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Alec Benjamin - Let Me Down Slowly

Let Me Down Slowly
: Let Me Down Slowly
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: 01-12-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alec Benjamin - Let Me Down Slowly )
  1. Wolfiee BLACKPOWER


  2. Lifegoeson100

    Beautiful song

  3. Bini Antony

    Nice I just loved it

  4. Immune To Fear

    I can relate to this....

  5. Kim Huong

    Why did the girl have to rob the store for that boy?

  6. btsismy drug

    He is not their in spotify?

  7. đông anh ken

    2020 :p ??

  8. J3 Drip

    I thought it was a girl sing the whole time

  9. Majukinha Pro

    Loved it


    No sé si me enamore de la canción o de el 😍👌💜

  11. Federico Venzor

    Que Chidori

  12. sebastian vasquez warthon

    guapooo te como entero, como desearia estsr a tu lado bb para agarrar tu pelito y meterlo en mi boquita ummmm

  13. Carolina Rojas

    puro talento míster Alec me sorprendieron los letreros en español ajajajjaaja latinoamerica presente.

  14. Ilyas Hoggas Official

    ان كنت عربي خلي اشتراك (مردودة)

  15. Ilyas Hoggas Official

    ان كنت عربي خلي اشتراك (مردودة)

  16. Meave Alc

    Bonjour que veulent dire les paroles ? Quelqu'un aurait une bonne traduction ? Merci beaucoup

  17. Jemi GreenBabybird - INDIA

    Spotify link?

    btsismy drug

    I guess he is not their in spotify...i couldnt find

  18. Iulia Tronac

    Nice i like the style romantic of your song and your voice is beatiful and warm. Hello from România

  19. Rama Hanafi

    Jimin's friend 💜

  20. Shraysthaa Senapati

    Anyone in 2019-2020??Addicted😘❤❤

  21. Imran Jatt

    I love this broh ❤

  22. Fit Living

    At first i thought it was a girl that sings but damn man your voice is amazing goodluck

  23. Muhd Irfan

    Halsey - without meplis do a cover for this song. cause I think it match this song's vibe

  24. Preetma Nishad


  25. Roman Mihaela

    You, voice=Girl

  26. Camille Poiret

    My favorite song

  27. jana the fox

    مين عربي لايك😍💖

  28. ника UwU


  29. Computer Engineer

    I still can't see the girl who is singing 😃

  30. Ana Silvia Abreu Silvia


  31. Minh Le

    Do you feel his voice like a girl's voice ?( but it is great, i like this song)

  32. Çağatay Saygun

    Seni seviyorum 🐣

  33. HÎNÂTÀ H

    Feel so lonlY🌸

  34. reece’s vlogs

    i thought it was a girl singing this until i saw the video he’s so good

  35. Donna Milo

    This kind d of blew me away.

  36. Jhin The4th

    The way he sings " sympathy"...

  37. Tyler

    sounds like a 10-year-old is singing this shit

    btsismy drug

    Then dont listen

  38. a boring day with Alex

    This song send shiver chills in my heart

  39. yannitt schniel

    Kid Kudi probably recorded the Video for "day n night" before he got robbed by this bitch. After this his day must have been pretty fucked up...


    Woooo. Me encanta esta canción

  41. Evie Field

    No offense to alessia but I like the original version better.

  42. али ша

    i know it sounds strange af but when i heard this song for the first time i thought the singer was ???spider-man??? i mean... not the actor but...... spidey himself..... i need help

  43. Jawa Aawa

    หลับตาฟังนึกว่าผู้หญิงร้อง​ เสียงหวานไปอีก

  44. The Husbands Toches

    We clicked this by accident.... .......BEST accident ever! 😍

  45. andrej

    Last year december 2018 he had 15.000.000 views now 89.000.000

  46. ValicitoCrazy_ UwU

    Alguien Spanish? :v?👇🏿Like :D

  47. Toptube toptube

    porqe yo no tengo una novia

  48. Toptube toptube

    la poliiii njoderrrr

  49. Toptube toptube

    coool song

  50. nerprun

    cuckoldiest,soyboyiest song ever

  51. Razvan Ghidurus

    Mega likeeeeeeeeewss

  52. muasm a

    Czech Republic?

  53. Gregor Bock

    1219 💁‍♀️😁😂

  54. Adi Arion

    Nov 2019 i herd this song on radio in romania and i was thinking who is this girl .same as mattew koma kisses i dont know witch is my favorite

  55. CKG le Roux

    Why do i feel like he is like a phanton/ghost that just is every where ya look.NOT THAT IT"S CREEPY BUT IT JUST CAME TO ME...

  56. Things about Oppoand vivo Real

    Love this song

  57. ننولي AL NZE IR

    Anyone here from sudan hiii

  58. BT Andrei

    Someone from Tik Tok?

  59. Gary Martin

    0% masculine 0% alpha 0% muscles 100% fem

    zerga chakir

    Explain me this Expression fem Plz and Thanks for U

  60. Savneet Rehal

    In love with his voice 😍

  61. Ali Raja


  62. Plamen Hrisrov

    Very nice!!!


    Algum BR ai? 🇧🇷

  64. EccentricDark Productions

    I got dragged to Starbucks by my family and I thought I was gonna die . . . but then this song came on. As I sang along I felt my anxiety melt. This song was like a familiar face in a lonely crowded place in a moment I really needed one. Managed to not flip on my own kid when he started trolling me. Thank you.

  65. Somorjit Takhell

    When i first listen this song i think this song is sing by a girl but when i look this video isn't.... Nice song i was finding this song nearly two weeks.

  66. Tom games

    Any mallus 😅 atho njan mathramano. I love this song😍

  67. Rainara Sousa

    Algum BR escutando essa musica foda da novela 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  68. Bugz BuGgY

    I thought this was a girl singing this😭

  69. Adriana Leija

    Top anime and best any😍

  70. Azzamara Pace

    I love his voice💕💕💕

  71. Madalena Rodrigues De Brito

    Otima musica

  72. Marion Lervoire

    very very goooooooooood

  73. Martin Lopez

    Alguien de España?No?Me lo imaginaba 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. djabdv sgbsdhs


  75. Mario Gaming


  76. helloitsme yeah

    I can staph listining to this.

  77. Piyali Sardar

    Love this song....♥️

  78. Jia Leong

    Why would anynone think it sounds like a girl? Coz right from the start i always thought it was a boy

  79. sara Ebadi

    I thought it was girl's sound...🤔🙄🙄

  80. Unlimited Collection

    I never get boring from this song!!when I was in a bus journey I was Listening this.The Number Of Listening Times.<👍>

  81. صِےـٱكےـهےـِ


  82. Sara_ Jabbar

    All love ❤️

  83. Dᴇᴀᴅ Bᴇᴀᴛ

    Who tf disliked this.I like fast af.

  84. chuuking

    Could you find a way to let me down slowly?A little sympathy, I hope you can xiaomi

  85. Blessed EZA

    That mom dosent know what she doing.

  86. Blessed EZA

    so good song like ifthe song is goodand diss likeif you gonnalet we make youdown

  87. Tiên Thủy

    Có ai VN ko ạ ????? 🙈

  88. Alec Benjamin

    Tickets for my world tour and special NY + LA shows are movin fast :0 . grab tix here:

    Thuỳ linh Phạm

    Giọng anh hay lắm luôn

    Rachel Huber

    I love you even if you're on don't let me down slowly but it's okay to be left alone but I don't be left alone because it's scary left alone but I know that because one time I got left alone with Maya and it didn't work when I was with Maya

    Jeieli-Chan E Kaito-Kun

    I am brazilian ent poderia ser NO BR TBM ok?

    capsule T

    Big fan of you

    Mecbure Keles

    Love you Alec 😍😍😍😍 turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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