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Stefflon Don - feat Skepta-Ding A Ling

feat Skepta-Ding A Ling
: feat Skepta-Ding A Ling
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: 12-08-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Stefflon Don - feat Skepta-Ding A Ling )

    The song is from chuck berry and he was talking bout bells👀

  2. EJ 123

    Anyone wanna really fuck stefflon don hard

  3. Mohd Badr

    name of the intro song please

  4. Wahab Hussain

    Steff the queen

  5. Amina Benali

    she really look like Queen Latifa 😍

  6. Lavoy Burke

    Love this song

  7. Lil Malaria

    Now i feel like a black woman in philadelphia with a british accent called Latitia

  8. tamsyn fallows

    Worst sample ever, even if it is from the simpsons

  9. Chikondi Shockley

    Hello are there any Americans here?

  10. Zuluki Ji Ji


  11. Dedar Doo

    I'm sorry but this is awful, and I love Steph.

  12. money boy

    2019 only me

  13. Simba Gamer

    Shii I can't wait til im 15😭 I'm tryna be inna music vid

  14. Simba Gamer

    AUGUST 2019

  15. Miss Savage

    I like this song baaaaaaaàaaad plus the lil boi cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Cookie222PLXDDD

    The kid ruined the song:(

  17. Adriana Pou

    I love that ding aling sound❤❤

  18. Kimberley T


  19. lady Love

    Don't liker this video don't bring out ur normal vibe of music

  20. Vincent Zimmermann

    ❤♥💙💚💛💜Happy Wonderful Good Luck Universal Universe💜💛💚💙♥❤

  21. Instagram: Plushpairjewelry

    Who else bumping this in 2019?????

  22. Miss G

    12july2019 skep💍💍💍💍💍

  23. Miss G

    Love my skepta good artist

  24. Zack Barr

    This act is over.-Seymour skinner

  25. Miss G

    Hmm yesss play skepta with my ding ling baby

  26. Joe Naj


  27. Elton Mathiasz

    good video

  28. Princess Annabell

    The chorus sounds like something a sugar daddy would say

  29. Sandra Richardson

    Last time had it "* raw!"*

  30. Mr . Epic Gamer

    Weird song

  31. lisa


  32. Patrick Lisboa

    Ótimo vídeo. Vai ser bom ficar com isso na mente por um bom tempo...


    Bad girl ting Omg...

  34. Quanisha Wright

    Why that got that lil boy signing the hook

  35. Raymel

    How tf she don’t got a mill on here yet ? I swear the UK don’t get the recognition it deserves in the rap scene .

  36. Tiny .T

    She got that Nicky Minaj Vibe

  37. wanassmoke

    That beenie man rocking in the truck

  38. amelia Hamilton

    U set mi pon fire🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 u bad steffeldon

  39. Lisa Heath

    The beat dropped like my grades.

  40. Dj MZ kambal

    Great job 💙💙💛💛💚💚🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🌍🌏🌏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⏱⏱hot we gonna rocked djs all clubs around the radio

  41. Kara Purcell

    I don’t know if you know who da fuk I amBut somebody best tell em who da fuk i am

  42. Solange Rankine

    Is that a little kid??

  43. Rich Marsh

    Chuck Berry would be turning in his grave... Trash

  44. jazmine x


  45. The Flam'N Cool Boyz

    The beat go hard

  46. wais ent

    HERE B4 1millon me get 1000 at least too FAHM. love from kenya.nawapenda

  47. Cihan Bahcesaray

    Get rid of the annoying chorus and add Tyga for a verse, he would murder this beat.

  48. ExOtiiC Dan

    😀\ / 🍆 | |

  49. Hermione Lee

    Is the boy okay there and did she actually hold spider and over people who are saw my comments what is your favorite song what she sang my's 16 shots

  50. Eazy jj

    She’s Stefflon Don, 5’5’’, big tits , brown eyes 👌🏻🔥🔥

  51. Kiana and umonta Fun Adventures

    This is trash

  52. Silky Slim

    Love this chick

  53. akm960

    Some of ya in this comment section are just stupid. We don't know what the kid was saying in the making of the video. That is not his voice but a grown woman singing the hook.

  54. Triana Lestari

    Kingeling 2019 omg!

  55. Elainie La Force

    bad gyallllll

  56. Millenial Girl

    Steff you bad bittttttch😍😍😍


    Cancer in it's purest form

  58. Michael Francis

    Skepta was supposed to be featured on the Light is Coming

    Parth Bhammar

    That trashy Ariana fucked up Grande song?? 😂😂

  59. Kimberly Wright

    Is this chick serious...poor guy forced to call her a princess...that brother is talented...this girl is always slapping girls butts. Make up your m ok nd do you want Burna Boy or perhaps you burn for girls. By the way nasty video and you have a minor saying inappropriate Discusting..

  60. Blonde Creature

    Slap ya mom 😂😂😂

  61. Hana Wendosun

    U trying to look like Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj ❤

  62. Leo A

    Skepta almost ruined the song.

  63. Maria Smith

    Who is here 2019?

  64. Sky Luv

    The kid saying ding a ling isn't a actual kid it's from the Simpsons


    Big fan of Stefflon don and mi a tell yuh dis right now dis shit go hard very unique and very creative ... 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    Kimberly Wright

    Nicki Minaj is much better Hello lyrics she's a poet she's talented this is no crap to listen to

  66. Emma Beez

    I want to marry Steff.

  67. Divine Pearl

    Steff, u have a new fan now ✊

  68. Adeshina Oluwakemi


  69. Tanya To Hot

    Love Skepta though...

  70. E.O.A

    Stefflondon should do a song with Nicki Minaj, they even look alike.


    E.O.A the uk nicki

    Smule Music hits

    Yaa i too was thinking of commenting the same

    Jaymk 92

    They have beef.

    sara brown

    @Jaymk 92 Queen don't know her

  71. Jackiie Outaar

    Y'all are too young to even realize that the kid saying "ding-a-ling" is from the Simpsons.

    Jenne Riddle

    Zony Brwavo I’m 12 and I even know this

    Destroying Gameing

    I'm 13 I don't cear tbh

    Destroying Gameing

    Jenne Riddle cuz ur dirty mided

    fuzioned lemon

    Fuck off

    lourenco jacome

    you to old to realise the Simpson is still on tv TO THIS DAY.

  72. jay lanz

    let's just say she's inspired by nicki minaj

  73. Briana Ortega

    she copies Niki Minaj a lot and it's not even funny like why is she such a copier only problem with her.

  74. Sheniece Morris

    She resembles keke a bit and sounds a bit like niki Minaj

    SF Mary

    She Resembles Stefflon and Sounds a bit like Don :)

  75. Micheal Koroma

    She sound just like Nicki that's the only annoying thing about her but apart from that she's alright!

  76. kohsamed1

    what’s the intro song when they are in the car?

  77. Ervina Dushkaj

    I love her accent

  78. Dollar$

    Skepta killed this !!!!

  79. Juan Antonio Baeza


  80. Minda San

    Wish Stefflon is my sister... great personality.

  81. Santannie Smith

    one of her best vids🔥🔥

  82. Lucky starr

    I would've added a deeper tone to the "ding a ling" part. Also, why is Stefflon trying too hard to be the Nikki of UK lol. compare her verse in the "Bossy" song with Idriss and Sean Paul to "letting go" by Sean Kingston ft Nikki Minaj. You would notice its the same style, same flow, same energy, the only difference are the words. go listen to both songs before you @ me.

  83. Apil Janat

    IDRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He nailed it!!! Kept going back to his part again and again...

  84. L M

    Ummmmm.....I'm super late. Lol

  85. Caoimhe

    I want a girlfriend just so I can post a photo wearing the same top saying “me and my girl in matching hoodies, that’s autumn winter”.

  86. Caoimhe

    She fyyineeeee like wyyineeeeee

  87. Juana p

    Why is that little boy singing that I don't want to here no child singing that on a grown person record that's to much


    Thats not a kids voice you hear its from the Simpsons and its a grown woman

  88. kerry -G


  89. Trinidad Shane

    Steff got bars yo

  90. Dolce Vida

    Lol the fact she used something from The Simpsons makes me love her more 😂♥️😍

  91. Somer Jordan

    When he said that's his Princess...!!! ❤

  92. sasha British


  93. Solange Thomas

    Wdf omg ring a ling Oo shii 😫❤️

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