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Ragn Bone Man - Die Easy

Die Easy
: Die Easy
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: 07-08-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ragn Bone Man - Die Easy )
  1. Elisa Dath

    feel so lucky to have seen him at his concert

  2. Linh Lê Huy

    Love your voice so much!!!!!!!!!

  3. Richard Dantuono

    just the first 5 words bring tears to my eyes!!

  4. ThaSha Lee

    Omg!!! Just in aw! You are simply absolutely amazing. Just damn!!

  5. Queen Leah Abdeen yousef


  6. Ry Rez

    This originally with Vinnie Paz and leaf dog or is this the original?


    100% clean lil pump 0% clean 100% no girls in bikinis lil pump 0% no girls in bikinis

  8. véronique baggiani

    Magnifique, un bijou cette chanson Rag.n.Bone Man you're the best 👏🏻👍🏻❤️😍✨💕😘😍

  9. Valeska Oliveira


  10. Sharon Peirce

    Well done! Brilliant voice!!!

  11. Sharon Peirce

    Love your voice!

  12. Jaimito Banamaia

    i love it so much

  13. Marta Sotelo

    Tiene el DON 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  14. Belu Sotelo

    Amo su voz. Es increíble, escucharlo te llega al Alma.

  15. Gilles Evrard

    Sing like a black Guy. Without clip, it us a black guy who make blues

  16. Вадим Алябьев

    Эх жаль американьского не знаю. Почитать бы коменты. Поёт хлопець гарно 👍

  17. Rachelle T

    That voice!!

  18. Manuela Christina Gubbels

    Best singer ever!

  19. Alexandra Elena

    What an amazing voice 😁😁😁 absolutely wonderful

  20. Mustafa Haddad


  21. Hizkia Jeremmy

    without music, makes this song even more gorgeous. God bless you, Man.

  22. Zukarla Novice

    Now i sing this wherever i go

  23. Gregory Gilbert

    He has such a good voice

  24. Rosângela Simionato

    As vezes parece que nasci na nação errada kkkk


    Well well well✋ 👀👂

  26. karma akabane

    Beautiful music

  27. Earth's Little Secrets


  28. Katina Bell

    He got alot of soul in him if I didn't watch his videos I swear he sounded like an Black American......#Iovehismusic #newfan

  29. Brunno Alves

    In Brazil 😍

  30. Allison Shaw

    One of the best blues/soul singers around today.

  31. Bear down Bears

    This guys voice gives me the chills.

  32. KweKanata

    He is a gift to this world.

  33. David Bassett

    Such a good voice no music needed

  34. Pietro Seven

    Can you imagine a duet with Adele?

  35. Priscila Heron

    Maravilhoso💕❤️ Love Love

  36. Tony chatwin

    That was bloody brilliant

  37. Monika Donges

    very intriguing voice. saw a show on TV a guy dancing to the his song" human " it gave me goosebumps

  38. Kieran kie kie

    Imagine him and the blancos 😍😍

  39. Silver Soul Singer

    This is life:) so good

  40. Real talk Tv

    💯 funeral song made easy

  41. Jackie James

    Went to Rag N Bone man at Alexandra palace great concert love his music 👍

  42. TheNevtelennulla

    Oh my God, its fantastic

  43. Peter Perfik

    Dont cuss my memory foam bed loool

  44. Peter Perfik

    Such a voice

  45. Gih r f

    you are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you fro existing in this same worlds as mine. im so lucky! thank again.

  46. Earline Nunn

    Please play this at my funeral.Seriously.

  47. simon walker

    Was on a soul search and I found it 👍

  48. Justice4rigbY

    It's an ingenious talent it's like a black man singing country. He is a white man using soul as an outlet to express his feelings. It wouldn't matter if he was Oriental or Australian. It sounds good.

  49. Aitana Cabrero Rodríguez

    This is amazing

  50. CHL Vortex

    this is a man of ancient soul, we who feel it know it

  51. Diego Rivera

    Played this to my wife, and she didn't even notice there was no music. This man's just gifted

  52. Tiffani-Amber Stuurman

    I've got goosebumps Jesus!!!!

  53. Mohamed Mohamed

    well brother please just fiND JESUS

  54. ELISA SANTOS Gomes

    DAWM!!!! HE`S GOOD!!!!!!!

  55. Do sama

    The style very very Rag'n'Bone Man... And I love it ,I love Rag'n'Bone Man .

  56. Rose Wolf

    Love this man's voice

  57. Siphelele Masiza

    One of the best Vocalists!...His Music deeply touches my soul.

  58. Insane History

    Why did I hear this song in my head when I was looking at a dying notre dame......

  59. Manlick Penny

    no instrument, #king for me wat bwt chu?

  60. Шишлянников Игорь

    Ты кто брат

  61. Marilane Rosa

    É um vozeirão......

  62. angeldust67

    Your voice! Your soul! You are sooo talented and blessed.Thank you for that.Much love and appreciation from Greece!

  63. Indiana Migs

    now listen brother you ordained lol need some help let me know you aint alone

  64. meimei lol

    This one proves that his vocal is the best instrument ever

  65. Rhoades k

    Wow your awesome

  66. Lacosta Davis

    Love this man his voice is so good

  67. Kernizan Xavier

    Beautiful and powerful voice🙌🏾🙌🏾 mad respect from Haïti 🇭🇹

  68. Azi Quaderi

    He really doesn't need musical instruments. The way he sings with that voice, it's already an instrument.

  69. Luan medeiros Avelino

    Hey i am brazil,me and a lot of peoples love you musics and you voise!

  70. Mary Nava

    I love his voice ❤️

  71. Elizabeth Stetler

    Excellent -- words are not enough to express how wonderful his natural voice is

  72. Panayiotis Yianni


  73. Alex Carvalho

    Undoubtedly one of the most stunning male voices in the industry. It's such a blessing being able to hear such a strong and powerful voice on a daily basis. Huge fan of him as a person, and also of his videos/songs.

  74. Karla Wiersma

    His voice is amazing

  75. stream Epiphany or I'll break your bones

    4 seconds into this video and he already gives me goosebumps

  76. Jamie Black

    Holy, I'm honestly stunned, I stumbled on this by accident and just woah. The fact he did this accapello is sure sits deep in my bones

  77. kit summers

    dosent  some of the lyrics soudn like  In My Time Of Dying by Led Zeppelin

  78. Наташа Сложеникина

    . 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  79. Akulina11

    I can just imagine Dr House nursing his scotch in his apartment with this guy swimming round his head.

  80. Azi Quaderi

    With him there's no need of musical instruments. His voice is enough.

  81. Azi Quaderi

    With him there's no need of musical instruments. His voice is enough.

  82. wingsandash

    This is what he needs to do, all day, every day.When anything you add to a voice only detracts from it, you KNOW it's beyond good.

  83. Jayla

    When one voice is more than enough to carry a song - it's a rare feat and one he shares with legends like Mahalia Jackson.

  84. Carolyn Wood

    Soul ♡

  85. Vanessa Barnes

    This band already preformed this song and made it EPIC... this version is lame and boring

  86. Jake Empson

    I LOVE THIS SONG❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. lucas 32 coag

    Good brazilian 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  88. Julianna Osman

    Wait wait WAIT. He is incredible and I need to know how I've never heard this before

  89. LeAnna Estep

    You just squeeze the soul right out of a song.



  91. Мират Садыков

    Пусть подумают напасино что то классное английский

  92. Shark Hunt


  93. 1 ToLiveThroughIt

    I want this song to play on the day I die right after Tracy Chapman's "Ticket the bucket". Sends me to wherever in peace with his soulful voice.

  94. Devin Austin

    He didn't even need music that's how good he is...

    Ray MASSIH

    sad thing is people wont hop on the band wagon, he is way more talented than anyone else that has sprung up recently

    Vincent .C

    yeah i was so surprised too, how come i don't hear any instruments playing in the background but it sounds like there is.

    Magdalena Portmann

    He is phenomenal!

    Marina Ogneva

    I did not notice that there was no music at first

  95. Na Da

    the best singer for me .❤his voice like a knife in the heart💔..thank you so much 😍

  96. Marcos Maia

    perfeito. Que cantor incrível, tanto a voz é avassaladora, quanto as letras escolhidas dizem muito.

  97. Cathleen Perron

    Wow just WOW

  98. lucianzo live

    I am a YouTube error like you but you are more beter

  99. Jennifer Coleman

    My god this guy has an old southern black man's voice. The sounds of the 1920s are back.

    Greg Johnstone

    With the loss, uncertainty, control... these are the songs uniting the people. getting us ready to topple the tower and find even ground.

    Galina Dirmeitene

    listen please white girl

Die Easy Şarkı Sözü
When it comes to bury me
Put a fifth of rum in my hand
Might as well come and take my soul
'Cause I can't take it to the promised land
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
The devil's gonna make up my dying bed
Meet me, brother, meet me
For I have so much to say
He might as well come and take my soul
'Cause I won't need it on my dying day
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
The devil's gonna make up my dying bed
In my time of dying
I don't want nobody to mourn
All I want for my friends to do
Is to hold my dying arms
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
Well, well, well
So I can die easy
The devil's gonna make up my dying bed

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