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Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
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: 23-10-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son )
  1. SideCaster 716

    One of many, of Maidens masterpieces

  2. youtert

    Sounds like Mega Man music.

  3. Antonis Chrysanthou

    The best song of all times!:) a real masterpiece!

  4. Brendan O' Neil

    awful sound quality

  5. Imia Familiya Otchestvo

    Опять убедился, что высеры хейтеров русского рока, о том что Iron Maiden - Seven Son of a Seven Son имеет что то общее с треком Арии - Ночь Короче Дня - это очередной ебливый пиздёж мудаков и долбоёбов. Общего тут нет от слова совсем. Песня советско-российской хеви-метал-группы намного стройнее, запоминаемее и харизматичнее, не говоря уж о том, что до мастерства чистого звонкого вокала Кипелова подвывающему, как пёсик, Дикинсону, очень далеко

  6. Rolando Ovalle

    Lo mejor de lo mejor iron maiden

  7. Charles Herm

    Hated this album at first . Now in my top 3

  8. Marcio Monteiro

    Ô voz perfeita

  9. Rosalinda Rodríguez Valdés

    Profundo y profano

  10. Rosalinda Rodríguez Valdés

    Analiza las canciones el mensaje subdiminal

  11. leonidas diamond

    Very good song but the riff at 4:03 is stolen from mercyful fate nightmare middle riff :(

  12. Mr Dunedain

    Con solo por la intro de Moonchild yo ya no me detengo al escuchar este álbum pero cuando escucha la pieza homónima y su intermedio 4:20 a 6:53 se me eriza la piel y se me salen unas cuantas lágrimas de emoción.Seventh Son of the Seventh Son es sin duda EL MEJOR disco que la doncella ha publicado en su historia.UP THE IRONS lmL

  13. Ethan Wilson

    the intro sounds amazing if if you play it at 2x

  14. Tali Jamir

    Started listening to Iron maiden at 12, 39 now and still listening

  15. mightywings76

    who the fuck was the deaf asshole that gave thumbs down to this heavy metal masterpiece????

  16. Young Truth

    im more of 90's early 2000's rap person but ive also been a fan of legendary heavy metal rock bands like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Metallica, Def Leopard, Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Kiss, etc etc

  17. Oscar Morales bueno

    Unikossssssss a tope

  18. Osho Mr.Flipper

    Timothy-Belaplaush shshh plaush 'curl' as a 44yr Ol'1000+Onenyte baberta

  19. Sean Salehi

    One the the best songs ever. Doesn't matter how old it is, it takes you to crazy old years of metal.

  20. Logikoi Paranoikoi


  21. #papadopaidiagang

    Why do people listen to new shit and dont listen to this music? Im a 14 year old kid and i only have 2 friends that listen to music like this

  22. Foxy Mister

    That Rhythm 5:35 the coolest thing

  23. Jaqueline Rocha

    Ecstatic ... speechless ...

  24. michael fischer

    I am the seventh son of a seventh son

  25. art hawk

    Viva Maiden!!

  26. Rubens Medeiros

    Eu detonei no Skate nessa época, amei e amo.

  27. Low Moon

    Donington '88 never forget

  28. djak ljubisa

    Up the Irons from Serbia ! <3

  29. djak ljubisa

    Up the Irons from Serbia ! <3

  30. Carlos 420

    Best Outro of all Times

  31. stanley ferreira

    Só 35 anos de Historia na minha Vida ...Maiden FOrever...!!!

  32. Sergio R. G. Gonzalez

    Iron Maiden e Slayer, minhas bandas preferidas.

  33. Vilppu Niiranen

    I remember my cousin giving away cassettes. The last two were both Ironmaiden albums. My brother got to choose first and he took seventh son...I was left with No Prayer for the Dying...not bad album by any means but this is something profound and absolutely amazing...Thank god we shared the tapes afterwards

  34. Francisco Oliveira

    Os grandes baratos que se tinhamos a cada novo trabalho eram o de viajar com as músicas e passar horas olhando para as capas do Derek Rigss para ver se iríamos encontrar alguma figura camuflada nas capas dos lps/cds.

  35. koaguilds

    The first 45 seconds sounds very much like it could have fit on Powerslave . It has that Egyptian vibe.

  36. Mgcaliano Aliano




  38. Oziel gonçalves de lima oziel


  39. Alvaro Sanchesz

    Simplemente Gracias a Iron Maiden por todos

  40. keithduane70

    This is one incredible album! Love the songwriting!! Definitely I of my favorites!

  41. Miguel M

    Vamooo q hoy la rompen en Arg..!!!!

  42. Electric Dreams


  43. Chaturanger

    Same guitar solo on Mother Russia.

  44. Johnny Pirti

    I was fatally wounded but the deadly wound had HEALED

  45. Miguel angel alonso

    1988: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son2019:Seventh Son of a Seventh Son's Seventh Son2049:Seventh Son of a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son's Seventh Son

    Boris Grozni

    rabbits progression :D

    Gordiux Metal

    Lol ajajaja and the grandchild

  46. LightingRevenant

    The day I got this No prayer for the dying cassette from a friend will always be remembered, this is when I knew Maiden for the first time and since then they stole my's been more than 25 years now and this love will never die.

  47. pantera Brasil


    Jaqueline Rocha

    Olha nós aqui!rsrsrsrs


    2.40 da manha e eu ouvir isto !!!! Portugal \m/

    Jaqueline Rocha

    Essa música é tão boa,pra qualquer hora do dia ou da noite💕🤟

    Felipe Cesar

    aqui... UP THE IRONS!!!!


    @Felipe Cesar Posso aproveitar esta reuniao de paises irmaos e fazer publicidade ao meu canal de youtube? xD

  48. Vijay kumar

    Im forth son of a forth son!!Im the youngest of boys.mine and 3rd brother were born twins.MY grand father has 5sons and 2 daughters.One son died young my father said to me.My Grand Father was highly Orthodox man ,he sits in a room and always do some god chants .when my grandmother died infront of her deadbody he said from now i will live only 7 years,same thing happendIn his life time he didnt eat outside food and he didnt take a sip of outsiders waterEverything power lies in water and fire

  49. Greg Maggio

    My gawd, IM successfully finding a way for a teen-ager to avoid the suburban dread for just a little bit longer..

  50. meth doesabodybad

    Seventh son and somewhere in time had the best guitar solos...powerslave was 3rd for me with the guitar solos

  51. Tessa Raven

    ha like I care?

    Susan Duva

    Who cares what you say and why did you make a comment to begin with? You must be an Iron Maiden hater. You just offended an Iron Maiden fan. Go listen to Lady Gaga little girl. Iron Maiden is for grown ups and for metalheads only. Go troll elsewhere little girl.

    Tessa Raven

    @Susan Duva lol ha like I care was a screen name I was askin if it was him! I love maiden you have such a temper you didn't know the facts so you go into attack zone lol RELAX

    Susan Duva

    @Tessa Raven what screen name are you referring to as I'm not aware of that? I thought you were trolling. No offense meant.

  52. lui BG

    Obra maestra pasará a la historia

  53. Arturo Carrillo


  54. Mario Ernesto Guerrero Hernandez


  55. ciscomars

    J'ai toujours eu le sentiment que chaque chanson d'Iron Maiden était dédiée à un seul instrument, écrite pour le laisse s'exprimer. "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" est née dans le rêve d'une batterie, "Remeber Tomorow" est le fruit des amours d'une basse et d'une batterie...

  56. Christian Marin

    October 14 2019, Maiden I love you.

  57. Bruno Tavan

    Here they stand brothers them allAll the sons divided they'd fallHere await the birth of the sonThe seventh, the heavenly, the chosen oneHere the birth from an unbroken lineBorn the healer the seventh, his timeUnknowingly blessed and as his life unfoldsSlowly unveiling the power he holdsSeventh son of a seventh son Seventh son of a seventh son Seventh son of a seventh sonThen they watch the progress he makesThe Good and the Evil which path will he takeBoth of them trying to manipulateThe use of his powers before it's too lateSeventh son of a seventh sonSeventh son of a seventh son Seventh son of a seventh sonToday is born the seventh oneBorn of woman the seventh sonAnd he in turn of a seventh sonHe has the power to healHe has the gift of the second sightHe is the chosen oneSo it shall be writtenSo it shall be done

  58. Mateo Gonzalez

    That solo was just... wow...

  59. 1251wire

    Not kidding... Play at 1.5x It's the galloping cool version.

  60. John Ryan

    Definitely my favourite maiden album.

  61. Steve Marcum

    my good friend turned me onto these guys greatest Heavy metal band I've ever heard in my life not only that how they play and there singer is a beast with his singing abilities hes on point for sure


    is the fucking 8 no the 7 FUUUCK. THE NUMBER OF THE MAGIC IS 8 NO 7 FUUUUCK

  63. Peter Fishwick

    Loved meeting Bruce Dickinson in person in Preston when he did his solo work on the release of the Accident of Birth album still to this day can't believe I got to see him personally what an amazing vocalist and what a fantastic band

  64. fernando Arce

    Is this song gonna be played at the Legacy of the beast tour 2019 anyone ?

  65. Paolo Desole


  66. Thomas Oakley

    Tony Romo, on the Corona Line.

  67. Nacho Fernandez Gonzalez

    The last of the 80´s Maiden Albums. It closed an era.

  68. 2565reventon

    Words only hide the true meaning of what we feel when we become The Seventh Son

  69. TheIrishBrawler

    Check out 7thson on

  70. richard windrose

    "Both of them trying to ma-nip-u-late the use of his powers be-fore it's too late."Man...I felt like he was singing about me. 1988 30 y/o...A terrible gift. Beautiful but terrible. Spiritual discernment. Bruce was born on the save day of the same year as I. Odd. WE all have to take a fork in the road. We sow what we reap long after we sow. Glad Bruce beat cancer. Play on.

  71. Yeamin Malik

    7:48 - 9:54

  72. Eduardo Guajardo

    🇬🇧🇨🇱ROCK que viva iron maiden por siempre

  73. Aek Original


  74. Joao Carlos Leoncio

    Do caralhoooooooo

  75. Fűzy Rudolf

    I love this song My dad showed this song to me and im started to listen metal about 10years ago My father is a Iron Maiden fan sincs 1986 and he is 48now and im happy for i love metal from him #metalfather #lovemydad #ironmaiden

  76. leonardo jauregui piñeros

    excelentee yeaaaaaaaaaa

  77. Asami Cat

    The bass line is so evocative

  78. oneant56

    my first metal shirt

  79. Imperium Europa

    Maiden fan since 1985 here, and I just want to say that 'THE X FACTOR' album kicks ass and doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's a monumental composition and production, written mostly by Steve Harris.

  80. Britney George

    9th row long beach i was there

  81. David Almeida

    Intro amazing!!

  82. blakk66

    🤘🏻UP THE IRONS!!!🤘🏻

  83. reighn401

    🏴😿🐧😻🏴JayJay, Cares....JUST in Time./Bow

  84. RobertoRJ2007

    The best band of the world!

  85. Jorge Pla

    After 35 years, I'm still here... ever

  86. Dan R

    Up the irons! Fan since 1983! Always Legendary!

  87. Daniel Garcia

    A master piece!

  88. Markus Mozart

    I used to feel depressed about of this song, but now I am adult and I just laugh

  89. Julie Gogola

    One of my favorite Maiden Cd's.

  90. Pasxalis Pap


  91. Cripple Bear

    As your attorney, I highly advise you to listen to this Public Safety announcement: “Your health can be damaged WITHOUT listening to Iron Maiden be a quiet or be it loud & the fellas advice about listening to it loud (highly advisable)


    Absolutely amazing voice Bruce Dickinson yell can last for 8 seconds !!! I never listened anyone who lasted so far !!

  93. nikos lionis

    This and Powerslave

  94. nikos lionis

    Maybe the best Iron Maiden album ever

  95. Serge Tartare

    Very good song !! Fantastique groupe !!

  96. Artem Andreev

    Great one.

  97. Susan Moran

    Iron maiden a legendary and Bruce did good vocals on this.

  98. Tomas Garza

    The best Maiden album after Powerslave

    Russell Davidovsky

    Nope, 1st - Seventh...2nd - Virtual XI3rd - Brave ...4th - 666

  99. Vamos meu Vascão

    Que som do crlh!

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Şarkı Sözü
Here they stand brothers them all
All the sons divided they'd fall
Here await the birth of the son
The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one
Here the birth from an unbroken line
Born the healer the seventh, his time
Unknowingly blessed and as his life unfolds
Slowly unveiling the power he holds
Seventh son of a seventh son
Seventh son of a seventh son
Seventh son of a seventh son
Then they watch the progress he makes
The Good and the Evil which path will he take
Both of them trying to manipulate
The use of his powers before it's too late
Seventh son of a seventh son
Seventh son of a seventh son
Seventh son of a seventh son
Today is born the seventh one
Born of woman the seventh son
And he in turn of a seventh son
He has the power to heal
He has the gift of the second sight
He is the chosen one
So it shall be written
So it shall be done
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