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Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus

Flight of Icarus
: Flight of Icarus
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: 23-10-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus )
  1. Thomas

    Rumor has it Steve Harris hated this song (is a Smith/Dickenson song) and they didn’t play it live for about 25 years until the last tour.

  2. Tiago Profeta

    Iron Maiden ensinando Mitologia Grega desde 1983...E não por acaso o nome do meu filho é Ícaro, inspirado na Lenda de Ícaro & Dédalo e nessa maravilhosa música!

  3. Lourdes Pereira

    Iron maiden é a minha banda metal preferida 🤘🤘🤘💗😁

  4. C G

    Best sound coming from demons.

  5. James Davis

    When I listen to Maiden, everybody around me listens to Maiden!

  6. Celso Mauá Mauá

    não tem pra ninguém. esses caras são foda.

  7. Celso Mauá Mauá

    não tem pra ninguém. esses caras são foda.

  8. Jonathan Lavigne

    What do people hear in this song that makes them like it so much?

  9. Loryen Zeytin

    Não sei qual é a melhor música do Iron, nem qual é a minha favorita, mas essa com certeza está na lista!!!

  10. Pedro Cardoso

    Amo ESSA música...! Espetacular.... Q LETRA...!

  11. David Star

    I can't imagine a future time when this doesn't still Rock

  12. Jaqueline Rocha

    Amazing song❤️🤘

  13. raghy rebelo

    é o bruce dá mesmo tudo de si.

  14. Anna Coelho

    Uma das melhores canções do Iron Maiden!!!! <3 Amo Demaaaais!!!!

  15. Mutilasi Jelangkung

    I always cry when listening to this song , I don't know why

  16. zekesic262


  17. Elijah Loveell

    What’s up with the confederate flag shirt though? Fucking hell

  18. roo deejoo

    Great! Thanks! @~

  19. Alejandro Mariano Devetak

    Simplemente maravilloso... Gracias Maiden, leyenda viviente... Abrazo de metal desde Buenos Aires, aguanten Ciudadanos Ilustres del mundooooo!!!

    El Bárbaro Adducci


  20. Thaysa Silva

    Minha música favorita 😍🇧🇷

  21. TheTriggeredDuck


  22. Danny Waysted

    1:14 The Voice Of God,!!!!!!

  23. Edison Mustaine Thrash 666

    Anyone Listening 😎This "Heavy Legends"In2019Iron MaidenForever 🤟

  24. Robin Shrestha

    My best band ever ...

  25. julio cesar souza

    Brazil here

  26. Orbital Noise

    vem rock in rio !

  27. Jarrod Schroeder


  28. BrianStocking

    I've seen them play I believe it was 1982ish Jacksonville Florida. I was in 9th grade and a bunch of us from school (St. Augustine High) drove up and watch them. It was great.

  29. Dawn F

    My 17 month old stamps his feet to this :) Well he did get a lot of maiden in the womb!

  30. Felipe dos santos

    Brasil: o país no mundo que mais houve Iron Maiden. Orgulho!

    João Pedro Lobo

    Eu sou um contribuo com isso! UP THE IRONS 🤘

    Felipe dos santos

    @João Pedro Lobo essa banda eh foda demais

  31. David Farrell

    Highlight of 2018 Manchester arena concert brilliant . LEGACY OF THE BEAST TOUR .

  32. Franco12

    1:53 😍😍😍

  33. Kratos \m/

    3:43 quando vc bate o dedinho na quina

  34. Nagy Krisztián

    legjobb a maiden tenyleg aki szereti

  35. ricoinsa

    Watching in concert tonight here in san antonio texaa

  36. Mister Julio

    The best song of the Iron Maiden. In my opinion

  37. Dale Rogers

    I'm really proud of this band, each band-member is a superstar!

  38. iainas14

    One of the best metal bands ever, such a kick ass voice 🤙

  39. Chris Melbihess

    I'm 41 started loving maiden in the 1st grade😂 everyone thought I worshipped satan

  40. Leslie Alcaro

    I was totally against Iron Maiden in high school because of the idiots who listened to them, but I just recently discovered Till Lindemann and Rammstein and my friend Dan is a HUGE Iron Maiden fan, turns out... came all the way from Berlin to Arizona to see them. I have been DEPRIVED all of these years, but I move FAST these days... I'll catch up soon (grins)

  41. Willian

    Rock In Rio 2019, play this !!!

  42. The boi with a sword

    Why the hell did my English teacher showed us this

  43. Heross Lycan

    The live show was so fucking badass!

  44. Eric Olsen

    Saw Maiden at the Tacoma Dome on September 5th. During this song, Bruce Dickinson was dual-wielding flamethrowers under a large model of Icarus hanging from the ceiling. I can now die in piece. (Intentionally mispelled for reference)

  45. Matt Bampton

    Some people think dio would make the song even better but it would come out pretty much the same

  46. Foráneo Libre

    🍻 🍁 🗽

  47. Filip P.

    0:56 is that Jim Carrey circa Dumb & Dumber?

  48. Dawn F

    I want that Union Jack and Confederate top!

  49. Donald Herbold

    Hell yeah! Sept 14th I'm there! Front row!

  50. Jan Melkebeek

    I listen to their songs almost daily, over 'n over. Only with Maiden

  51. Vitor Vitor

    I like só much from iron. It is a great band,that tells the history of humanyti,how in the música Alexander,the great and run to the hills.

  52. Regiane Soares


  53. The Eraser

    My personal favorite song

  54. tedja wrathchild

    Dear kids - this is called music!

  55. seais level

    This song comes into perspective when you realise the sun is small and close, sometimes even seen with clouds above it. Traveling just as a clock hand does.

  56. EvduGAME

    Que música é essa, puta merda cadê o sangue de 🐐

  57. Chris Trudell

    Check out Nico playing on Pat Travers album"life in London." Pretty cool.😋🇨🇦🎶☮️

  58. Chico Duarte

    That's remember me of Brütal Legend:- Wha... What is that SOUND?!- It's a devil screaming!- it's an angel singing!- it's called heavy metal, and it's the true reason to you being headbangers...! And not that guy...!

  59. Pablo Desiderio

    Se me para la chota

  60. Biblioburro

    The trick is to be the sun.People will try to force into the role of Icarus, don't let them

  61. j clm

    bruce wins hands down at the end of the jam😆

  62. Zev Goldstein

    I'm loving this video

  63. Leon L

    The vocals here are on a whole other level, Bruce Dickinson is the fucking best singer in the universe! up the irons

  64. homebound 1968

    Epic song, horrible video.

  65. Maicol Vásquez

    Rolas de maiden q hacen vibrar

  66. Hash 69

    Fucking epic...

  67. Loralyn F.

    My favorite

  68. Anelise P. Oliveira

    Happy Birthday Bruce Dickinson!!!!!!!!!

  69. Boxy Image

    They should remake a proper movie clip for this song

  70. Rolando Gonçalves

    A Scream to the Gods..

  71. James Gordon

    THIS SONG IS all about PATRICK PATRICK patrick who is My Soul

  72. Eddy G's Music World

    not in rock n roll hall of fame,too good for it.

  73. Orcinus1967

    So good! It was great in concert July 2019. Go see this band!

  74. josecostamoura moura

    josecostamouraperverso malvado terrivel desgraçado cheiodemaldades egostaderock

  75. K T

    i always love doing the long fly after eagle

  76. Mario Abbath


  77. Jason Nisanov

    Saw them Friday and this song live.....goosebumps


    Nice! I went on Saturday at Barclay's too. When they played this, it was a great moment.

    Jason Nisanov

    I think my all time favorite is Wicker Man. The version with the lyrics you don't normally hear


    @Jason Nisanov I have to get into the later Maiden years. I stopped at somewhere in time. But wicker man is cool!

  78. Tsetska T

    Most under-rated drummer ever. Nicko McBrain

  79. ΦιΖ

    i will never forget moment when i was seven years old and my dad showed this love u dad.

  80. ATG-IMf

    Iron Maiden is life!

  81. Sabrina Rakes

    Just seen them on Thursday. That show kicked a**. Still rocking out 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  82. Gabriel Villagómez

    Siento pena por la gente que no puede disfrutar de este tipo de música

  83. Tony

    This video is so very 80's! I was a child growing up in this decade, and it held so much promise for a great future. Most of us thought that it would continue - but 2019 tells me otherwise.

  84. Maurizio Di Federico

    mi chiedo: quei blasfemi senza sangue nelle vene che osano abbassare il pollice davanti a cotanta grandezza perché non se lo tagliano il dito?

  85. Руслан Бавдинов


  86. Robert D In Tulsa

    This "Flight of Icarus" and "Run to the hills" was my introduction to METAL.Thanks much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Bayou Burner

    Essential 🤙🏻

  88. Fantom Aeronautics

    Top tune for sure. For another slant on Harris and Dickinson's talent, also see 'Never to Touch the Earth' by Fantom Aeronautics...

  89. Ricardo Costa

    Os voos de Icarus ....LIKE

  90. Carlos Alves

    Iron Maiden 😎👏👏🎶🎤🎸

  91. aggelos ns

    nice teeth you got there Bruce..

  92. Dafiro Rodifa

    This my favorite by them

  93. TheChitownpete

    Do they still have that 3rd "Guitarist" who poses and pretends like a 1980s Guitar Center salesman? I've seen them twice with him, his guitar is rarely on and when it is he adds nothing other than making Maiden look dated and goofy.

  94. Dspeir

    🎶As the sun breaks above the ground 🎶a young dog sit on his house 🎶🎶As the ground warms, to the first rays of light🎶his bird Woodstock shatters the still🎶🎶His eyes are a blaze🎶See the mad dog in his gaze🎶🎶Fly on your house, like a beagle 🎶shoot the Red Baron down🎶🎶On your house, like a beagle🎶🎶 Fly, touch the sun 🎶 ✌️ 🤟

  95. Andy H

    Who came here because they have good taste in music?


    I came here to post silly comments 😊

Flight of Icarus Şarkı Sözü
As the sun breaks, above the ground,
An old man stands on the hill,
As the ground warms, to the first rays of light
A birdsong shatters the still.
His eyes are ablaze,
See the madman in his gaze.
Fly, on your way, like an eagle,
Fly as high as the sun,
On your way, like an eagle,
Fly and touch the sun.
Now the crowd breaks and a young boy appears
Looks the old man in the eye
As he spreads his wings and shouts at the crowd
In the name of God my father I fly.
His eyes seem so glazed
As he flies on the wings of a dream,
Now he knows his father betrayed
Now his wings turn to ashes to ashes his grave.
Fly, on your way, like an eagle,
Fly as high as the sun,
On your way, like an eagle,
Fly as high as the sun.
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