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Eminem - feat Dido-Stan

feat Dido-Stan
: feat Dido-Stan
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: 18-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Eminem - feat Dido-Stan )
  1. ThePhysicalReaction


  2. Ebiliang

    Is Anyone listening on November 2019?

  3. Jacko15460

    How Eminem was trying not to say bad words hahaha "Oh shut I forgot how am I suppose to send this sh..tape out"

  4. Richard Ring

    What happened to Dido? Her first 2 albums were HUGE (like Adele) but she disappeared and I bought a 3rd album she had made called "Gone girl " but haven't heard of her since..

  5. No this is Patrick

    Em looks so younggg

  6. Rene Aensland

    I never knew they did this live. Awesome.

  7. Claudia Herrera

    Puta madre nadie habla español o que ?

  8. HuffyTheMan09

    Dildo is amazing!

  9. FER videos

    BRUTAL act 2019


    Simplesmente o melhor raper de todos os tempos!

  11. Adonai Brewing

    Eminem is so young at this time.

  12. Autonomous UI J.C

    I’ll be back on February 4, 2022 to comment something great about this: (Past: It’s currently 12:30 AM) [See you guys by then] / Stan write Em another letter.

  13. Drei

    Oh, stan killed her girlfriend too.

  14. Jonathan Agüero

    Buenos Aires, Argentina !!!!!! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

  15. Luis Carlos

    muito bom de mais...massa, massa

  16. Rich CamBee

    that DJ in the background scratching to absolutely fuck all xD

  17. Ivan R

    Un clasico: vive 2019.

  18. manohar degala


  19. Rackaboi Mercer

    Ohhh... I thought dido was the guy ....😂😂

  20. Ak Pa

    Oh so the actress in the song is also the singer didnt know tht😅

  21. jose luis gutierrez

    Dido is beautiful

  22. Syam Marie

    eminem is first white raper that i like,,even not too much tho'.. 🙂


    Who else checking out Dido’s moves? Isn’t that woman the epitome of sweetness?

  24. Miguel A. Gamon

    Am I the only one who masturbated to this song?? Oh ok.

  25. Виктория Хэнд

    guys, and what year?

  26. Johnette Mandy

    Dido's voice calm me down, it's relaxingI love how he censors the curses but still says shit at one pointYou know when a artist is good because they sound identical Live

  27. 스페어민트

    It's raining.... I came for Stan 😌

  28. Anasyub

    gosh em looks so adorable here srsly

  29. matej uka

    Oh shit this was on croatian television

  30. Marsianin

    Who is 2019

  31. I'M DUMB

    From this to mumble rap absurd auto tune

  32. nebyken

    I am so thankful i grew up to this and not to lil pump

  33. Nayops 19

    2019 Watching🤔🎶


    Dildo is a good singer, how old is she?

  35. โจมตี ทางบก

    This year 2565, what is your voice?

  36. Rex Magann

    What year was this? Eminem looks so shy :?/

  37. Jaylord Layugan

    Sick white shirt then cap 👌

  38. الهدوء والإسترخاء

    •☆Your biggest fan , this stan from:[#sudan].

  39. Бахтияр Бахтияров

    Кассетник и песни эминема

  40. Abraham de la o

    2019 ????

  41. Hey It’s me

    2019 still who else??

  42. 64BeatMatiK ADL&HMR OFFICIEL

    eminem ennemi hihihihi :)

  43. Adek Dwiyanto

    Not only her voice is beautiful she's goddess too dido 😍😍😍

  44. Сармат Хугаев

    голос у DIDO не очень если честно

  45. Lets Play

    Em is stoned here

  46. Ольга Працько

    Love your humour guys;)))

  47. crystal jo

    Such a depressing song...but fantastic!!Rap just like a story book :- Tupac write it- Eminem finished it- Lil Wayne can't read :DRap just like a story book :- Tupac write it- Eminem finished it- Lil Wayne can't read :D

  48. Marcin Jakubiec

    im. fucking cry.. 🎧🎧🎧🎵🎵🎵😓😓

  49. Serg SERG

    Вот это уровень...👍

  50. pladampa3

    It used to drive me nuts when this song came on and I'm waiting for em to kick in and it's just dildo by herself. BTW hopefully he tapped that, she a nice piece of ass.

  51. MrSuperrajab

    Cersei Lanister XD

  52. Zsolt Tóth

    It's absolutely an obsolete anti-performance, but I love it.

  53. 환자심영

    Good rap

  54. ham ham

    Aww eminem kisses her at the end<3Who else scrolls through the comments when listening to songs

  55. Darknest

    The last stan verse sounded the exact same

  56. Xav E

    2019 anyone?

  57. akhil kasuhik

    One of the best collabs ever.Aww eminem kisses her at the end<3Such a depressing song...but fantastic!!

  58. Lambro Vasov

    You know when a artist is good because they sound identical LiveDido`s voice is so beautiful i mean she`s so simpleWhat if Em had married Dido? Wouldnt that be nice?

  59. Alfin Aliyyullah

    My tea's gone cold I'm wondering whyI Got out of bed at allThe morning rain clouds up my windowAnd I can't see at allAnd even if I could it'll all be grayPut your picture on my wallIt reminds me,that it's not so badIt's not so bad

  60. David Balbuena

    Dido sing very goods .


    Actuación En Vivo - Live Performance 👊

  62. teandra conley

    This is my childhood :')Who else scrolls through the comments when listening to songsDido looks exactly the same as she was in 1999

  63. Journey of Eons


  64. Ina C.

    This is my childhood :')You know when a artist is good because they sound identical LiveAww eminem kisses her at the end<3

  65. Lil Maves

    An Eminem Song with no cursing, isn't an Eminem Song at all.....

  66. Low Key

    Walk my white ass back to the trailer park

  67. shantaye paschal

    Dido`s voice is so beautiful i mean she`s so simpleOne of the best collabs ever.Rap just like a story book :- Tupac write it- Eminem finished it- Lil Wayne can't read :D

  68. Rusber paz

    Algun latino escuchando en 2019

  69. Lil Maves

    Does dido play Stan's GF in the CENSORED vid?

  70. Eydan Ugarte

    Dido ❤️😍🎶❤️🎤

  71. Lauren Smith

    Brilliant Eminem I love you would go n c u live any day xx

  72. Anthony Womack

    Damm Dido looking like a snack 😍

  73. Ricky Brake

    #OnPoint_Had to be played live!!

  74. RonC

    Dido didn't get that recognition till now....never heard her songs in anyone's phone ☹️☹️☹️sad....

  75. Carlos Henryque


  76. RED BEAR

    2к19, этот трек на века!!!!

  77. Diana Cecilia Arias Diaz

    Super canción

  78. FLSM Abc

    Voz linda dela...


    Sensacional essa música

  80. stebox56


  81. سجاد - Sejad


  82. سجاد - Sejad

    4:07 The Best Couple :')

  83. سجاد - Sejad

    Eminem And Dido is So Cute and Beautiful Together.I Wish She's Eminem's Wife I Feel That She's Better Than Kim Scott Cause Kim Sued Eminem Twice, I Don't Think Dido Will Do Something Like That If She Was His Wife.

  84. Al Sanchez

    Classic !!!

  85. Kenny Calderon

    Ojos más reventados!!

  86. Michael Wilson

    Must be a first for top of the pops with no censoring

  87. Ancii Anci

    RTL? That is a croatian channel

  88. Zairul Affendi

    I like the song

  89. sacred333333

    DiLdo :D

  90. OwO UwU

    I like how he starts saying shit at the end and it became "shtape"

  91. Gangster

    Плохо получается, видно очень волнуется и это сказывается на ритм и звучание

  92. Happy hour doc main

    Lowkey dido is kinda Hot

  93. That_Ford _Guy

    Voice sounds so good without that auto tune crap!!

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