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Ragn Bone Man - Lay My Body Down

Lay My Body Down
: Lay My Body Down
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: 07-08-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ragn Bone Man - Lay My Body Down )
  1. Sylviane Bots

    elton john come

  2. Queen Leah Abdeen yousef


  3. Niklas Wedig

    bossmode.exe activated

  4. Kiray Kiray

    оооой бляяяя не страдайте так сильно

  5. Adrian Elliott

    how come it dates it as june 2014 when it wasnt released until 2017 !

  6. Yn Kryzl Montana

    Why did I cry? This hit me. I don't understand.

  7. Sue Robinson

    The only thing I will miss when they lay me in the ground is MUSIC!

  8. Cindy Fairbrother


  9. Humble Hustler


  10. Humble Hustler

    And why does this only have 26M views?

  11. Humble Hustler

    I just want to hug this dude out

  12. Марин Мокану

    просто божественный голос

  13. Видади Гасанов


  14. Raquel Acosta


  15. Tallen Pelegrin

    5.5k dislikes... How can that be??


    Because there is a caliber of people who have low functioning senses.

  16. Marybeth Langendorf

    I just found out about him. I first heard his song human while at work at The Home Depot on the store speakers and I love it.

  17. Rachael Hoye

    Beautiful ❤️

  18. Bäh Buh Bah

    Im in trouble

  19. Jandir Neves

    As cenas são de algum filme?

  20. growlingbehemoth

    When MTV died, music became great again. Now hugely talented people who doesnt look like a frontpage on a porn mag can not only make it, but make it big. Men who look and sound the part are back. Fuck yes.

  21. thaliemiel

    5.4K of dislikes ??? Sooo many f people missing the butts, nudity, booze ...??? Come on grow a "pair" of brains ...

  22. maria pellus

    Te adoro eres un crack😚♥

  23. Oneballs

    i feel like this song is about me. im bipolar you are too?

  24. maria pellus


  25. Christina Frakes

    Great song, great video, great vocals. Love it.

  26. Mars Man

    Why is this man following him?

  27. mika

    Anyone getting walking dead vibes ??????

  28. vix thesnarky

    36,036,201 pretty number

  29. LizzyL33

    he makes me wanna cry.. in a good way.. so happy to find him.

  30. athinoula881

    This guy is a real artist.. so unique and special.. i feel that he can touch my soul...

  31. Lena Jacobsson

    Kan inte sluta att lyssna på denna röst!!!!!

  32. dylan o'halloran

    i like a lot

  33. Des WV

    His voice is so deep. ❤

  34. shoel khan

    I love his all song... Niceeeee



  36. виктор трусевич

    Fantastic voice

  37. Anakan 4

    Why isn't this song played at the radio?

  38. chleo Dawson

    Shite lol

  39. Shawn Hubbard

    These songs are so relaxing that I use them to draw, sleep, etc.

  40. Alex

    This guy is so terrible

  41. Official A.D.H.D

    This guy can sang Giant brought me here

  42. Mr. Cali

    I understand rag n bone man

  43. J Cribbs

    wow.. I'm mesmerized.. Love this voice..

  44. Bakłażan 'xnaxiz'

    Oh really literally everyone forgot about this amazing man with amazing voice?

  45. t j

    Please play this at my funeral because my phone whole life is a lie to my family.


    Timothy Johnson: why is it a lie? If you’re going to that dark place, don’t do it

  46. Movies. Tv / Shows.

    It's all about the voice *AMAZING*

  47. Anders Haugan

    2019 gang gang

  48. Pam Yurko

    Discovered him by accident. He ended up on my playlist as someone I might like. I love him. I read some comments and seen one where someone was saying having this as his funeral song. I was thinking that too, but can't decide which ones, I also like Grace, Bitter End , Skin and definitely Die Easy. I love all of his songs. I listened to the whole playlist and unbelievable. Greatest Singer I heard EVER. I tell people about him and no one heard of him, how is that even possible. I checked to see if he won any awards here and the United States and none. Makes me very disappointed, they should at the least invite him to perform on one of our music award shows, and I don't care who you are, he will become your number one.

  49. St Pierre Divine

    Can't wait till they lay my body down.

  50. LovelyOne Wilson

    I just discovered Rag n Bone Man! Love your voice! Love your music!


    5.4k peoples bodies will be laid down by me

  52. Karen Hansen

    Sounds like he's caring a few crosses

  53. SFiel

    I'm so pissed I'm just finding this guy! He's amazing and has more talent in his little finger then most singerson the topping charts. DAMN SHAME!

  54. Synthia Marcou

    This song go'sTo an old friend

  55. Mironc Scritskiy


  56. Guilherme Sitta

    0% bitches, 0% big cars, 50% heart and 50% voice.

  57. E Mort

    sad and hopeless song. I hope you'll find God's love soon :)

  58. An Na

    Why did he do that?


    *What genre would this be?*

  60. PatriotLiberator

    I love there music it’s just so real unlike the other shit that’s played today

  61. Shelby Solski

    On my funeral play list -- morbid maybe but i'm getting OLD :) -- #1 Fan from Alaska I hope to see Rory AKA Rag'N'Bone man live soon :) … Time will tell

  62. Daniel Craig

    I love this guy so much and his voice also.

  63. iamapant

    lol I thought the older guy was Hugh Laurie

  64. Ellie Porteus

    2:19 .... is it just me or did I see a pug??

  65. Andrew ODell

    all of his song are so pashenet keep it up rag n bone

  66. Sissi Hamrouni


  67. Chelsea Peterson

    He should colab with Eminem or imagine dragons

  68. Cowgirl126 0

    One of my favorite songs ever

  69. Lore Nay

    1:27 I cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 best Song ever!


    what happened at 1:27?

  70. im unknowm


  71. Cherie Louise

    So beautiful.... such a haunting voice......... so powerful, love him

  72. ShoXx_ TV

    Best song of the world

  73. Sean Corkery

    This songs gonna playd at my funeral

  74. Lolly Lolly

    hello from france!I adooooore HUMAN!!!!!

  75. Nilas JunkYard

    I love his voice very much!

  76. Cascada Cos

    Одна из самых любимых песен до сих пор! Голос его до мурашек 👍👍👍

  77. Lion & the Lamb

    Can't wait to get my copy of this record! This is only the third song I've heard from him, but so far I have not been disappointed.

  78. Purple Sunflower

    What a fantastic voice ! I thought he was a Black guy !He could almost be a classical singer

  79. Jessica Winter

    This is a great great goood song! What a voice, it is amazing! Awesome Man and singer! Oo

  80. Jacob Hodgdon

    This dude is the shit! This is the perfect example of people having a way to make the world feel what they feel, and having the ability to deliver a message straight to the soul! Once again the voice comes through! Congratulations, you guys continue to amaze me with the undeniable ability to find the best! Keep rollin Rag 'N' Bone Man! You are absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!


    Exactly he is *SHIT* wait... what?

  81. Michaela Vaňková

    Best song!

  82. Mr. Cali

    when im gone burn me to ash.Feed me to a great red wood so that i can live for thousands of years.

  83. Carsten Buchwald

    Die letzten Menschen hoffen auf ihre Rettung und Abwerts!!!

  84. Tarotaro Taro

    Kova veto

  85. Creperboy58

    Lerne zu erst Video schreiben

  86. Michal Kopeic

    Who's 2018 ?

  87. Domi Marshal

    I have never knew I was that much of a piece of shit until I heard this song and it made so much sence to me. Can't listen to it without balling

  88. Lily rose Kimberly

    I love rag n bone man

  89. Juan Anton

    Guenos rolones

  90. Drew Schneider

    The piano is fucking dope.

  91. You Can Call Me Vette

    I heard this song for the first time in the end of August 2017. The day I found out a very good friend of mine was shot and killed at bar in Kansas City. He was a cop and photographer in his off time. He was there taking photos of the event when someone had a scuffle and fired into the crowd. Thomas and another woman were both shot and both innocent bystanders. He died and her hand was injured. The one day he wasn't wearing his bullet proof vest was the day he needed it most. What really hurt was listening to the man who was with Thomas in his final moments say the paramedics went over to him amd said he was code black (dead/dead soon, move on). They didn't realize he was a police officer at the time and he was awake so he heard them when they said he was code black and understood what it meant. The fear and pain...I can't phantom...that most likely...ugh...Thomas was a good good man. I heard this song for the first time as I was grieving him and crying. Coincidence? No was him. And had that wonderful man not been there with him he would have bled out in that spot alone. Its such a tragedy but I am grateful that even though it had to happen there was someone there who put their life on the line to stay with him. Its a blessing he wasn't alone. My heart still hurts. He was one of the best men I had ever met and the pain of "what if" haunts me to this day. I care for him very much. He was one of the best friends I have ever had. man in khaki pants in the third link is Thomas' fraternity & biological brother with the rest of his fraternity family/brothers.Every time I watch the 3rd link I cry as soon as his brothers mouth starts to turn downward. Still too painful to watch bc its so raw. Thomas loved his brother very much and was very proud of him. When I told him he should tell his brother that he agreed then said he hoped his brother already knew. I am not sure if he was able to tell him or not

  92. Fraktur Obsession

    It has been 4 years and only 34M views !! And those b+&%!) Nicki minaj and blac fucking china get double these views in just 2 days ! This is so frustrating

Lay My Body Down Şarkı Sözü
All I'm looking for
Is a little bit more rope
To wrap around my throat
I'm in trouble
I'm in trouble
And all I'm gasping for
Is one last breath of hope
To heal the hearts I broke
I'm in trouble
I'm in trouble
When you lay my body down
When you throw me in the ground
Don't be sorry
When you lay my body down
When you throw me in the ground
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
Turn your heart
To the trail
Of souls behind me
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
All the fearful eyes
Stay burned upon my mind
The gift they left behind
All my troubles
All my troubles
Still they find the words
Ring louder than my thoughts
Lay heavy as a curse
I'm in trouble
I'm in trouble
When you lay my body down
When you throw me in the ground
Don't be sorry
When you lay my body down
When I'm buried in the ground
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
Turn your heart
To the trail
Of souls behind me
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
These are my confessions
I'm singing out my dying words
These are my confessions
Make peace before I hit the dirt
These are my confessions
Hear all my sins laid down in verse
These are my confessions
Oh, these are my confessions
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me
Turn your heart
To the trail
Of souls behind me
Save your prayers
Don't shed a tear, don't shed a tear for me

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