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Dave - 100Ms

: Dave
: 100Ms
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: 18-11-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dave - 100Ms )
  1. Jet Maynes

    I feel like this song made Dave

  2. Chris Groeneveld

    Was that the chick shop girl and Sam Smith??? Dave tell me ??

  3. Eli Joye

    Rip Modie you were a good guy.

  4. Iwan Drago

    Does knows whats the model of shoes he is checking on the end4of the video

  5. Ruby Barrett

    1:35 I see u there Sam Smith


    I got 10 people that I love.i got less than that dave.

  7. y. s

    jus heard of dude due to #TopBoy im n stl its October 2019. this goes

  8. Luka Alves

    Who still listing in October 2019?


    Wagwarnn boss

    Ayo Ogundare

    Naaa man november

  9. Gg Jj

    You got what u deserve in top boy xd

  10. Soccerstar 361

    dave i love you brother i am also from london lets meet up man!!!!!!!!!

  11. Minato Uzumaki

    ok I just saw sam smith MAD TING

  12. Artie

    Grime has better beats than any other genre, no cap

  13. Link erxz

    Yo did anyone notice Sam Smith in thisMAD

    Alexander Okak

    yeah I was thinking that, was that actually him? Or them (idk whats up with the gender thing)

  14. C Sellars

    Take you from the Dons like Alli.......... BARS.

  15. Grimuzi

    Daily offender, crazy east ender.


    Grimuzi 9 light years away...

  16. C Dawg

    Yoo i just clocked 2:07 he's in kentish town.

  17. Angela M

    The only problem with this tune is that it's too short

  18. Simon Cowell

    Yes is a yes.

  19. Skin2012UK

    Did anyone tell him?

  20. Itz Calo

    From a shop assistant to running the fields not bad

  21. Jaudaan Rogers

    He only got 4.5m's sadly 😔

  22. 2012daffyduck

    Drink everytike he says 100Ms

  23. Boss

    rah Dave is taking in Sam Smiths wood yh, dw g its 2019 LGBT mauudnessl!

  24. vincent lillis

    whats sam smith doing at 1.34 lol

  25. tom arter

    peanut or chocolate davey boy???

  26. Halfman Halfamazing

    aaaayy, the man on fire slept on this

  27. Taufiq Sediqi

    Incase you didn't know already, Dave wants a hundred M's

  28. Ruben Alderette

    Lets get it modie

  29. Lil Quavis

    I swear the song gets faster at 1:58

  30. Yxng Talvin

    2019 September

  31. luke rogers

    Don’t wanna sound like a dickhead but what is this video supposed to be?

  32. Steven Bradshaw

    Swear that's in Kentish town 💪🏼

  33. Jacey

    What’s the paper boys real name? 👀

  34. Starling

    Reading - Leeds-festival 2019

  35. Ice Tea

    August 2019?

  36. Overdrive Music

    1:35 is that Sam Smith?

  37. Leo Perceval


  38. MANNY HD

    Still bangs

  39. footistarzz2

    how is this song 2 years old wtf i feel bare old now

  40. El Chxpo

    wtf is sam smith doing in this

  41. Daniel Jolly

    This song should be for those who respect rap not any white girls rocking high tops please 👍

  42. Callum Smith

    santan dave my g :)/

  43. Suhail Zabarah


  44. TheEtceteraK

    I still fucking love this song

  45. Andreas Muiruri

    tell a man a want a 100ms

  46. OnyxSway

    Love from 🇮🇪

  47. JOBEEHUSTLER :: Here's your 100 M's

  48. Lil Boi

    getting an add about adidas and first things i see when i skip is air force 1s

  49. Jose Antonio Perez

    Army of two or Kane and Lynch, this lads knows his games ♥️🔥

  50. TFL_Nathaniel Jackson

    Who’s still here in July 2019 big up my man Dave 🔥💥

    Yxng Kay

    TFL_Nathaniel Jackson me


    Naaa g september

    LittleFire 0842

    TFL_Nathaniel Jackson me

  51. FaZe Candy

    Marcus rashford

    Joshua Pevy

    Anthony martial

  52. Kieran O

    Thought that was a young Laurent Koscielny on the thumbnail haha

  53. Lucas Hardy

    This song needs 100m views

  54. Hayden Thornton

    Legend still has it man's still wants 100 Ms

  55. sxDarky

    Like si vienes por djmariio

  56. Fuck U All

    ogg air force don

  57. Mirb13Gaming

    Youtube recommendations a few years late but this song is fire

  58. s h

    Who else getting this recommended July 2019?

  59. Nyyk


  60. Eliot Desmet

    Make a spng with alex

  61. Lenny Curwen

    Is that a roast to rashy?

  62. Prajesh Arulrajan

    thought that was Alex in the thumbnail for a moment

  63. yacine33

    alex in the thumbnail

  64. I control the spice

    did anyone deep Sam Smith in the background

  65. Joseph Howard

    This stuff harder then most trash in the US. The electronic beat go hard asl and we aint got anyone like dave over here

  66. Callum Clyne

    1:56 Joe Hart???

  67. James Krackendale

    Thiago Silva ??

  68. Martyn Taylor


  69. 몽키디세이브루피

    Mercurial 12 vapor...?

  70. 8 iz Enuff

    Need collab with Vince Staples asap

  71. hav0c1985

    "Army of 2 like Kane and Lynch" Madness gaming reference i loved that game

  72. josiah brown

    am i the only one who went on a dave spree and got onto the old tunes.... shiiiii

  73. hugh 999

    'my team take you from your Dons like Alli' haha my guy Dele Alli being taken from MK Dons what a bar.


    This tings looking like Marcus rashford

  75. osama bukhari

    Why does he need to be gone by 10?

  76. sid

    Is this where Samantha piano beat comes from??

  77. Gunterstryke

    The M&M anthem

  78. ben chaplin

    Dirty roadman trash 👌😂😂

  79. Jack L

    One of the best music videos ever

  80. Charles Harding

    Take em from the Dons like Alli.... oh myyyyyy gooood

  81. Daniel Ewenkhare


  82. Conor Lennon

    Personally think this tune deserved more recognition, cause it’s 2019 and I’m still listening to it🔥

  83. -ISCHI- 000

    Are you her because of Instagram?

  84. Introvert Outside

    how am i only just realising mans in phoenicia? lolooll

  85. Sooo Salty

    i like this

  86. Songs With special features

    Put the playback on 1.25 ur welcome thank me later

    xaM evol I

    Sounds like shit

    Songs With special features

    xaM evol I Oh really but it don’t look or sound like u

    xaM evol I

    @Songs With special features wtf are you trying to say

  87. The nane

    Who’s the guy at the start 0:03

  88. Hugo Gabriel

    É impressão minha ,ou ele falou Marcus Rashford?

  89. Khalil Brown

    Its fire regardless but at 0.75x speed it slidesssss

  90. Surajbhaker Bhaker

    Weary good song and

  91. Surajbhaker Bhaker

    Good song

  92. Unluxy

    I dont understand how your not all the way up there

  93. BornIn HD

    I'm from Canada but UK music is just too fire

  94. CR JAY

    still banging this out in 2019

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