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Billie Eilish - Bad Guy (8D)

Bad Guy (8D)
: Bad Guy (8D)
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: 17-07-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Billie Eilish - Bad Guy (8D) )
  1. alyssawolf queen

    This isnt bad guy

  2. Lo R'nard

    It's not bad guy, it's not 8d.. It's nothing..

  3. Alpha Wolf hunter

    What happened to the original music, it use to be the actual song and now it's this random music

  4. Manah Tuballa

    is THIS a joke?it's not even Billie!

  5. Jess Candy

    am i the only one who can’t hear billie elise?

  6. Bayorame

    It probably been copyrighted so they had to put music over it

  7. 8D GIRL

  8. Wãvvy Ziñäå

    This is the type of music you'll hear at a grocery store or I'm just hearing things💀 this is not Billie Eilish 😭

  9. gabigaming 10

    Thats not billie ellish

  10. Qeuc Qej

    No one should follow you click beater


    xd u kid it got copyrighted oh and btw u say clickbater not "clickBEATER" xd

  11. Henrygastly

    Where’s Bad Guy? All I Can Hear Is Weird Music

  12. Elif'in Oyun ve Müzik Dünyası

    Bu bad guy değil

  13. Kacper

    what's going on with it?

  14. Eîî left

    This song not work

  15. Дарья Саргун

    Бля каким местом это Билли?Жопой?

  16. King Kale

    I feel lied to

  17. rh25

    Ok who changed the music the song used to be Billie elish am I fucking tripoing

  18. 21 boys falling out at the disco

    So this used to be the song and then...what, you guys changed it?

  19. Elsie Marks

    This is weird elevator music.. What happened to the song??

  20. CThienV

    Where can I go to hear the actual version?


    u can go to a concert xd

  21. 3pic gam3r

    Ok I'll what happened u c they uploaded the wrong vid so go to their channel and look for elevator music and u will find

  22. yousef the beast

    I just hear a basic background music, no biliie eilish WTF

  23. Brenan Luke C. Matunan

    Maybe he got copyrighted

  24. Kiran Is flawless


  25. horicipes

    I guess the video got copyrighted, that's why you guys hear this weird elevator beat.

  26. Rayano_ eilish

    What is this there is no billieEdit: oh it got copyrighted

  27. Kazoo King

    It's not only some weird elevator music, it's not even 8D audio.

  28. C h e r r y C l o u d s

    Guys it was copyright that’s why you hear elevator music :p

  29. Kait

    um.. u lied

  30. John stop eating my nacho S

    For all who is confused like two weeks ago I watch this video and it was Billie Eilish I think they edited the video due to copyright reasons I know this is the exact video though because it said I had already watched it and I remember watching it but now they had to turn it in to elevator music

  31. Porn hub

    It not bad guy because you get copystriked

  32. Людмила Кожуро

    Я одна русская да??

  33. Monkey's song

    it s not bad guy

  34. Danii Maldonado

    Se mamaron ni es la canción del título ni es 8D

  35. Danii Maldonado


  36. Doodles Does

    This is not billie eilish

  37. Caramel tea

    Я думала у меня наушники сломались, но нет и без наушников песни Билли нет

  38. Амет КАРАЧУК

    İts not 8d...

  39. CrazyGirl BG

    Wtf is this? ._.

  40. Ash_Cat34

    oh hey there, random person. I’m KAREN and I’d like to speak to the manager...Oh hi manager, I have a few questions,I’D LIKE TO RETURN THIS, IM NOT SATISFIED.

  41. SkyBez

    This is a real one me by liking

  42. Some fat boy

    Wait what happend to this song?

  43. Leno Hoffo



    Wtf is this shit?

  45. Eddie Stone

    why is there just elevater music and not 8d audio?


    It's not bad guy but it's a nice song after study or something...

  47. Denki Kaminari

    Uhhhhh hellooo?. I cant tell if its me or if its not Billie eilish or just Going mentally crazy after studying

  48. Nguyen Jayson

    Bruh I just hear elavator music

  49. Daniel Salazar

    WTF I had saved this URL when it was really Bad Guy. What happened??

  50. Myth Lover

    Clickbait at its finest

  51. PyAKIKI• F

    Felicidades encontraste el comentado en Español que buscabas :D

  52. ZackG

    Esto es una mierda explosiva puro clibtbat

  53. Gabriel Puka De Souza

    Where os the bad Guy?


    It's got copyrighted

  54. Azalea Forcato

    Fake di merda

  55. Davi773

    This is not bad guy

  56. RAG3_D3M0N x_x

    It's not even 8d

  57. LuciferinoYT

    Qué pasó acá ? puedo jurar que en este mismo video había escuchado la mejor versión 8D de Bad Guy

  58. irighterotica

    What happened to the lyrics?Edit: It's not that it's bad or anything. It spurred my imagination a bit, gave me some ideas for writing.But I'm quite disappointed the song that *was* here now isn't. I feel we've been duped, lads. It was a promption for your own work, right Mr./Ms. Channel Owner? Or was it a copyright strike?If the former, I'm not mad about it. It's a clever gimmick to market yourself, I guess. But you should be upfront about it. Some, like me, won't care. But others aren't so forgiving, ya know?And if it was removed for copyright uhhh just ignore me, I'm a dumbass.

  59. Manu I


  60. Ana mar100 games

    Wait this is not the same musicIt was actually right before

  61. Beertje Papabeer

    I have the Razer Phone 2 and this phone has 2 speakers on each side so i can hear beautiful. This Phone has also Dolby Atmos sound so this phone is sooooo good😆

  62. Beaneth Duran

    ooooh I see what you did therelisten to this guys

  63. Julieth Ahgase

    Y el comentario en español¿?

  64. Siege Isbroken

    Attention everyone it got COPYRIGHTED so stop complaining in the comments.

  65. Rebecca Petty

    Not Bad Guy. Annoying.

  66. Drawing and gaming 4life

    It's not 8D because it's just elevator music

  67. Chip Bag owo

    Ok but there’s no Billie Eilish and it’s kinda scary

  68. Himiko Toga

    Did you get copyrighted?

  69. احمد كيلاني

    Am i really high , or this isn't bad guy song ?

  70. not funny didn’t laugh

    Беляш могёт :3

  71. •Audrey Gacha•

    This is not billie its a weird music that is not 8d

  72. 24D AUDIO // Belal

    I will upload mix BILLIE EILISH 16D AUDIO TOMMOROW 🎧❤️

  73. Kay Ari

    I hear no Billie Eilish😂

  74. UltraCRAZY WOLF7

    The utter clickbait

  75. Nylah Taylor

    i thought this was supposed to be billie eilish but yet its not at first i thought i was going crazy and then i started reading the comments then i was like i guess im not crazy

  76. Heiki Estacio Bekkelien

    Oh thx god i though i was the onely one who onely heard some kind of elevator music, but it was the Song Bad guy by Billie just a week ago i think?

  77. ItzJustJanex YT

    Well the video got striked :(

  78. Cube Rockers

    Only one earpiece on my headphones is its just weird

  79. Dark Pit

    *Elevator music INTENSEFIES*

  80. - A n n a -

    Fuck you

  81. Nerf LordOfWolves

    This is not bad guy, I think my YouTube is broken lol.Idk what song is this.

  82. Piranha Sereia

    Bad guy porém sem bad nem guy

  83. Diane Kloza

    Is it just me or am I hearing elevator music not bad it used to be bad guy How weird 😐😐😐

  84. CharmenderHD Gaming

    Im I the only one that doesn't hear the song, I just hear some random ass music... (not bad guy)

    A Cup Of Water

    Because of copyright

  85. Axel Osorio

    Idk how people like this music lol

  86. C J

    Why do I hear elevator music

  87. Psy Diver


  88. Pier Polignano DUB & VOICE

    What a shitty video. If this is music is "Bad guy" of Billie Eilish then I am the President of USA lol

  89. Kate Cho

    I hear Elevator Music and I didn’t have any headphones on, and I thought that’s how it sounded without headphones 😂

  90. Ur Mum

    What is this

  91. Skill Dudes

    Wait, this was not bd guy!!!

  92. Susan Nada

    So I heard this without the earphones and there was no lyrics lol did anyone notice 🤷‍♀️

    A Cup Of Water

    It’s not even the song. Even if u put on headphones and listen, it won’t be Bad Guy. My guess is that copyright got the best of this video

  93. • p e a c h y p i n e a p p l e •

    This isn’t even Billie, it’s just weird elevator music.


    It got copyrighted

    Kovu is a Weirdo

    Are you mad cuz you couldn’t listen to ur 14 year old edgy music?


    Gregory Ashton Oopssss


    Siege Isbroken Just because it got copyrighted it can’t change the video


    I know,idk what happened

  94. Jamadi Aja

    its not even bad guy lol click bait imma just put this a thumps down👎

  95. 8D SOUNDS

    Follow us on Spotify Now:

    Honour Rose

    8D SOUNDS for some reason when I listen it’s like elevator music and it’s not 8D?

    A Cup Of Water

    Honour Rose I thinks it’s because YouTube did that for copyright

    kakka leipä

    This ain't bad guy

    •Taiwi_ 1212•

    Clickbait, bitch

Bad Guy (8D) Şarkı Sözü
Beyaz gömlek şimdi kırmızı, kanlı burnum
White shirt now red, my bloody nose

Uyuyakalmak, baş parmak uçlarındasın
Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes

Kimsenin bilmediği gibi etrafta dolaşmak
Creeping around like no one knows

Çok suçlu olduğunu düşünüyorum
Think you're so criminal

Çürükler, senin için her iki dizimde
Bruises, on both my knees for you

Teşekkür etme ya da lütfen deme
Don't say thank you or please

İstediğim zaman istediğim şeyi yapıyorum
I do what I want when I'm wanting to

My soul?

Çok alaycı
So cynical
Demek sert bir adamsın
So you're a tough guy

Gerçekten kaba adam gibi
Like it really rough guy

Sadece yeterince adam bulamadım
Just can't get enough guy

Göğüs her zaman çok şişirilmiş adam
Chest always so puffed guy

Ben o tip kötü
I'm that bad type

Anneni üzgün yap
Make your mama sad type

Kız arkadaşını çok kızdır
Make your girlfriend mad tight

Baban tipini baştan çıkarabilirsin
Might seduce your dad type

Ben kötü adamım
I'm the bad guy, duh
Ben kötü adam
I'm the bad guy
Kontrolü elinize aldığınızda hoşuma gidiyor
I like it when you take control

Yapmadığını bilsen bile
Even if you know that you don't

Bana sahip ol, rolünü oynamana izin vereceğim
Own me, I'll let you play the role

Senin hayvanın olacağım
I'll be your animal

Annem benimle birlikte şarkı söylemeyi sever.
My mommy likes to sing along with me

Ama bu şarkıyı söylemeyecek
But she won't sing this song

Bütün sözleri okursa
If she reads all the lyrics

Tanıdığım erkeklere acıyacak
She'll pity the men I know
Demek sert bir adamsın
So you're a tough guy

Like it…

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