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Eminem - Berzerk

: Berzerk
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: 18-11-2017
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Eminem - Berzerk )
  1. David Corey

    hahaha eve with all the years these tears still flow like tha forgotten river made up of my sorrows and they always wondering why I am doubting me seeing tommrow.


    What an embarrassment to hip hop...

  3. Omar Ebrahem

    Really,,, im amazing but it's very coooooool😍💙 pls do more about em

  4. Natural Beauty

    Beautiful voice

  5. Mr Freshta

    I’m wondering that this song is based of the eminem's one with the same name

  6. sis size

    Shout out to hendrix? XD

  7. Dark Cupid

    It's not bad...Just different :)

  8. Dark Cupid


  9. Dark Cupid

    Wow she must play a lot of Guitar Hero Live to be able to play that.

  10. Rifi Mohmmed

    No...That's not a good cover.

    kubbar alprince

    Fu€k off

  11. xhjs_ lkisaf

    Это помогает выучить песню чорт

  12. Muhammet Yıldırım

    Why did Madilyn remove this cover on her official account????

    kubbar alprince

    Copyright, I guess.

  13. Abu Baker

    17/December /2018?

  14. Courtney Sullivan

    Wait.... an Eminem song is being sung slowly...? And its working...? What the actual hell...?

  15. Billy Gavillow

    Muy bonita...

  16. Anthony Carreon

    Great cover but lyrics is not match the way it was sang. I prefer rap. Lyrics is more rap style.

  17. Shady Drugs Legendas

    I will never be able to hear Berzerk again without remembering this marvel

  18. Its Viral

    Its like u sing the lyrics, geez i thought atleast rap 😑😑😑😑

  19. maria khan

    Do river but eminem ft ed sheeren please

  20. Sadik Al Mahmud

    Cant get this out of my head!!

  21. Zsolt Mácsai

    So fuckin sh!t

  22. Ejdam 888

    Couse we rock it? No no. Its a say fuck it ...

  23. enosigeo

    fucking awesome

  24. Mustafa kırdı


  25. FyreUx

    goddamn it it's shoutout to KENDRICK

  26. geht dich nichts an

    jetzt weiß ich endlich wie man aus Berzerk von Eminem "Sonnenbrillenmucke" hinbekommen hat xD


    I LOVE U

  28. sam dub

    Best performance

  29. Sister Stina

    Just because she didn't rap doesn't mean it was bad.I think it sounded really nice but of course Eminems original will always be the best 😝

  30. So suite

    I’ve never heard such a beautiful song ever i do love this

  31. awesomesauce666

    i recall walking thru some dark periods of my life and this kept me to still push thru, not 100% but who is?> shoutout to still being here

  32. Pan Nikdo


  33. BladeReader

    Definetely i prefer drinking Bayley than listening to it.......

    Kelsey Thienpondt

    BladeReader first of all learn how to spell it's literally in the title lol second why? she's got a great voice, granted maybe she should cover a song that's ment to be a rap song but she's still very talanted

  34. Roycelyn Jackson

    You ruined this song

  35. Hsd 698

    It couldnt be worse please sing something else you DESTROY one of the bests song

  36. Sebastián

    Cambió el BITCH, por YEAH XD

  37. SuperJosema96

    Más de Eminem por favorMore songs of Eminem please!

  38. Yousif Elgadi

    She managed to create an amazing song out of a truly bullcrap song , she is really talented , respect!

    Kejads S

    Don't ever disrespect Shady again. If berzerk wasn't released, she couldn't make this beautiful cover. Respect both

  39. Bloody Red

    DAMNNNNN. She's fucking good.

  40. Hawkz Wz


  41. Chantale - Michelle

    I'm also a huge fan of Eminem, but this Is an Cover! And some people of you miss the fact that music is art and that every person has different feeling for music and the sound.It don't sound bad.I think she did a really great song!

  42. Mohd Zulkanien

    I enjoy this and this is great. As a fan of Shady, I'm so proud of you. :-)

  43. Persian King

    your voice is amazing

  44. Poojan Pandya

    Just pray that Em doesn't hear this and kill you

    Kelsey Thienpondt

    HackintosH that's a bit of an exaggeration if you don't like it you don't have to watch it (I'm not disagreeing that the original is better just saying there's no need to be so negative)

  45. Playcer

    You can't make a cover which is better than the original song of Eminem

  46. gone gamer

    As a fan of hard rap and metal it confuses me that I like this

  47. Andrew Diaz

    Shout out to KENDRICK

  48. Jeff Brehove

    Why do no YouTube musicians ever swear in a cover, ever? The song is called "Berzerk" and I'm falling asleep.

  49. jessyjuice33

    she tried something ... but my ears dont like 🤗

  50. Dominic Bernon

    Worst cover I've ever seen ever


    dont ruin the song bih

    Kelsey Thienpondt

    N SURYA PRIYANKA dont like it? dont watch it. Why be so negative?

  52. Eilat Nik

    em say kendrick not hendrix aint he?

  53. Josh Spencer

    to be honest I don't like this because I don't like when people take and sing them differently

    Kelsey Thienpondt

    Josh Spencer lol then why are you watching a cover?

  54. Turninator

    its i bit to slow, if it was faster it would be a loooooot better

  55. BBQ Soos

    I love your voice!!! Pretty nice Eminem<3Peace

  56. Sharkie

    this is just crap

  57. Michael Mitrev

    this is so wrong

  58. sigal8004

    You fucking bitch you ruined the song! If Eminem would hear that he'll probably diss you. IT'S NOT A FUCKING COUNTRY SONG. You changed the meaning of the song! The melody doesn't even fit!!!!

  59. Haus

    Do understand the lyrics? Doesn't sound Berzerk to me. :D

  60. NiGhTmArE

    now i remember why i subscribed 4 u

  61. awesomesauce666

    why all the hate. its perfect cover. you can hear her pain

  62. Eisha krystle

    IDK who'd dislike this

  63. Sadi Raiyan

    chords are....?

  64. Analı Kızlı


  65. Dan L

    Awesome!!! 😱

  66. Wizard GR channel

    you are a very good singer but that song is not at your stile

  67. { skunks }

    this VOIC I mean wtf but it's about old school hip hop and that isn't hiphop

  68. Χρύσα Χρύσα

    don't cover eminem songs...please......


    I hate you

  70. Cristopher Griffin

    shut up

  71. Cristina Gauna

    amo esta canción,y CIMORELLI son mis idolas 😁💕💕

  72. Tahmid Khan


  73. Cormac Logue

    Gurl u can sing but id suggest other songs other than rap maybe country or pop

  74. Magorov the Great

    good voice, but song ruined... never again... please!

  75. Franklin Clinton

    Actually the lyric is...Say FUCK IT before we kick the BUCKET. Not whatever that was. Im totally kidding by the way. But that was actually okay.

  76. Titania- Pulip

    beautiful voice 😍

  77. Lyme is Lame

    Earned a sub in less than 20 seconds-good on you! Fire!

  78. البراء العسيلي

    من فرثة ارابيش لايك

  79. Rozanlock

    Not good 😒😒😒😒

  80. Foogy WOOGY

    You ruined it

    Foogy WOOGY

    The vibe has now disappeared

    Dark Cupid


  81. Chief Swanky

    her voice is awesome but her melody doesn't fit with the lyrics... it's better the aggressive way from eminem (my opinion)

  82. Sile Grosu

    What a beautiful voice

  83. محمد زهير

    هاحب تاني

  84. Carnage_Core

    you made my favorite song bad

    Snayk Head

    Charlie McLeish agreed

    mrrelph 301

    Gansta Pig yep

    Rusti Coulter

    Shut the fuck up she did fine... I actually like this more than the original

  85. georgi conev

    That's beautiful..

  86. Ama Zigh

    She changed the Melody 😒But good

    Aidan MCB

    Hys Oka And the lyrics, on a few occasions, but yeah. Like Kidz Bop, but ACTUALLY SUNG WELL.

  87. Pan

    Mükemmel be.

  88. Maya Hidan

    loved it!

  89. Mat VL

    No, No No No No, Absolutely No, Seriously wtf is this?

    Snayk Head

    Mat VL ikr she turned it into a mini pops song

  90. Fluffy

    Its a singing cover.She doesn't have to rap it.Heck, i myself sing Eminem lyrics instead of rapping them just to see how i sound.So stop the hate.

  91. TheGingerNut

    It's picket not pick it...


    It's a cover not the original...

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