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Billie Eilish - All The Good Girls Go To Hell

All The Good Girls Go To Hell
: All The Good Girls Go To Hell
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: 06-09-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Billie Eilish - All The Good Girls Go To Hell )
  1. Malini

    **My Lucifer is lonely**Tom Ellis: Oh dear..Lovely!

  2. Ktren

    Who loves billy degrades alik👍⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

  3. Abilities

    Where do the good boys go?

  4. BeatboxMitchel

    "God is a man. A woman would never fuck up this big" - George Carlin

  5. mario

    بيلي عليليشش ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  6. Resist control

    The person who writtes her songs its a sick baster, "CALIFORNIA BURNING DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA!". Can anybody tell me what is exactly going on right now? Isnt LA burning just like the background and she is an "angel"? The elite makes fun of us and you stupid people only interested in the next football game. Sometimes, its hard tk disagree with the lyrics of this song.

  7. tunczi yt

    Moja kol cię nie lubi a ja lubie

    XxtajemniczaxX 90

    O ty :_: NIE PRAWDA

    tunczi yt

    @XxtajemniczaxX 90 jak u mnie bylas to muwiłaś że nie lubisz:(

  8. LMKAD

    بلي عليش#من القافله لايك

  9. Lolo Layes

    “All the good girls go to hell”Me: then all the bad girls go to heaven

  10. Dominik Hannos

    You are fantastic!!!!!!!

  11. dinopeligro

    She sounds like Kif's parents on Futurama.

  12. Faggot Count

    She thinks she make heavy metel

  13. Faggot Count

    Emo sh##

  14. Mmhm Mmhmm

    الي جاي من عند باري

  15. Abdulrhman Ahmed

    بيلي عيليلش

  16. Ярослав Павлов

    Кики ду ю лов ми

  17. 1000 subscriber's with no videos

    القافلة مرت من هنا 😂

  18. adia ojiambo

    in my opinion its kinda like the fall of the earth. like how its gonna be when guys go to the beginning its like the fall of lucifer in the Bible.anyway nice song

  19. Valerie CV

    my song of fall

  20. Darink Guerrero

    Prefiero ser un ángel negro.

  21. Li*Sa Bechler

    ...die Dinger sind verdammt schwer...

  22. zack maztishi

    Billie vs brendon

  23. Matthew Henry

    ... she weird.

  24. Salem Ben Nasr


  25. Ani Araqelyan


  26. Brownie_Takeshi

    well this was a bad idea to watch before i went to sleep

  27. Itz Meh

    You posted thisin my b-day 🙂

  28. مجيد محمد

    بيلي عيلش *كافرة*

  29. Horo Perkele

    Love bilie Elish ❤

  30. UwU Channing UwU

    I'm sorry but like the first 0:10 seconds scared me

  31. Catherine Chambers

    Jesus died on the cross and was whipped, and mocked so that way you can go to heaven and you talk about the devil

    Lirienne Calarenne

    Nice fairytale

  32. marcela calderon

    I am here for Billie Joe Armstrong

  33. Lissie Lamb

    Every time I go to a Billie ellish comment section I keep thinking about filthy Franks video on internet 15 year olds that want to be rappers 🤣

  34. Ra’isya Humairah

    billie i love u !

  35. tj trucker

    HOW DARE THAT 251K DISLIKE DIS VIDEO! ! ! ᕕ(˵•̀෴•́˵)ᕗ

  36. Exemple TM

    1:13 "hills burn in California" So true I live in California it's sad man.

  37. random things and stuff

    im watching this while putting my t-shirts in my closet lol

  38. Utsubyō _

    3:21 girls dance on the fire qwq

  39. Gabriel Calazans

    Pq só eu reparei na frase "colônias queimam na Califórnia" tem aver com o fato ocorrido em Califórnia assim q a billi lanço?? Se foi antes me corrijam mas e estranho ela fala isso e depois nos noticiários do mundo aparecer queimadas em Califórnia... sou fã Quem e brasileiro da like ou comenta pq o resto e gringo

  40. Jade Houghton

    Love 💐💞

  41. Jerome Calay

    well your going to hell

  42. Jauzie

    that first scene was disturbing as fuck

  43. AmyirtanTolgakrky

    Movie is 221 seconds from this is 100 seconds only blablabla

  44. Vale Lana

    Literal las colonias arden en California...

  45. Aisha

    3:15 lmfao I thought my stomach was rumbling wow

  46. Zapsiro :v

    1. Elige un cantante2. Tapate la boca3. Escribe esto en tres vídeos4. Dale like5. Mira tú voz

  47. Michael Dunham

    Ive always felt like ive fallen and surrounded by those who resist this purgatory, or hell


    Ohh My God!! Jesus!! Hahaha

  49. Mohmmed Shem

    I love you billie


    It's radio los santos in gta sa


    hola un abrazo mis alas son un poco mas pequeñas bella vos mucha magia para ti

  52. Silvana Silva

    Morgana lol

  53. Moon Moon

    They should of had the ending. her fly in to the distance

  54. Captain ShipWreck

    I love this too much

  55. Bomb Quest

    Now i see why Peter is on vaccination.

  56. Matt Waters

    Cute Satanic crap.Don't be fooledSave your soulsJesus is King

  57. sonia Orona

    I wish I have wings to cause...I WANT TO FLY TO THE MOON!!!!!!!!;-; >:(

  58. Scott Ha

    You said girls but when they grow up they become woman

  59. Elizabeth Rayne

    Does the title of this song mean that Betty Cooper got to hell

  60. TM أبو سعود TM

    #القافلة مرت منها

  61. adam aiman


  62. adam aiman

    No go to the hell

  63. Alex Martin

    251k dislike and lot of "good girl" are salty lmao

  64. Bossing Kho

    Go to hell by yourself. Satanic woman..

  65. jazzy Salinas

    Its bury a friend two

  66. Abudy _a r t_

    بيلي عيلش 😂#القافلة💙💕

  67. Bananaphone99

    This is so fucking creepy... Need more!

  68. Blue Yellow

    Okie dokie dillie Ellis turn into uhhhhh

  69. Clan Cub

    Basically this is bury a friend part 2

  70. Leticia León

    Dose anyone else wanna see her fly

  71. Kruelty Kampaign

    We get it, you're sad. Wahh. Maybe you should figure out why you're sad. Does it maybe have anything to do with your ongoing dispossession?

  72. lyna fosler

    All the good girls 👧 this. Was. Billie. New billie👿😈👰👸

  73. Jintana Wiset


  74. Julio Lopez

    I love yr new song

  75. Christopher Rysgaard

    This is deep

  76. Mike Kroll

    Much more faster

  77. Bomb Quest

    this is a good song :)

  78. Makoto :3

    Billie: this song is sooooo creepy!Slipknot: Hold my mask

  79. Louis Deller

    3:01 *people casually dancing in the fire*

  80. Landen Weathers

    How does she say "all the good girls go to hell" so beautifully..? I cant even talk and shes over here saying hell beautifully

  81. Valeria Llanito

    Do you love black or fart🤣🖤🎶🇲🇽??

  82. David Montreal

    When is billi gone make a new songgg

  83. Maribeth Buenaventura

    Your music vid is gonna beee good

  84. Roh Gonzalez

    Hi Billie Eilish, I'm Kimora i love you, all the good girls go to hell 😝

  85. Mel Mochi

    Billie: AMy mother: That girl who sings devil's song

  86. Rafa Noli

    وانعل زتلغع

  87. C.I.A

    Puppet of the iluminati, sucks the devils dick evryday, go to hell already

  88. Hydra Nim

    Jeepers Creepers

  89. Larissa Oliveira

    Música horrível

  90. WAL1

    taporra as asona crescendo

  91. Shark puppet the 2nd

    Is this year 3001?

  92. The Red Feather

    As an emo this shit is scary

  93. patunia muñoz

    aqui esta el comentario en español que tanto buscabas 👀👀👀 te amo billie que bien que bienes a méxico 💖💖💖💋💋💋🌹🙌🙌❤💕💕💕💕🖤🖤😍

  94. Shane Holbrook

    She is a devil

  95. Maikl GO !


  96. aaa paoak


  97. gachalikeroblox draws

    whats you next spng and where is it i wanna go to the consert can it be in england pleeaseeeeeee

All The Good Girls Go To Hell Şarkı Sözü
Standing there, killing time
Can't commit to anything but a crime
Peter's on vacation, an open invitation
Animals, evidence
Pearly gates look more like a picket fence
Once you get inside 'em
Got friends but can't invite them
Hills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don't say I didn't warn ya
All the good girls go to hell
'Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And heaven's out of sight
She'll want the devil on her team
My Lucifer is lonely
Look at you needing me
You know I'm not your friend without some greenery
Walk in wearing fetters
Peter should know better
Your cover up is caving in
Man is such a fool
Why are we saving him?
Poisoning themselves now
Begging for our help, wow!
Hills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don't say I didn't warn ya
All the good girls go to hell
'Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And heaven's out of sight
She'll want the devil on her team
My Lucifer is lonely
There's nothing left to save now
My god is gonna owe me
There's nothing left to save now

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