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Anne Marie - 2002 (8D)

2002 (8D)
: 2002 (8D)
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: 23-03-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Anne Marie - 2002 (8D) )
  1. Purple Cass

    I feel like i am in the bathroom and ann marie is singing in the bathroom with me😂

  2. Yiwol The Fire Wolf

    The first 2 milliseconds, I was shaking cuz my volume was too high

  3. Músicas que eu gosto

    When l listen to thi headphones song, l fell in the clip

  4. 이수아

    신기해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. 채원 곤듀

    That is great. In person to person with ieopat eonneundeoenjeon, good.

  6. sabian tumaliuan

    When i turned up the sound(not that high just right) and then i closed my eyes i thought Anne Marie was in my house

  7. The Maha Sisters

    Anne-Marie - 2002 (8D AUDIO) 🎧0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:07⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  8. The Maha Sisters

    october 2019?

  9. 태종태세문단속잘하자

    눈 감고 마리 언니가 내 머리 뒤에서 욌다갔다 하면서 노래 불러주고 있는 상상하면서 들으면 황홀, 환상 그 자체

  10. Eduan Dedinca

    I love this song so much💫💁‍♂️

  11. Ahmed Aqqad

    sooo Gouidsong at 8d yo yo2002 anne mariethe best oops

  12. 구짱

    마리언니 힘들게시리 왜 움직여요 ㅜ

  13. lames princess


  14. Rheign Manabat

    Close your eyes

  15. Minima Jay

    지금 여기서 최소 앤 언니가 나한테 1인 단독 콘서트 해주고 있는거잖아ㅠㅠㅠ

  16. anil nair

    Superb 😍😍😍😍

  17. Angela M.

    This is so freakin gooddd

  18. saad ahmad

    My birth year 2002

  19. isra isr

    its so asome👍😆😆😆


    Put it on max volume guys its good like in a concert!

  21. Putri Keumala Ayu

    Felt like the song walking in my head repeatly

  22. WayyuNuge Channel

    Train of where enemies 😁

  23. Toastiid

    Headphones, Max Volume omg that sounds so great

  24. steph

    Finish the lyrics with me..!I will always remember..

  25. Vivek Yadav

    Haven't kiss anyone yet...... Then like it

  26. Satria ARAF

    Annie? you in my house? 😅

  27. rendoz_x

    if love this song give me like plz my love😊💙

  28. Naomi _1821

    Mubeng....... halo aku wong jowo😅

  29. Aki Osorio

    August 2019😍

  30. 1MR4N M4UL4NA

    I feel anne singing in my room 😂From indonesian

  31. Games Bad

    으악 눈이 소리 따라 같이 움직인다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  32. Fearless Roblox53

    Close your eyesGo to your own world And think about your crush

  33. Hope C

    When you missed cbbc summer social

  34. ふぃん


  35. Romona Persaud

    I wasn’t born in 2002

  36. Syaqirani Arghia


  37. Kc Vlogs

    when i hear this song.. i remembered everything 💔😔



  39. Lotta Möller

    When you listen to 8d songs the whole night so you can't sleep lol

  40. Nicole Angela Ramirez

    I feel like Anne Marie is singing in my room😭😂😂

  41. Kawaii Kitten

    This time Let me sing to way It happened to me"2019" I will always rememberThe day you kissed my lipsUr lips was soft as a featherAnd its never been betterthan the summer of two thousand nineteen We were only eleven But we were acting older Happend to me a boy kissed me and his lips were as soft as a feather and it was in the summer of 2019 Were only eleven but sometimes we act older

  42. heo eunseul

    헉.. 뒤에서 돌아다니면서 부르는거같아

  43. Hartati Hartati

    Indonesia ?

  44. Autumn Hills

    I am obsessed with your channel...😘😘

  45. Strawberry POP

    That was just as good as the original if not better like WOW

  46. Shivani Gosalia

    this is amazing. Just close your eyes and feel the song.

  47. 구이이

    ㅁㅊ헐씨발뭐야 언니 저 등이 넘 간지러워요



  49. Ethel Dinogan

    Imagine if you are playing this in a small room with plenty of speakers. Instant concert. Hehehe

  50. Lorraine Llamas


  51. Fizza Gurl

    It feels like Anne Marie is singing in my small tree house..😍

  52. 한진호

    한국인은 안계신가

  53. Niko's Lifestyle!

    The way it travels through my.head makes me laugh..

  54. Himanshi Kapoor

    Listen to it in 1.25x..

  55. Marvin Martian

    I'm so distracted by her continuous walking from left to right and vice versa. She should stay still in one place, behind the back of my head to be specific.


    That is the main point of the video mah friend

    Marvin Martian

    @Sayori I thought the bazinga was implied in my comment. I guess not.

  56. Aprna Mali

    It feels like Anne Marie is in my house

  57. Vince Hadi

    HOLD UP!!!

  58. H3y_It’s KiKiWolf

    Put your earphones/headphones onClose your eyes *Imagine*Does it sound like you have a giant speaker in you’re room playing “2002”?Or does it sound like Anne-Marie singing “2002” into a microphone?

  59. blue moon

    This song reminds me of the best Yet fading memories :(:..... But this 8d thing gives life to all of those memories......

  60. Abdul Samad

    Having a concert 😍😍😍😍hit me babby one more time😍😍😍😍

  61. Michael Reza Say

    i wacthed this song vid whatever when i was 2-7 years old until now im 8

  62. Leigh Agustin

    People who dislike, they dont have Headphone's

  63. Hana Azizah ->>try hear this

  64. FunniTimes xX

    Opps ❗I got

  65. Sister's Show


  66. Rachid Bourouba

    I love the song thank you


    OMG..Anne Marie is near me...opps I got 1000 problems telling u bye bye...out of my room....likes pls


    True feeling

  68. M13T Killer

    This is awesome it sounds like she is right next to me

  69. Benaisha

    Close your eyes and imagine -your crush- ANNE MARIE singing it to you


    Just so y’all know I am a girl

  70. Sugam Bhattarai

    Playing this song 0.25x so it doesn't end quickly

  71. Luthfia Jayyida

    I feel that my earphones are not working lol. It feels like there's a bass next to me

  72. Ferdiansyah 99

    indonesiaan 🇮🇩

  73. Prasad Satpute

    Oh my god it feels like Anne Marie is singing in my ears :)

  74. 얏니,

    Love Anne-Marie ♡so Good

  75. XxMango_ Playz

    I feel like I'm in a dance and Anne-Marie is singing on stage


    Esta rre piola

  77. V B

    Why does it feels like Anne-Marie is singing infront of my House outside?

  78. Iqbal Azam

    Always fly after listening this songAmazing

  79. Forever_Alone Girl

    No 2002 2019 🤬😍♥️♥️♥️

  80. Jurimoni Changmai

    Great effects! Loved it!!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍👌👌👌

  81. Antony Gitau

    I fill like it is jumping on top of my head to go tothe other ear

  82. El Pahlevi

    I think another people listen this song at the same time when i listen it with headphones lol

  83. DIEVIER 03

    😀😄🎧❤ vivamos uuuuuuu!!!!!

  84. Ramesh Pandey

    why anne marie is running in my room

  85. Minati Patra

    I have listen more then 100+ time but not bore

  86. Minati Patra

    can do song of Justin Bieber

  87. RandellPLAYZ

    Its the best its like anne marie is sinnging to me

  88. Phù thuỷ Bóng tối

    GMG this so verry good

  89. Sadiy Syauqi

    How you make music 8d?

  90. Samyuktha Tunga

    8D Era is THE BEST!!!!!

  91. kaashia caber

    Oh my Anne Marie is singing Infront of me

  92. Jacque Silva

    5/04/2019 Brasil

  93. Anti Otaku

    Try full volume with headphoneNo ear acheIts good

  94. Millie Lunsford

    lol my mom is watching an action movie and I’m just listening to this relaxing song 😂😂

  95. Enosha Gautam

    1000 time I hear this song

  96. It’s Mareli Dog lover

    I love this song because love is forever trust me no matter what you will find your true love like I did if not remember you’re beautiful no matter what hope this made your day 😁👍

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