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Two Feet - Had Some Drinks

Had Some Drinks
: Had Some Drinks
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: 19-11-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Two Feet - Had Some Drinks )
  1. Keep Calm And Atoz

    i like when the bass from a song vibrates my whole head

  2. Jιbootყ


  3. REBAL

    I laikd 😍😍😍

  4. QQQ QQQ

    XYLØ+Billie Eilish colab pls

  5. PI Music

    "Her songs never disappoint!! They all have the same vibes but beats vary and it's a different experience everytime <3

  6. Elina Yordanova

    music for sex and the other songs too 😁

  7. Tevita Kolikata

    Came here from 9gags comment section

  8. Rushiss :3

    Damn the bass with beats

  9. Rushiss :3

    I keep listening i cum instead of come, I need help

  10. Cem Atatay

    fuck this song mix mastering

  11. Aaron Southworth

    What genre would this be?

    thats not my Brother

    Jazzy, reggae, chill.... Yep!

  12. Vaeza

    When a song sums up your thoughts about how you find your relationships going.

  13. Onur Güngöz

    How much bass you wantTwo Feet : YES

  14. NRY Classy

    Shit!!!How this happens to me have a drink and this song I’d just got me!!!

  15. Haritina 36

    You're Amazing ❤️♥️♥️❤️❤️

  16. Jakub Bartkowiak

    Quite ok but...i just listen 4 of their songs and all sounds the same. Pity

    look atme

    Your ears must be wrong then he makes alot of chill music and they dont sound the same

  17. Javier Pintos

    genial. Ricoo ricoo. 👏👏

  18. Michelle Johnson

    One of my new favorite Artists

  19. Μαρία Μαρή

    I feel lucky to find this song😂❤️❤️

  20. Christa

    Sounds awesome on my Bose sound dock 10. However on my iPhone the bass sounds like an electronic fart.....😂

  21. no name

    This bass goes straight into my brain and I love it

  22. Angi Luciano

    June 2019

  23. whatever *

    Well,well,well. That's my new musicaly vicious

  24. Jim Cunliffe

    Just discovered this and love it. Lyrics are great. Bass is done really well...left wanting more of it.

  25. reda atik

    top like it so much

  26. Tijana Vasilijevic

    I give a fuck, yeah actually, I do

  27. hꪫꪭꫀꪩ ᨢ꧐꧐

    ~ Oh,God...

  28. R MCK

    mixing bass with smooth guitar is an excellent idea.

  29. Ok Ka

    All of me? Remix?


  30. Bogdan Max

    DUDE this is fuking INSANE !!!.. i can't fking stop ... wtf u did to me ?!!

  31. Elen nach

    I just so fucking love this song 😍

  32. Gideon Brink

    Ayyy. Make this song longer jeez

  33. Bartek Brave

    Awesome twitter high tones !!

  34. Elizabeth Corkins


  35. Zauser Drix

    esta es mi canción favorita

  36. Zauser Drix

    esta es mi canción favorita


    love the bass. hits hard

  38. sunflower grey

    I so badly wanna fuck my guy to this song lol

  39. Christians can have fun too

    damn that badass bass 😍

  40. Jimina Dooly

    I can't drink cuz I have asthma Soo let's goo with the juice 😂♥️ lofu da song

  41. Poison Ivy

    I love their bass 🖤

  42. Jordan A

    Bass that up !

  43. levi copeland

    I love this song it puts me in the perfect mood to do art(depressed)

    Denay C.D.

    Well, I use it for sex, same thing (?

  44. Cori McAdams

    Holy hell, that beat drop! 😍 swoon

  45. Joshua D

    the bass holy fuckk <3

  46. Benjamin Levy

    The Artis used to do beats for rappers.

  47. Yosui De La Cruz

    Hot!, n the image is deep

  48. BD gacha

    Que onda con la imagen

  49. zJacobb

    Anyone here from Streamer Highlights? Fortnite?

  50. Ngansturr

    That beat though

  51. Teja Dixon

    Makes me say damn every time I’m shook dude

  52. SurfiLP

    My bluetooth box falls from my table, because of the bass :D


    SurfiLP I just moved from big city to small town and my window (it's not really able to close again) it opened because of my speakers standing next to it ...


    this song hits in my car just got two 10s and 150amp


    everyday when i shower xD ma box is broken now :(

    krazykuban gaming

    My whole room shakes from the bass its kinda nice

  53. Erik Rognes

    What does he mean by "I come my town, I come my closest"?



    skyler skyler

    Erik Rognes j

    Dark Valoria

    Erik Rognes i think he’s actually speaking French

    ye ok

    Actually, I've found he's saying I "call" my town and I "call" my closest.


    Dark Valoria I’m french and no, he’s not singing in French 😂😂😂

  54. Nik Kuren

    how is called this genre of music?

    LXIX Turner

    Drum and bass dubstep

    Michael N

    Lit jk Trap?

    Chrissy Bear

    Nik Kuren soundtrack music..

    Matthew Miller

    EDM Blues lol



  55. Dxrkz

    A 35k YouTuber uses this for his outro check him out it’s called streamer highlights and really good song too

  56. SourSolv

    love the vid but you can put a bit more work in to it (i do love the video tho)

  57. - shine


  58. Dono do jogo

    eu sou o kevin som mó bao #adesca2017

  59. Dougal Bonney

    Seems like to me this band has to offer but minimal lyrics with sick riffs and in i guess..

  60. Kristopher O'Connell

    If you listen close enough to songs like these you can feel your own mortality


    Kristopher O'Connell I totally agree.

  61. Sara Di Bella

    I love this song😍 and i love this video😍👑❤

    Lyrics Songs

    Love! :3

  62. hannah thompson

    the music is smooth, so nice

  63. Rucham Wasze Matki!!! :D :D :D Matki


  64. O M E G A

    I think it's "don't give a fuck, yeah actually I do" but that may just be me

    Micaiah Jocelyn

    DJawesomeness9 that’s what it is the person who made this probably didn’t hear it

  65. Jake Smith


  66. Lyrics Songs

    So chill!!

    levi copeland


Had Some Drinks Şarkı Sözü
I've been around, brought you down, it's true

I had some drinks and said some things to you

If I said too much, I know you're mine to lose

I had some drinks and said some things to you

I think too much, I'm outta touch, it's true

Don't give a fuck, yeah actually I do

If I said too much, I know you're mine to lose

Don't give a fuck, yeah actually I do

I come my town

I come my closest

I come my lover too

I come my town

I come my closest

I come my lover too

I come my town

I come my closest

I come my lover too

I come my town

I come my closest

I come my lover too

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