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Chet Faker - 1998

: 1998
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: 11-03-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Chet Faker - 1998 )
  1. yhermy arevalo

    alguien biene por un meme? xd

  2. jim apost

    Αυτό είναι το νέο μου κόλλημα!Δήμητρα Π. 25/10/2019

  3. Thái Thịnh Nguyễn

    2019 anyone?

  4. Karolina Weber

    Forza horizon!!!

  5. Samuel Pereira

    We used to be friends... A long time ago

    Ryan ward


  6. Spark king 4629

    Forza horizon 3 future classics radio station anyone?

  7. Tia Austria

    absolute genuis . the movement matches the rhythm .

  8. Matìas González


  9. Travis Rayome

    The top comment section of this video is livid, man

  10. Jose Antonio Villa

    No dejo de escucharla!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  11. Jason Bourne The CIA Agent

    Ah Forza I love you.

  12. szn kstr


  13. Chris Subscribe to DKrecords

    I heard this at a casino mall type place in Vegas... and what ticks me off is that there was only 1 other person singing it 😒

  14. Desyaf W

    Song and cannabis

  15. Darren Shortall

    This is a fucking tune 2019 August

  16. Juls G


  17. SupraMk4Nerd 06

    Forza horizon 3

  18. Ernesto Flores


  19. TO_13E45T

    This gives me a really good mood for vaping.

  20. Büşra Alıcı

    Son yorum

  21. Caroline Hebel

    Thank you so much for the lyrics to this powerful yet simple song it expresses my feelings about certain people I used to think knew me well and were loyal because they knew the essential me But it’s amazing to me how some people can hear 👂 what they want to believe instead of what is actually being said!!!!!!Great song for “modern?” Times

  22. 이응

    still coooooooool

  23. Cesar Ayala

    2019? anyone?

  24. Suzy Eises

    Fast forward to 2019 and this is still a jam!!

  25. Chava Ramírez

    I still hear VENDO PAVO

    Miss Atomic Bomb.

    Qué chingada madre

    Miss Atomic Bomb.


  26. peter butorac

    this song will be a classic

  27. samilly olinda

    Eu te amo quero ir no teu show

  28. Neidinha Silva

    Eu amei

  29. shawnmccori

    I remember the high humidity levels do lake superior being warm in 1998 interfering with tv and everything electronic especially tv. And turning silicone rubber into a fire protector LOL.

  30. Marcello Gargano

    funny story me and my twin brother and one of my old friends had this song playing and got into a car accident it’s ok tho cause the damage was minimal, but the music was blasting i still love this song lmfao

  31. Baaska Baasaka

    now i'm 21 and i was born in 1998.07.31. 20 years later i still was born 1998 :)

  32. Baby Quinn

    I was born on july the 1st, 1998 :)Have a nice day !

  33. Elarre

    Am pretty sure that 450,000 views are a direct result of me playing this track on a loop daily for months now.

  34. Moises Flores


  35. Jhonatan Assis.

    eu vim dps de ver um video do Akrinus :) topzaadaa

  36. The Sh1ttyGamer

    I FOUND IT! Geez 1998, I spent half of it screwing around in Yr11, failing miserably & then smoking far too much...

  37. Ana Maria Stanoevici

    this is so sad, i have never heard smth more dramatic and it hurts like shit

  38. black

    Thanks forza

  39. DiscoBiscuit

    I was having the time of my life out on the club scene back in 1998, I lived for sex drugs and dance music, ecstasy weed and amphetamine every weekend, happy days 😎

  40. Steven Cole

    Love the groove, the art, and the lyrics...great art by some true auteurs.

  41. laura nebula

    '91 better ;)

  42. Dion Bridger

    Low T song.

  43. Sujit_ktm _

    Ek dum garoo 🔥🔥🔥

  44. TheLion

    Im a 98 baby anyone else?

  45. samilly olinda

    Eu amo essa musica minha preferida 😍❤️

  46. jsotomayorgray

    This and LSD; there is no better duo. Don't come up at me.

  47. Noah M

    #FH3 i miss that game, i got FH4

  48. SuperDp123

    LOVE This....listen to it endlessly!

  49. Pablo Bertoletti


  50. Tbmadpotato

    Forza horizon 3 fanboys engage

  51. Gilcer B_-R

    Forza Horizon 3

  52. Blurred

    such a chill song

  53. Mohammed Khaled

    why is this guy so underrated?

  54. NO post on sundays

    man this is so smooth just cant get enough

  55. Exle Crawford

    Forza horizon 3 anyone ?¿ 👌🏻

  56. Nathan Irvine

    3 of my cousin birth this year

  57. Alex Chavez

    We used to be friends we used to be innocent friends I don’t understand

  58. Prxanjal

    Person: So what kind of effects you want?Chet: Yes.

    The stupidest guy ever

    Well this is an animation video

  59. Young Ghost

    For you M

  60. Tomaroxo

    Who is watching this in 2018 like if u are!

  61. kaela lopez

    When were you born? I was born in 1998

  62. Pencil 1991

    oh wow, has it really been 4 years since upload? it's still just as good rn imo.

  63. Wang Minn

    Love the music but what do you know about 1998? You were only 10 yo.😂

  64. ron

    the song is good til 0:40

  65. not important

    Made in the 98's. Who else?And Not forgetting all the 90's kids too. Much love.

  66. Adrian Wilczyński

    Switch to 144p if you want to feel 98's.

  67. Dariana Rivers


  68. Bosenko

    Viva from amazing

  69. Diego Tirrely Bust

    i was born in 1998, cool

    Anthony Truman

    Diego Tirrelly same

  70. rascal who dreams about bunny girl senpai

    breadcrumb breadcrumb breadcrumb awoo

  71. MrRayndog

    would like to see a making of this video, I did animation at uni however 2D animation eludes me. 3D not so much


    It's easy...just very time consuming!

  72. Katy Streitz

    What is the voice in the background saying??? Bc I keep hearing “work for me, Paolo” and imagining an Italian male model being yelled at by a photographer lmao 😂

  73. VVS Beats

    Anyone still listen to Nick after all these years

  74. RayZeR Leadeur TiTaNe

    Pue la merde music pour les fragiles

  75. recs

    1998 supra heheh

  76. Noctis

    here because of forza btw^^

  77. Grace Kelly

    Love this x

  78. BRAVO 808 MoN

    Take my Good words

  79. Gabe C


  80. Son brent

    im off the shits and i still hate this song...

  81. Josia Pedro Perdo

    i just hear this fckin amazing song now bro and its still cold

  82. daniel s

    like will be given.

  83. rifda aliyyah

    I know this song from hard rock cafe <3

  84. SONTOS2000 boi gonzalez

    Fire as shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 anybody listening in 2018

  85. yadunath mahadeo

    2018🎧🎤🎛⛳and still my jam

  86. Elizabeth Hahn

    I was in a London gym and I heard this beat and only heard one line of lyrics, found the song and I now I miss London and can't help thinking about when I listen to this song, it just brings nostalgia- the kind that makes you cry.

  87. Reafux

    1.5 speed brings a new depth to the song

  88. 420

    I first heard this song in Vancouver at the smoke lounge while I was hitting the volcano then out of nowhere staff fought a dealer cuz he was selling weed in the lounge which is not allowed and I just stood there with the biggest grin on my face cuz I was so baked lol

    RyeLee Fear

    Steve Burns I hope this story is real,From a fellow Canadian

  89. Paul Monsalvo

    2018 💙

  90. Risman WD


  91. David Sanchez

    ✌✌🎗🎗☮ ☮

  92. Javier Slucki

    Thanks to this song Chet Faker is my crush

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