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Emmit Fenn - Stones

: Stones
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: 06-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Emmit Fenn - Stones )
  1. whatsup dude

    Bro ur backgrounds should be live wallpapers

  2. Karen Antunes

    Não aperte em ler mais😄😄😂😄😂😂😍😍😚😍😙😍😃😂😍😘😍😙😂😙😍😃😄😍😍😙😍😍😘😍😙🤣😄🤣😘😜😋😜😉🤪🤔🤗🤣🤣😋😍😍🙃😜😚🤪😘🤩🤩🙃😍😚😝😚😝😔😉😌🧐🤔🙂🤩🤣😚😍😜😘😌😋🤪😌🙄🙃😝😝🙃😊😙🤩🤗😁🤪😘😔😔😏😌🙃😌🤔🙃🤗😙😂😊😄😝😘😣😜😋😌😏🤪😉🤔🤗🙃😭😙😂😊😘😝😣😔😏😌🙄🤪🙃🤔😗😭😃😭😚😍😍😚😝😉😝🙄😜😜🙃😌🙂😗🤗🤣😄😍😚😝😉😔🙄🤪🙃🤔😗🤗😃😍😙😉😣😟🤭😰😟😰😰😕😌🧐🤪😉😣😏🤭🤭😟😰😕😰🧐☹️🤪🙃😉😣😏😰😟😰😰🧐🤪🙃🤪😜😉😣😋👻👹😽😺💙🧡💙💖💜💘💕💘💓😽😾😽👺👽😺🤖😺👻☠️🤥😼🙉💙💓❤️💞💕♥️💕🖤😿💜👹😼😻😺🤖😺💚❤️💚💝💞💘💞💘💜😿💜😽😺👽😸🤖💖😻💝💚💝💚💘💞😾💕👺😽👺😽😺👽🧡😻💖💚💝💚💘💞😾🌝🤡🌝😪😪🤬😇😇😈😇🤖🙈🤡🤥👻🤑🌜🤑🤬🤑🤠😇😺🤖🤥🤡🤑🌝🌞🤬🤤🌝🙈👽👽👻😺👺🤑🤑🌝🤡🤡🌚👽🙉😼👻😺🤑🤥🤑🤡🌝🤡🤡🌚🤖👽😺🤑🤑🤥🌞😷😑😱😞😵😶🤕😪👿😪😈😤😤🤬🤢😷🤢😱😞😐😖😐😴😈😪😈😪😪🤬😤🤬🤢😱😷😐😖😴😴🤕😪👿😪😈😤😤😈🤢😷😱😐🤒😐😴🤕😴😪😈😪🌞😈😤🤬😤😷😑😵😖🤕🤢😞😢😦😢😦🤭😳😳😬🤯🤯😮😢😦😢😰😕😰😟🤯🤯😟🤯😯🤯😮🤭😖🤭🤭😟🤭😬😳😳🤯😯🤯😖😰😕😰🤭😟🤫😳😱😩😢😖😢😦😰😰😕🤭🤯😬😱😩🤯😢😖😢😦😰😧😌🙁😔🤫🤡💩👽💩🤑🌞🙈😪🤬😴🤠🤬😇🌚😠😷🤮😓😥😞🤯😵😵😦😶😖😪🤕😤😤🤕🤮🤒🤮🤢😷🤯😕😫😐😯😑😯😤😤🤕😤🤕🤢🤒😢😞😢🤭😦😲😦😫😐😫😑😶😤😶🤢👿😢👿😢😷🤯😞😵😵😖😐🤒😐😑🤕😤👿😤🤢👿🤮🤮🤒😥🤒😢😖🤯😱😖😑😩😑😑😤👿😤😤👿😤😈😠🤮😷😥😞😢😞😱😵😞😵😑😩😑🤕😤🤤😤🤮👿😢🤒🤢😖😱😑😩😑😩😑😑🤕😤🤕🤢🤕😱😵👿😶🤕😈🤒😫😵🤕😑🤒😢😦😵😩🤯😵😖🤯😐😦🤯😦😵😮🤯😩😵🤯😩😮😐🤯😮😐😩🤯😮😵😩😢😮😱😩😢😮😱😩😢😮😱😩🤯😮😱😩🤯😩😵😢😮😩😩😵😢😮😱😮😰😩😵😮😢😩😵😢😩😵😮🤯😮😵😩😢😦😖🤯😱😮😖😱😯🤯😯🤯🤭😮😳😵😯🤢🤕😥😦🤯😮😳😯😱😩🤢🤢😮😢😯🤯😯😰😟😢😢😮😑😩😱😱😩😢😯😢😢😯😰😟😔😣🙄🤫🤭😬🤭😲😰😬☹️😌😬😌😟😔😟🤫😬🤫😯🤯😯🤯😮😢😦😨😟😰😟😌😬😔😔😏😌🧐😌😕🤫😕🤐😬😦🤫😦🤭😰😯😰😲😰😲😰😬🤭🤫😯🤭☹️😏😌🙄😔🧐😣😣🙄😔😬😰😰😯🤯😯😳😳😮🤫🙄😔😌😰😬😢😳😦😲😦😬😟🙄😒🤨😔😕🤫😦🤫🤫😦🤭😮😰😯😰😔😟😣😟🤫🤫😰😬😰😌😬😔😟😣😣😟🤐😯🤫🤭😬😔😟😌😔😟😔😟😣😟😣😣😟😔😔😏😌😬😌😰😬🤭😕🤫😕😣🙄😔😔😏😔😏🤭😟🤭😕😔😟😔😔🙄😔🙄😔🙄😔🧐😔😝🧐😛🙂😛🤨😏😏😯🙁😲😳😕🤭😰😬😰😌🤐😌😏😌😌🙄😔🙄😣😣🧐🤐😕🤫🤭😟😰😰😬☹️🤐☹️☹️😒☹️😏😌🙄😌🙄😔🧐😣🧐🤫🧐🤫😔🧐😌🧐😌🧐🤭😟🤭😰😕😰😕😌🧐😔🙄🤭🤭😏🤭😬😰😮😌😌🧐😣😉🤫😳😏😢😬😢😮😰😦😌😔🧐😔🤫🙄😳😬😢😬😢😮😰😟😌🧐😔🤫🙄🤫😏🤯😢😯😰😨😦☹️😕😜😣😋🤭🤣😙🤣😃😃😂😄😍😚😍😙🤩🤩😙😂😚😍😍😚🤩😚🤩🤩😙🤣😄😍😁😍🤩😚🤩😙😭😙🤣😂😚😍🤩😦🤭😦🤭😦😋☹️☹️😋🙄😢😔😔😢😦🤭😁😭😍☹️😂🤫😣🙄😔🤯🧐😢😨😯😄😃😁😭🤩😕😚🤫🤫😣🙄😢😦😦😯😁😃😁🤩😭😚😕😕😂🙄🙄😔😢😔😯😄😃😁😁😍😙😚😕😕😣🤫🤯🙄😦😢😦😯😦😄🤭😁😍😁😚☹️🤫😣🙄😢🙄😢😔😔😯😦🤭😄😍😁☹️😚😣☹️🙄🤯😔😢😔😔😯😨🤭😨😍😦☹️😋☹️😣🙄🤯😔😢😔😨😯😨🤭😁😁😋☹️😋🙄😢🙄😔😢😦😯😨😦🤭😁😍😭😋☹️☹️😢🙄😢😦😦😯😨🤭😁🤭😁☹️😋☹️😣☹️😔🤯😦😢😦😨🤭😄😚😁😭😋☹️🤯😦😦😢😨🤭😄😁😍😭😚☹️😣☹️😦😢😦😢😨🤭😄😍😭😭😚☹️😣☹️☹️🤯😦😢😦🤭😄😁😍☹️😚☹️😣☹️🙄😢😔😯😨🤭😄🤩😄😁😚☹️😣☹️😔😢😔😯😨😃😄😭😚😕🤫😣😦☹️😦😯😔😨🤭😄😁🤩😭😚😕😋🙄☹️😢😦🤭😄😁😍😭😚☹️😣🙄😔🤯🧐😯😨😄🤩😭😚☹️☹️😢😦😯😦😨😃😄😚😁😦😣🙄🤯😦😢😨😨😃😄🤩😁😚☹️🙄😢🙄😔😯😨😃😄😍😄😦😋😔😦😢😨😯😄🤭😁☹️😋☹️😣😦😦😢😨🤭😄😁😚😭😣☹️☹️🤯😦😢😦🤭😄😍😁☹️😋🙄🤯😔😢😦😦🤭😄😍😭☹️🙄😢😦😯😦😨🤭😁😍😭😋☹️☹️😢😦😋😨😄😍😁😋😦😔

  3. batu chxaidze

    its so epic on a 0.75 speed

  4. Usama Saeed

    what genre of edm is this called?

  5. Туппая Школьница

    максим это ты я хомячок!!

  6. Aggeliki Tachtatzi

    I've been skipping stones, looking for the wrong thingNow I've been feeling alone, [?] on the mountainsI've been on my knees, [?]I've been skipping stones, looking for the wrong thingNow I've been feeling alone, [?] on the mountainsI've been on my knees, aching [?]I've been skipping stones[Verse]I've been skipping stones, looking for the wrong thingNow I've been feeling alone, [?] on the mountainsI've been on my knees, aching [?]I've been skipping stones

  7. Danielle Ford

    Sign ogg

  8. Emile Coetzee

    This is so fucking fire omw I think my house just burnt down

  9. 26x

    Worst part : 3:35

  10. Makayla Blattenberger

    Chemical foaming gooey ooze

  11. Anni Pach

    Promocion - Noha centineo 🤤❤

  12. Happy New Year

    Comment below relaxes songs pls

  13. Dani Braid

    Noah centineo♥️

  14. Grimsi •

    Whoa, backround...

  15. Laurie Lhermite

    Gooood sonng

  16. Chaotic Stupid

    This backround gives me strong bisexual energy

  17. Aries Queen

    💖Live without pretendingLove without dependingListen without defendingSpeak without offending💖#CloudQuote ✌️🌈✨✨

  18. M4A1 Outlaw

    By far my favorite besides Blood // Water

  19. Jacob Arnold

    the piano is fire and should have been extended way more in my opinion

  20. team_ MAZORKA

    Copy right?

  21. Andre K

    it blinks right?

  22. Alex hd 9880

    the beginning is the best

  23. daroslarry sz

    esse desgraçado só tem música boa pqp

  24. Kathi _

    Just AMAZING

  25. LifeOnePipl Vlogs

    Очень нежная музыка , мне понравилось !

  26. RK724

    If you like this song I recommend Perfect Mistake (ZES Remix)

  27. Ahead of the Game

    Damn this track is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  28. Marco Lasso DTB

    Zhu- blame ?

  29. Mist the dragon Solano

    I love it 😍

  30. Bylc XBL

    If CloudKid gives a heart to this comment, I’ll grill rats and eat then for supper.

  31. your Name

    I love electronic music

  32. School of Drum And Bass

    yuuuup! Smooth ass track! Nice!

  33. Elena Coutinho-Taylor

    this is beautiful, very rarely use that word for Electronic music

  34. poker hontas

    Ich schmelze 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎧🎵😗

  35. Jeikel Arce

    What is the name of this type of music?

  36. Candace East

    Some pain in this.

  37. Max :v

    omg is passion

  38. tio frank

    2018 😚

  39. Classic Inner


  40. Vanic_x_k .flay0

    Bro I love all your songs wow 😍😍 keep it going


    I'll do my best man :)

  41. Javier Gutierrez

    I Love this music ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Usernaem

    The legend 🙏

  43. Jesus Sebastian VG

    Alguien aquí habla español??😂

  44. Đồng Nguyễn Văn

    Anh nhớ em Hoàng Anh.

  45. Sayuri Pink


  46. Baran

    why did you have to add the "drop"? why does there have to be one. what an absolute tragedy

  47. Inebriatd

    Go fucking figure. The commercial mainstream garbage is caked on top and easily found. The better music you gotta dig to the Earth's core for.

  48. Isadora Rocha

    V I B E S 👌

  49. Audrey Phillips

    Cloud kid got all dem good songs

  50. _Nah. Souza_

    My favority part is 1:30

  51. _Nah. Souza_

    I loooooove

  52. Xzed Alexandru

    I love the bit and the song and the voice is awsome!!! You have done the best song ever!!!!

  53. ყვერებიანი კაცი

    sweet ^^

  54. Viktor Wolf

    Well stunning, hypnotising & beautiful

  55. Rodrigo Laguna

    (This is what i understand, sooo, idk) *Enjoy Lyrics!*I've been skipping stones, looking for the wrong thingNow I've been feeling alone, around the mountainsI've been on my knees, i never knowI've been skipping stones, looking for the wrong thingNow I've been feeling alone, around the mountainsI've been on my knees, aching the rigth thing I've been skipping stonesI've been skipping stones, looking for the wrong thingNow I've been feeling alone, around the mountainsI've been on my knees, aching the rigth thing I've been skipping stones

    Milda Parajanovi

    Rodrigo Laguna thanks 😍

    Darion Thompson


    Cody Erickson

    Close but no cigar

  56. Laster

    Sadly the only song I like from Fenn. :`(

  57. GuzzY

    This music would be perfect for an rbxcbd's edit , R.I.P

  58. Ameetorres 9


  59. Alina Andrieş

    Love it!

  60. AndresPlay! Tutorial o gameplays

    This knows my story

  61. Nicolás Rosero

    It sounds like drop the game..

  62. Isra Maldonado

    Mental orgasm ;-; Thats The Name Of These Song?:v

  63. TheFunkyPigeon

    this song sound similar to another song i've heard but i cant remember what song it is does anyone know??? its where he says "i've been skipping stones" where it sound the most similar

  64. Black Sound


  65. sammiielle

    this is beautiful!

  66. Wanderlust

    ove this

  67. 18kendricreed

    Love this absolutely amazing

  68. leonardo


  69. Terry

    When you set this as your song to get ready for sleep but then 1:29 happened

  70. marka girl and my love wondercat

    i can't wait to tern 14 this year this is the song i want on my birthday

  71. Phantom Shiv

    Hey CloudKid can you pin this comment for no reason

  72. KRAL Köpek Ailesi

    from the first beat, it's addictive

  73. Zane Scott

    anybody at first thung that thus was a new eminem song

  74. Martina López

    i searched the lyrics everywhere and i can not find it!!!😭😭😭


    martina lopez

    Abraham Tse

    Emmit muffled the lyrics a bit too much. It's difficult to figure out what he's singing. But I updated Genius:

  75. Red House Productions

    does this count as edm nowadays?

  76. DeMoNiC TheDeViL

    subscribed.. ✌

  77. Khalifa Alrasbi

    the best song

  78. Khalifa Alrasbi

    the vast song

  79. NewReef

    Quote -The world is merciless but yet very beautiful

  80. Nesilda Tavares

    Oh good is amaizing 💙

  81. Avinash Kumar


  82. Marissa Montoya

    Everything is so amazing about this song and purple background❤️

  83. Sandman

    emmit fenn - kidney stones

    Geoffrey Tobias

    klein möbius flame

  84. Phát Vũ

    youuuu did thatttttt. what an awesome song

  85. Blanca García del Cerro

    The build up sounds soooo pretty💜💜💜

  86. N3nz11

    gave me chills.

  87. JH L

    nice song

  88. Lone Wolf

    Holy mother of God this artwork is so sexy😍😍❤️

  89. Miladychu

    I can skip stones but never skip this song ;)

  90. Camelia Te Rehu-Rudolph

    this puts my mind at ease thank you

  91. RoleplaY

    This is fucking INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you so much CloudKid for sharing this track with us! Emmit Fenn is one of my favourite artists. The build up, the vocals, the drop, everything is just amazing <3

  92. Mădă

    I can't find any way to express how much I love this song.. it was love at first hear, for sure❤️

  93. Alex Solomakos

    my fav part: 00:00 - 3:35


    Same girl, same

    Vytail Foxx

    @Hillary [Obviously] r/woosh

    TheLastFlame 162

    @Sumner r/woosh

    TheLastFlame 162

    @Hillary [Obviously] r/whooosh

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