian Graham

    Tow Jam seen Plate 89631 for video of call after screening is silent.

  87. John Putih

    My father sent me here. No one else did.

  88. Chisanga Chonta

    Hearing his voice could just make you fall in love with him 😍❤️❤️❤️... Or maybe it's just meI'll download this song now😂😂😂

  89. Matheus Tobella

    "I would have said you're beautiful, but I've used that line before." I see what you did there, James Blunt.

  90. Marten Dekker

    This isn't's artificial crap

  91. Ross Bush

    Love me better is James Blunts best song in my opinion, I admire his success in the music business, the fact that he's not afraid to make fun of himself and above all the fact that he served his country as a soldier before becoming a professional musician

  92. Meta Pratiwi Liberty

    Does anyone know the song by James Blunt that got featured in recent Donnie Yen movie called Big Brother?

  93. Maria

    I love the song and video i like clubbing and dancing💃💃💃

  94. Maria

    Yes.but my favorite is your beautiful.👍

Love Me Better Şarkı Sözü
People say the meanest things
Yeah I've been called a dick, I've been called so many things
I know I've done some shit that I admit deserves it, but that
That don't mean it doesn't sting
Saw you standing outside a bar
Would have said you're beautiful but I've used that line before
Now I've had my share of shallow nights
'Cause I was scared to get it right
So I was hanging with whoever
But baby then you
You love, love, love me, love me better
You love, love, love me, love me better
There's been times I gave myself
To someone else, to someone lesser than you
Love, love, love me, love me better
Love me better
When I met you I was treading water
And baby I know you know I got an eye that wanders
But right now in this car that we're driving to your sister's
All I'm lookin' for is something that's forever
Baby then you
You love, love, love me, love me better
You love, love, love me, love me better
There've been people that I've loved before
But they were something lesser, 'cause you
Love, love, love me, love me better
Love me
Love me better
Love me
Love me better
People say the meanest things
Yeah, but truth be told, I don't care what they think
I got someone who is lying in my bed right next to me
Yeah she love, love, loves me
Love, love, loves me
Love me better
Loves me better
There's been times I gave myself
To someone else, to someone lesser than you
Love, love, love me, love me better

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