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PSY - Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style
: Gangnam Style
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: 04-11-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (PSY - Gangnam Style )
  1. J.Carlos HC

    3460M views 2019,wtf!

  2. Amendo._ . Bobo

    everybody listened to kpop

  3. sawyer w

    Anyone else here in 3069?

  4. Cleber Jean

    Alguém de 2019?👀

  5. U- spark

    Psy siempre ha tenido problemas con esa persona de amarillo JAJAJAJA

  6. Đức Lợi Bùi

    Who watches in 2019

  7. Wwe2k18dbz Wwe2k18dbz

    Qui écoute encore en fin année 2019 ?

  8. CoolishGaming

    This is what fortnite copied ride the pony from this song


    Bulgaria 2019 listening now 🇧🇬💪👈

  10. zZLegendazZ z_

    Like si hablas español y la escuchabas cuándo eras chiquito

  11. Laney Thompson

    Who else searched up the most comments on a YouTube video and this was the result

  12. James Layne

    All I hear now is Bart Baker saying " Hotdog condom style "

  13. ii omarsacks

    I just randomly remembered this and came back who else?

  14. Mr totally Original name

    This song is 7 years old , let that sink in I remember dancing to this in primary school in 2012 and 2013

  15. Brylan Helepololei

    2012 was a much more simple time

  16. افلام YouTube


  17. Vitalina Pavluk

    Кто здесь 2019-го?

  18. なは

    When i put like on this vid i feel like its nothing in those 16 millions🤷💔

  19. Loafer

    id like to address this horrible HBO documentary about me its filled with lies and ignorance i would never hurt children i love sleepin with little boys thats all just a grown man sleepin with them little b- of course i fucked them kids come on its so obvious i was a good pedophile too huh? i built a whole amusement park and candy shop and i said "you kids like candy" and they be like "yeah yeah we like candy" "yeah you like candy? then tell ya mommy to get the fuck outta here teeheeheehee" then they did i was like oh shit didnt yall notice i only slept with little cute boys? not little girls, not little ugly boys just cute little muthafuckin tight ass mmmhmm boys well better get back to heaven i got in because i apologized right before i died them the rules bye

  20. Loafer

    this is epic


    yine geldim amina kodumun yerine

  22. Nanoprotection

    Incredible ! This song is always so fun in 2019. Psy is still the king of Youtube in my opinion :)

  23. Dafin Florea

  24. The Cartoon and Movie Channel

    Any one have any Nike backpacks for free to giveaway to me and ship.

  25. Charlie Dawson

    Banged in year 2

  26. Alejandro Ledezma Gutierrez

    Que tiempos :_(

  27. Gonna In The Hall

    Like si recuerdas cuando fue el video mas visto de Youtube por un tiempo...

  28. adrian alvarez

    esto es un coreano que vale la pena no bts

  29. Laila Mahomed

    Still more popular than any other song ever made. Even despacito. And for a good reason.

  30. Elissa zkh


  31. Kunum Tok

    Как?! За что?! Почему эта песня была так популярна?!

  32. Dantelius

    I knew I was gonna come back



  34. Amna Hassan

    I remember once i was seven years old when I listened to this song. Of course was my favorite song of all the time. Same year my brother Dongsaeng (younger sibling) gave birth. Years passed and i happened to know big bang and other groups like BTS and all. And that was the moment when i realized that PSY was a Korean and was from YG 🙂. Basically just came here all the way down to the comments section to tell that i am an idiot. :’)

  35. BestGirls

    내 비디오를 확인

  36. alliemsfts

    So they got wifi in Korea now

  37. JEVRO

    And them came fucking Despashitto😪

  38. Kryski Kryski

    And this was the 2010's

  39. Daniel Poli

    What is this song even about?

  40. Diana Montes

    New challenge [try to find a comment from the 2012]

  41. Vilde Carlsson

    This is the most random song to ever be ”popular”🤔

  42. 4Keyz Ghost

    2019 vous êtes là ou pas ?

  43. m1014 Sanchez

    Alguien en españolNadie ok!!

  44. Stephanie Lopez

    Me encanta 😍 2019?

  45. علي مصطفى


    Over 3billion damn bruhh..issssss a clasicccccccc

  47. Shelmi _ Michu

    OMG jamás superaré este video con el conocí el K-pop👌😀

  48. The Play Jeux Vidéo

    2020 qui est la

  49. Zoe Noel

    This song will be in our heads forever! hahaha

  50. shirko s.i.r

    لح تصير 2020 في حدا لسا عم يشوفوا ؟😂😂

  51. Hanna Buss

    Who else doesn’t understand a word but danced anyway to this song and liked it haha?

  52. Weird Channel

    I remember the days when i was a kid listening to this and gentleman, watching train videos and toy cars, playing minecraft, scared of planes, the days when youtube was actually good, parodies of this song, and all other that is possible, annoying orange.

  53. Xandrom

    the half humanity watch this, insane

  54. gk mf

    the start of Billions views era

  55. isaac ostyn

    Best song never created

  56. Luk Nono

    Best song ever

  57. Billy 0

    I was 11 years old when this song came out, now I’m 18

  58. Karma lul

    Who is here to see the views? ☻

  59. Adam Oleary

    I remember this was popular in 2016

  60. 011178 444090

    Como se me para la verga con esa coreana que baila al lado de psy

  61. xxx알리샤

    If only kpop was still like this omg 😂😂✌🏾


    This song is from my childhood) It's classicSorry, if there're some mistakes, I'm Russian)

  63. Sandro

    Just remember when the song hit the first 100 mio. likes, crazy 3,4 mrd. views jet

  64. chanty

    just came back because i remembered hyuna was in this

  65. chanty

    the world was at peace for a while when this got released

  66. Pedro Emerah

    And to think despacito has more views than gangnam style...

  67. Strong Willed

    Please check out my Cover of “My Girl” by Nirvana, KurtCobain. Hope you enjoy.

  68. alan Walker

    Хит года

  69. comedygamer

    Das Lied veränderte die Welt in der musik

  70. hiphop News

    Fuck 😂😂

  71. MaRkyNext

    또한 뷰의 수에 의해 기절 경우,같은 넣어

  72. MaRkyNext

    Put like😎❤, if also stunned by the number of views💪

  73. Abdullah Saleh

    ما تقدمه DXN للمستهلك الحكيم هى فرص متعددة وجوهرية .....⚜خطة مالية عالمية ⚜خطة توفير المجهود ⚜ضغط قليل وعوائد مالية ⚜استمتع بالحصول على المكافأة وعوائد ⚜المبيعات من جميع انحاء العالم ⚜مكافأة التوسع بعمق ⚜مكافأة أفضل للتوسع الأفقي ⚜فريق مرن ⚜خطة مالية عادلة ⚜أهداف بسيطة ومناصب رائعة ⚜خطة مالية قابلة لتحقيق ⚜خطة التقاعد ⚜خطة اربح اربح ⚜تركيبة من الخطط الهادئة والمتحركة ⚜٢٠ منصب للتأهل ⚜رحلة دولية للمتأهلينلمعرفة المزيد يرجۑ مراسلتي واتس 00967701852151

  74. Muumin- H

    Hey people in the year 2019!!

  75. stinio

    Qui est francais

  76. farm lol

    Soo many views lolllll

  77. IAmSyhilis _

    This just came in my recommended 😂

  78. Tutsak Şair

    Veee UNUTULDU ...

  79. Mexhid Lecini

    Fuck despacitu dude

  80. ツRoman

    How many likes can this comment get in one week? (Just wanna see how many people watch this video weekly)

  81. Luana Amaral

    Só eu que percebi 3:43 KKKKK

    Decalage_e !

    Luana Amaral ok mek

  82. Taco Black


  83. Namour TiCoeur

    Qui est francai


    When i here it in 2019, still it feel fresh Hope u feel the same

  85. Just Jade

    That little kid dancing still makes no sense to me

  86. berke mert

    My man doing K-Pop before it was popular, R E S P E C T.

  87. nicole walker


  88. Cletus Gonsalves

    BTS :- We made K-pop popularBlackpink :- You sure boys ?PSY :- Hello kids

  89. Kämpfende Katze - Downfall parodies

    I remember when it was my most favorite song. Ah I feel nostalgia.

  90. Hammerhead Monkey

    This was better than Despasito!

  91. ᏀᎡᎬᎪᎢ.

    *Jim jong after destroy America be like:*

  92. Mateus Barbosa


  93. shtefko 2008

    2019! !!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆

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