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Eminem - Rap God

Rap God
: Rap God
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: 18-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Eminem - Rap God )
  1. Karthik Royyuru

    Eminem : 4:26His lungs : I don't feel so good


    Play this video boost 2x😂😂😂

  3. EpicGladiator

    *"Number Of Lungs Eminem Has"* 👇🏻


    Subtitles has left the chat

  5. WQD A.R.T

    Best rap😎😎👇 Pls 69 likes

  6. Alejandro Olazaran


  7. Kristian Nikolla

    Let’s get this to 1 Billion Views!

  8. TO OAZ TV


  9. swaranjeet kaur

    Me :starts learning the songMy lungs: so u have chosen death

  10. Smackaboo International

    Almost 7 years crazy

  11. 3D Waffles

    My MF friend; Hey Bro what's the wifi password ?Me Also a MF: 4:25

  12. Anns Klimek

    Who is better?LIKE=EminemCommend= EminemBc I don't know a better rapper :)

  13. 10,000 subscribers with 1 video

    Who is better?Like: *Eminem*Comment: *Drake*


    Why didn't I get likes

  15. Bartek Zych


  16. mandi smith

    And I am so sorry and I love your vida

  17. mandi smith

    I watched your movie and now I know what you have Ben though

  18. John Michael Villegas

    "Number of the words in the video" | | | V

  19. Einar Fl Tr

    Someone else remembers that in the video miniature the guy was wearing sunglasses??

  20. Gameplay Alex

    Nice :D

  21. cZarby

    4:25 thanks

  22. Davi Lima


  23. sixstanger00

    Anyone else here know that the music video was inspired by the 80s TV show, "Max Headroom?"

  24. Maria esther Dominguez sahagun

    Quien de Mexico😅✌

  25. Senpai Karuto

    Road to 1b views 🔥

  26. Lino Serrato

    So Mgk ignored this song and the fact that he destroyed all mumble rappers and MGK thought he was gonna win by saying”your beards weird”😂😂 em destroyed like he did to Ben, ja Rule

  27. Arsalan mohd

    Who is best Eminem subscribe slim shady like and mashall comment

  28. Gabriella Carter

    who’s here in 2019 lmao

  29. Epic Monkeyjoe

    Put 4:26 at 2x speed

  30. eduamer

    Lol soy el único que habla español like si tu también 4:25

  31. josefina mendez


  32. Phenomenal Omkar

    Here is the part for which you come for 4:25

  33. BigDaddyn0tail

    The real rap god eminem 🤪

  34. Mandy


  35. Ghost COME

    4:25 and then I start repeating but fucking fails😂

  36. Fernanda uwu Martinez

    When cuando tu profe enpieza a dictar 4:25 :v

    Tatunacio2 YT

    Este wey si es de los momeros nivel 1000 :v

  37. Austin LOD

    Who would be stupid enough to diss eminem ohhh yehMGK ps.after killshot mgk is dead

  38. Killerman 9000

    2020 anybody

  39. 100,000 Subscribers?

    You won’t like this comment

    100,000 Subscribers?

    RailroadGamingHeaven thank you

  40. crannel

    *eu :*quebro alguma coisa***minha mãe : vc tem 1s pra me explicar oq aconteceu se n vo te matar de porrada**Eu : **4:25*

  41. Strawberry Cutie

    at 25.0x speed hes not fast on 4:26

  42. Leobardo Hernandez

    lo que entendí kdjdldjfksjzksjckdkdlsk

  43. VLOG R

    2019 present 🥰

  44. - boobooman4 -

    Puts in on 2x speedThree minutes

  45. Glitchyy

    I understand this somg so much better when I look back on it years later..

  46. Représente La nation

    Wanna feel old? This song was released the same year as frozen: thats 6 years ago Wanna feel young? I'm currently in cegep in natural science: I give you my homeworks, my cofee, my lack of sleep, the constant reminder that my (now your) grand-parents are very disapointed, my chronique depression, and my procrastination. You're gonna feel like you're 17 all over again.

  47. Dead Inside

    Sonic : You’re too s- *wtf*

  48. Mr. Hyozu Øfficiał

    Which Is Best???Rap God:1 LikeShape Of You:1 Comment...

  49. Christopher Lares

    How many people in November

  50. Mr. Hyozu Øfficiał

    Eminəm: Starts Rapping.Lungs: Ah Shit! Here We Go Again...

  51. Orclover Ogrefiend

    He's uh, pretty good at that.

  52. Randy Suarez

    Henimen juguemos frefire y regalame dimantes

  53. Yuberkis Rosado

    En mejor del mundo mas rapido

  54. deagon madrid

    Ta chidori

  55. Devin The Best

    If your name is eminem that means you eat m&ms.😆😂😅🤣

  56. Blake Wray

    I thought em was fast until I heard logic

  57. נתן הרוש

    Ok boomer

  58. Hugo From Mayberry




  60. Prentis Davis

    Eminem's rap/hiphop bloodline runs deep. Think about it.... Dre, NWA.... He is truly... a Rap/Hiphop GOD!

  61. Zoroz93 Games

    Who else is waiting for a Quicksilver scene with this music?

  62. Jeremy Collavino

    Wos os vither

  63. Stexter126

    Playback speed 2x

  64. Brendow Rodrigues

    Shit is crazy..

  65. Rexsploits Gaming and More

    I said it look like his hair is diyed now i want smh 😤

  66. Luciano Rodriguez

    2019 lol

  67. PCkid01 5

    Who is this in 2019

  68. kyra f

    Eminem, nuff said

  69. MzL TV

    Brasil 💪Fluminense💚❤

  70. James Here

    Ok boomer

  71. Alejandro Bedoya

    .........).----7863()[email protected]

  72. Justin cusme

    No entiendo nada el ingles pero me gusta esta canción que hace doble tempo❤

  73. Emir Fernando

    How to forget when eminem appeared in the pixel movie Autolike for not to die forgotten

  74. Noob Pokémon

    When your ordering pizza and your phone is at 1% and he asked you what toppings you would like: 4:25

  75. Jeffy Gaming Playz GachaBot

    Bet he smoked tv crack shells

  76. Crystalix x

    He seems like a midget

  77. •ɮɨssɮʏʏ\ tøք:3•


  78. JohnTyler Trefil

    when the autistic kid speaks in his own language 4:27

  79. Will Sharpe

    Listen at 2x speed😂😂

  80. Fogell Mclovin

    4:26 when u come home in the middle of the night and try talk yourself out of a beating from your mom

  81. EL_ SuPeRa

    Alguém em 2021?

  82. The two CreatorsX

    My boyfriend likes this crap..

    Tyler Sharp

    The two CreatorsX You’re boyfriend is amazing.

    The two CreatorsX

    @Tyler Sharp he's definitely something hh

    Tyler Sharp

    Just for that you got a sub

    The two CreatorsX

    @Tyler Sharp oml thanks! Were working on it..

  83. Toritastic9

    Listen to this on 2x speed... especially at 4:25 😂😂 Thank me later

  84. Hayato- Kun


  85. Maria José Noriega


  86. Moises Figuera F.

    2020 BETCHES

  87. Jadolive-Kadir Cebeci

    Eminem:Ben herkesten hızlı şarkı söylerimCeza:Merhabalar AQ

  88. TheSniper_ FF

    Deja tu like si hablas ESPAÑOL Pica en mi foto

  89. Alex Gamer 345


  90. azriel byrd

    Nobody Algebra teacher when I look away from the board: 4:25

  91. Orko 40

    Who is here before 1bil views

  92. junito lovo

    They're so many eminems musics

  93. Sanjaya Clan TV

    Here before 1M views 👌

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