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Dj Snake - 4 Life

4 Life
: 4 Life
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: 09-10-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dj Snake - 4 Life )
  1. Sr. Pão de forma

    Eae gnomin, que enpreguin?

  2. Roberto Morales

    4 life I what....

  3. Ei! Kassy

    eae gnomin quer empreguin

  4. m i o j o so2


  5. Vúpyéwz - Neon Zaws

    Memes suecos muito bom kapakapakapakapa

  6. TorugaVermelho

    Mas e ele q esta por tras de todo o eskema

  7. Gnomin festivo

    Iae gnomin que empreguim

  8. m e n d e s

    eae gnomin quer empreguin

  9. Marco Antônio

    Eae gnomin ker empreguim?

  10. Legion 187

    Sounds littt👏

  11. Neon我爱你

    Mas é akele cara q ta por traz de todo eskema ;-

  12. Potsff

    mas é aquele cara que tá por trás de todo o esquema

  13. Four Agreat


  14. Pedro Nunes

    Eae gnomin quer empregin

  15. arcguardian

    Love the beat, vocals get annoying quick. Lyrics not bad though.

  16. xxx xxx

    iai gnomin q impregin?

  17. Adil Abbas Khan

    The good voice of Khasi and the good background song of DJ snake

  18. starbiel

    eae Gnomin que um trabalin??

  19. Sergior. Bautista


  20. Non-Energy Reptile

    Eai Gnomin Quer empreguin ?

    Koala 990

    como q vc sabe meu gNOME to ligano pa polisa

    juao mene

    @Koala 990 eu so ticholin mano

    Koala 990

    @juao mene vose ta preso miliamte por trafico de explorassao de trabai

    juao mene

    @Koala 990 mas eh aqle cara q ta por tras de todo eskema

    Koala 990

    @juao mene 1:13

  21. Playboiandy

    This song is so mad underrated mane

  22. osedax

    *_so ticholin mano_*

  23. Juwer

    eae gnomin


    I like the beat n of course the tex!6oodSonG4shi

  25. Gverreiro Fevdal

    Eu sou ticholin mano

  26. Arrivederci

    iai gnomin, que empreguin?

    Thales Fre Firo

    Eu so ticholin mano

    Eu uso computador.

    como sabe meu gnome


    to.ligano pa.polisa


    @Eugenest vose sta perso miliamte por explorasao de trabajo

    Flamengo Não É Time ,É Seleção

    @ArtZ-本人の死 mas é akele cara que tá por trás de tudo skema

  27. Nico

    boa noite moça gostosa dona desse monumental par de coxas

    Sapo Boi

    Cuidado amigos a mídia manipula e aliena as maça

  28. Flavio Estevão

    Eae gnomin quer empreguin

  29. Zanderfee

    Kosdff Vlogs?

  30. noctoliet

    Você ta preso miliamte por tráfico de exploração de traballo

  31. noctoliet

    Mas aquele kara que tá por trás de todo eskema

    João Pedro Costa

    Yumiko eu sou tchjolin mano

  32. Horst Stechert

    Gashi will be the next king! Wish you all the best! You got it


    Remix is better

  34. Jéssica

    Eae gnonim, quero emprenguin

    Flavio Estevão

    Como vise sabe mei gNOMe estou ligano para polisa

  35. The Great Indian Gamer Leon Singh


  36. Leg0rdo*59


  37. Samuel Philip

    Are you sure that this one is the original sound? ( Not any remix)

  38. Nazar Raj

    Fucking love this ❤️❤️🔥

  39. cool bian

    gashi killin it

  40. Dan Killer

    ''Mas é aquele cara que ta por tras de todo o esquema'' 1:13

    Otávio Luiz

    Dan Killer eae guinomin quer empreguin

    Eu uso computador.

    voce ta preso por trafico de esplorasao de trabalho

    Chapolin Depressivo O Atiçador de Fanbases

    n o h u m a n i t y *insira foto do ashen one aqui*

    Rui Ramôa

    Que esse meme que vcs brs tao falando? manda link dessa porra

  41. _Tayibah. K

    I came from nothing, ain't that something, look what I've been throughAnd now I'm out here, feel like my year, got all my friends through'Cause I want this life for life, for lifeThis life for life, for life'Cause I want this life for life, for lifeThis life for life, for life 'cause I want it for lifeIt's leadin' all nightLook at my ride, look at my lifeWake in the nightDreamed of this life, I'll be so patientWaited all nightYou know now I'm flexing, I'm fucking these hoesRollie is finally RollsTouring the club and I'm killing these showsAnd I'm stacking, I'm stacking these hoesBad bitch into my arm and she ain't never tell me noI just hit the crib with a brand-new bitch, they both gon' find that pole'Cause they all down to go, they been kissing on the lowThey been sniffing on that blow when I never trust a hoe'Cause everybody wanna get paid, I ain't no free rideIf I come inside, it's the best day of her lifeAnd I came from nothing, ain't that something, look what I've been through (get it, get it)And now I'm out here, feel like my year, got all my friends through (fater, faster)'Cause I want this life for life, for lifeThis life for life, for life'Cause I want this life for life, for lifeThis life for life, for life 'cause I want it for lifeMy whole squad real G's, pour it upBring all my weed, roll it upThe whole world mineYeah, I know the whole world mineFeel mad rich, never sold my soulWhen I told my pops that I caught that RoveAnd I told my mom to forget that stoveAnd to fuck that job 'cause I got that, that doughYeah, you know I got that money to blowYeah, you know that's how it goesI puts it down, I puts it downI don't fuck around, I don't fuck aroundHad no time for chilling or sipping, was rapping and singingI came up on my own, now I got all that money calling'Cause I came from nothing, ain't that something, look what I've been throughAnd now I'm out here, feel like my year, got all my friends through'Cause I want this life for life, for lifeThis life for life, for life'Cause I want this life for life, for lifeThis life for life, for life 'cau

  42. lifestyle wiss


  43. leozito3000


  44. tavito

    so underrated

  45. UziRec

    2018 <3

  46. Tuhin Mukherjee

    Its amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  47. Mxx Ashton

    Here bc of Pauly D💎

  48. Carlos Yu

    how can this only have 278k views????

  49. HGR

    DJ SNAKE 4 LIFE <3

  50. Mr.xah580 the gamer duskull


  51. xilie

    Well i can't listen to this cuz i live in germany...Well done...


    xilie you're missing out.. use a VPN

  52. Trap Shugden

    shit needs a fuckin MV

  53. jazer lira


  54. Nahid Mirzə

    On fire

  55. Kdavi S

    mas é ele que está por tras do eskema

    Gverreiro Fevdal

    silensio to robando

    Marc Gamer

    Gênio absoluto

    Gabriel Felipe

    como voce sabe meu N0MEto ligano pa pulicamais ele ta aras do eskema pora

  56. Jonas Schneider

    Joyeux 1 an gg à vous

  57. Andre Marcelo

    menes soeks


    iae gnomin que empreguin



  58. Ari Fadly

    damn this song is straight fire

  59. Micah Tucker

    Gashi so underrated.

  60. lechaud production

    DJ Snake in chill nation ... first was like wtf ? and then ... *eargasm

  61. Meli

    Noiccee .....🙌❤️

  62. Jordan R

    why is this not on spotify??

  63. Brett Aldridge

    all these ppl from kos who here from lilbibby

  64. Eidrio Campelo

    Monstraaa !

  65. Super boy

    some dope shit

  66. Ali Hassen

    daaaamn this is so good !!

  67. The FM

    Yeah Good!

  68. Nathan Thacker

    Chill 4Life

  69. Frank M

    Equalizer looks like Kirby trying to clap

  70. Deborah Zheng

    found this song through Shirazee! Both great songs..

  71. just me

    the beginning sounds like dj Mary

  72. OzO

    2:42 Get nae nae'd

  73. Beignets

    kosdff squad

  74. edan mendelson

    another snake and g4shi? wow they rockin

  75. Dray XP


  76. Drew karanickolas

    when kosdffs music to swag

  77. Dion_ B


  78. SirWreckage

    Came here from Kos. I wanted to put it in my soundcloud playlist, but it's only for Sounclould go...

  79. Racky Dacky

    Everyone coming from Kosdff, what up fam ;) we lit af

  80. 6AMvibes

    Chill Nation, Help a brother out with my channel ? i post House Music, all genres of house

  81. michael lord

    Who's here because of kosdff?

    Racky Dacky

    Heyyy fam

    Left Over Fajita

    I think you mean kumduff...

  82. OG Loc

    who came because of Kosdff Vlogs?


    Me I love his vlog songs

    Drew karanickolas

    i also like neverland

    Dion_ B

    legit player What vlog was it?

  83. Madbroimpro

    kosdff sent me here this where good music comes from


    same dude

    AR Blaze

    Same lmao

  84. Adrian vlogs

    Who were from kosdff

  85. Electrosity

    This song is incredible <3

  86. Haden

    Really sick one! Nice upload!Btw Nation Fam, I produce happy/melodic tunes and would like to hear some opinions!

  87. Pyre Plays

    R&b a little and a good dj 😎

  88. Lil Valor

    This video is not available . Why ?

  89. J P

    The instrumental in the beginning reminds me untitled unmastered 07

  90. Sojourn Soul

    On Favorites playlist - 4 Life;D

  91. Mauro Junior


  92. Jesse Crowe

    this song real. g4shi music feels bruh.

  93. Chelsea Hernandez

    I Love your Channel♡-Chill Nation♥

  94. Tasteful Collective

    have fun in the us :)

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