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Emmit Fenn - Meteorite

: Meteorite
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: 06-01-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Emmit Fenn - Meteorite )
  1. Daniel Matos

    This is...AWESOME! Is one music+remix+drop+cool!!!!

  2. Skylar Shines

    Hello, can i have permission to use your music? I'll give the credits and stuff! Just please don't give a copyright strike ;-; i'll make a meme out of it! Your music is very great!

  3. Дмитрий Тойдеряков

    iPhone XR

  4. Potato potato

    Song:exists Animators:its free real estate

  5. Феликс Белышев

    Возможно так и выглядит представление человека в космосе

  6. Andropz NV

    The beat *collapsed*

  7. BlacKaiser

    Damn the guy who chooses these songs for the ads must have like a separate job title

  8. MadSageGacha ARoseGacha

    The memes brought me here and man this song is good. It is also sad when you think about the visuals.

  9. Jon Greene

    One thing I love about Apple's adverts is their great choice of musical artists. Keep doin whatcha doin!

  10. shiba ęshį

    C Dumbledore god jod for yoyo am freanch

  11. Tim

    This is so cool.

  12. Ramya Suresh

    i had to type trapcity apple to find this :'))

  13. RagingScorpian


  14. Chuck Lawerence

    We're all astronauts of are own world

  15. Nils .Brighttest

    Who is watching this using IPhone Xr???

  16. 0Mikaela0 0Tamara0

    De alguna manera estoe dio epilepsia

  17. Clashers Paradise

    this is THE Best test for ambilight xD

  18. Gilbert Afidemenyo

    Can you make an link for the ad? I can't find it.

  19. cookie Lizbeth

    i love it

  20. holly dogo

    *_iPhone XR_*

  21. l i l l y !

    okeeeyy the Animation is very creepy

  22. Donald Trump

    IPhone XR good music apple

  23. Ayush singh

    Who came here after watching iphone ad

  24. Jeffrey Agbenouwope

    The space theme fits the melody

  25. Reisen

    Apple And Meme Brought Me Here

  26. White_x _d3vil

    When Aliens do weed.

  27. adepu prashanth

    The font is from movie TRON

  28. Gaurav Sunil

    Can I use this song for my YT intro, please!

  29. Kurhzy

    You’re here for the iPhone XR.

  30. MiguelBG

    Apple :V

  31. TheGordan

    *Кто от рекламы Iphone xr?*

  32. Emma Cañez


  33. Esteban Bolduc

    Elon musk on drugs

  34. Josh Creations

    Please tell me there's no copyright

  35. MathiAs2Pique_

    When you see it -> 🤔 and after 🤤

  36. Freshbee Gaming

    This Song Controls me

  37. CosmoVid2o

    Épileptique s'abstenir.

  38. sara mangard

    Does anyone know music that looks like this?

  39. Rahul jariwala

    How many of you are here because of apple?

  40. like pra comprar alimento

    Iphone xr

  41. Arch Angel

    It's now possible to go to space yourself. Google Blue Origin.

  42. ADELANTO Rerumo

    iPhone XR

  43. ᄋ ᄋ

    그래 씨발 드디어 찾았다 iphone XR

  44. TROLL 68


  45. Rubix gt

    Реклама самсунг)

  46. Mani Kandan

    Who came here after iPhone XR Ad?

  47. Orkhan Huseynli

    Came here after the iPhone XSSS Max EXTRA LARGE DOUBLE X MAX S PLUS ad dropped. Who did the same?

    Mani Kandan

    Same me too

  48. serbia strong

    This song is Fabulous

  49. Pablo Ojeda


  50. Negrote Devainilla

    Madres apple sabe de donde sacar musica para sus anuncios lol

  51. sir_R34 FX

    0:08 normal render... badly composited picture of space which goes too 100% transparency on the last frame for no reason. pls

  52. The Shadowless

    This song is a journey itself...

  53. Jit Hoon Tiang

    XR brought me here~!!

  54. AO1337

    How long did this take to render

  55. Buster

    *Brilliant In Every Way.*

  56. ᗴк૦ᑎεᏦ૦

    Drug for your ears and eyes

  57. OwO

    I'm have the iPhone xr it is epic you should buy it

    Mani Kandan

    Me too same

  58. OwO

    IPhone xr

  59. siddhanth manjunath

    did anyone else get that chill down the spine? Amazing job!

    Mani Kandan

    You should get that with iPhone XR!

  60. d_piyush

    Thanks Apple

    Mani Kandan

    Same me too

  61. Muhammed Emin Duru

    perfect music

  62. Subhash Kumar

    Listened it in an advertisement of Apple IPhone

  63. Gabriel Rocha


  64. Darvik Patel

    iPhone XR!📱

  65. 국디

    iPhone xr

  66. John Abreu

     🤙🏼

  67. Akina Hachi Roku

    These are EXACTLY the same type of visuals to come to my mind when listening to this song! FCKIN BEAUTIFUL SPACE S#!T

  68. Nishant Mishra

    Samsung add in iPhone music

  69. Shashank Rajput

    Visuals in the end feels like your earphones gonna blow up...Btw Song is fabulous and awesome Keep it up

  70. TeamTX aTheNaOp

    I came here from listening the iphone x r music😅😅

  71. João

    iPhone XR

  72. Sebastian Valencia Palacios

    Estoy aqui por la propaganda de iphone XR

  73. Conz Beben

    this just gave me Ear Orgasm (headphone)

  74. gaurav tahil

    now this is going to be my ringtone

  75. Comparing to México


  76. el anonimo :V: :v

    Like si vienes por el anuncio de apple :v:

  77. Peach Slime

    iPhone XR

  78. Glitchmaster

    thanks apple

  79. niqizzhere

    Move and play my phone like the ad while listening to this song

  80. Jesus Esteban Astudillo Gormaz

    Like si hablas español

  81. Jesus Esteban Astudillo Gormaz

    Soy el unico que habla español

  82. Prajeet Bhatt

    What ?..... Apple....

  83. Akshat Sanvaliya

    Apple song....yay..!!

  84. First Name, Surname

    Here because of Apple

  85. Kingston Lo


  86. YouTube Official

    When u r too high..this is the perfect song

  87. Nixev

    came here after the iphone xr add. amazing sound! but does anyone know the film director of that add?

  88. Miguel Angel Palma

    like si vienen por el comersial de iphone

  89. B. Saulius

    i like it, impressive :-)

  90. WxPlaysIt _xD

    Came here after the iPhone xr came here. What about anyone?

  91. Miguel Angel Carrera Valentin

    Ahhh esta música es estupenda es la mejor que he oído en toda mi vida ¡¡¡¡ :3

  92. NAPOLI

    iPhone XR 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  93. Martin V

    Chan Hunt, excellent job. This was very entertaining to watch.

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