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Dua Lipa - feat Martin Garrix-Scared To Be Lonely

feat Martin Garrix-Scared To Be Lonely
: feat Martin Garrix-Scared To Be Lonely
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: 12-01-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Dua Lipa - feat Martin Garrix-Scared To Be Lonely )
  1. JCW

    01:04 is the drop :D✌️🔥🔥🔥

  2. Cherry Vonny

    Yesterday my teacher put this song while on field trip , i don't even know what are this song are but i have a feeling Dua lipa singing this and i'm true , also i don't even know the lyric but i sing along in bus LOL

  3. Pam Robertson

    My so fav part was now we're picking up fights And slamming doors magnifying all our flaws And I wonder why wonder what for why we keep coming for more

  4. Delana Johnson

    Victon's new song sounds just like this ..

  5. Bando Brando

    This song literally spoke to me over the radio. It couldn't have been more fitting for my current relationship. Its fucking sad.

  6. K. Swer

    I love this songs very much 👍👍👍

  7. VKim Taehyung

    Ini lagu yang gua cari cari susah banget anjay

  8. EndERBoY!

    *Too good song for youtube.*

  9. Krstal Blink


  10. Sophu Khan

    Dua lipa

  11. Crystal Hoke

    It's not fucked up fights it's messed up fights...Don't hate on me just sayin'

  12. Kary Da Queen

    I came from charles the frenchAlso 1:01 you're welcome

  13. Moushmi Pradhan

    English muvi

  14. Caroline Alba

    October 2019 because Dua Lipa is releasing NEW MUSIC, Nov!

  15. Kardelen Ella Cetin

    If you are singleYou have yourself If you don't have friends You have your sisters/brothers and familyIf you get bullied by people Ignore them, because you're the wonderful person ever and loved. Don't ever get scared of anything because you can succeed it



  16. Ambreen Nadeem

    The background is very beautiful❤


    Thx 🤗♥️

  17. Essi Heinonen

    I love this Song and the lyrics 😍😍

  18. Stephen Alexander

    I love this song so much like if u agree

  19. hencikaa

    no one:some random person: 2019 anyone?

    Apollos_Greed 12

    Martin Garrix will still be banging as long as I live

  20. Pollant Hoho


  21. Applehead.

    October 2019 anyone?

  22. Purni Narzary

    I also scared of being lonely

  23. Safwana Ahmed

    Whoever's reading this just know you're beautiful and deserve all the happiness ❤❤❤



  24. Sovyan_R.A

    Hello im from indonesian🇲🇨


    Hey 👋

  25. Ramesh Kumar P.N

    2020 anyone

  26. Sabbir Shuvo

    My loves, Minnie and Yuqi, got me here, so happy and proud to be a "Neverland"... 💜I wish Minnie'd do a solo cover of it, she was so surreal when she sang it! 🔥

  27. Raquel Gomes

    My teacher had this song as her ringtone and every time she gets a call, the whole class starts singing.

    Nusrat Jahan

    I'm setting this ringtone after hearing the song

    Angelina Vazquez

    That sounds great

    Be Fikhra

    Your teacher must be a cool person

  28. Fall Out Bubbles


  29. leonie123 hine

    Someone is message me

  30. I like HP and Chungus

    Kinda nostalgic when my sister was born

  31. Zule Ville

    I like this song a lot but since I went to a party on September 21, 2019 I can't get it out of my head and he listened to it and I remember that party

    Zule Ville

    song: 0:50, 1:46, 2:00, 2:56music: 0:01, 1:04, 2:14, 3:10

  32. Vanesaiiex uwu

    2020?I'm commenting 2020 in 2019 and please if you're watching this in the future (2020) reply because why not?

  33. Annie Du Preez

    Looking for this song for years ❤️

  34. foad hanna

    Dua lipa was a queen, i used to love every song she sings,But now..after this....she became a god!!! This is where she belongs HDM, i dont know who is more lucky dua lipa or martin.

  35. A Star Light

    Been hearing this song playing on my mind. I realized it was okay to be lonely, for all the right reasons.

  36. Ella Boury

    The worst feeling isnt lonely....The worst feeling is forgot the one you never cant forgot.

  37. chakhe piku

    Came after Minnie n Yuqi n now I'm so into it....this is love❤

  38. Palak Dudani

    Who's listening in 2035?? .

  39. Spider Girl

    1:30 it's messed up not the other word

  40. Sanskriti

    The power of kpopdo you feel it?

  41. Ink!sans AU creator

    Its not really my tipe

  42. Caycee Kopp

    its great

  43. isla Broome

    Dua lipas voice sounds 100x better when she makes a new song

  44. Cool Cat

    Starting music OMG it's like touching the soul!😍😍😰

  45. Sabbaoth Boka

    😭😭😭😭😭😭miss you Helen,Keenan,Junior,Ally,Mimie💔

  46. whatMatt3o M

    Very good 👍😉

  47. Crunchy Jamaa

    Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for youYou Are Beautiful.You Are Wanted.You Are Wonderful.Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better.We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that.All stars need to see darkness before the light. And always remember, Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you.Yourownunique Mindsetalwaystrystoengage in theright waysNow read the first letter of every wordYou Matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. <3 Continue on <3 be a soldier. Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you! Best wishes from Australia!


    Spring Simmer ❤

    rah 515

    Thankyou for this lovely message made me tear up ❤❤

  48. Kassidy Mamando

    I love this song

  49. Clips of Trevexia

    Im not sacred to be lonley because i am lonley 🤷‍♂️😔

  50. s r a h

    ive never been scared of death, the idea makes me want it..but-your family members arent strangers, dont ignore themyour skin isnt an old book, dont ruin ityour wrist isnt a vegetable, dont cut ityour face isnt ugly, thats how you see yourselfyour heart isnt a glass bowl, dont break ityour feelings arent toys, dont let people play with themyou arent made of stone, so dont try to break yourselfwe are all human, and we all have feelings, and hearts. you arent alone. your life isnt a chapter, its an unwritten book. if you end that chapter so soon-how are you going to complete your book?im a muslim. i learned on "Yu'm Al Quiyama (Day of Judgement)" you hold up two of your sins, and one of your deeds.and there will be one book that god has, its your life. every year of your life has a chapter, everything is already written for you. you just have to make the right choices, god already decided your fate, if you want to commit suicide-you'll never finish your book, live a happy, or depressing life. no matter how your life is, dont try to end it. not for you, but for your family it dosent end the pain.. it passes it on to others-dont only think of yourself when you want to commit. think of all your loved ones, the ones who love you..i hope this helps whoever is going thru tough times. :)

  51. Arya chutiya samaj jhuta gandu dharm

    No bobs and vagenas

  52. epicbehavior

    The universal matting pattern. 🦋Read Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow.

  53. Leonie Hine

    Courtney you are the best

  54. TheDarkPlayer

    Stop , nobody cares from where are you , just listen this song . It's just so cringe , I see everywhere "I am from ..." and things like that . Just stop and enjoy this song

  55. •愛Cherry葵blossom•girl愛•

    Who just loves this song or is it me? Lol

  56. xJustin- _

    2 0 1 9 ???

  57. Leonie Hine

    Copy cat for coping my playlist

  58. audriana Wiz

    Birthday in 30 mins time, and this is the song that summaries us . Tragicomedy.


    gidle minnie yuqi of my heart saying song but she is so cool voice😘😘😘💜💜💜

  60. Alanine

    I have this kind of love smh.

  61. Lunxiia

    *Nah, loners will get used to it like me ;)*

  62. Aayusha Shakya

    dua lipa sounds a bit like jennie

  63. мαякиαє 04

    Am I the only one here because I already just like the song?

  64. BT Savage

    I've been lonely for a long long time now it's become normal what I'm scared of is not having the chance to be loved😢

    Bob Ross

    I relate so much to this

  65. pewdie pyke

    I love this song


    This song has a deep meaning. Scared to be lonely - me??? No.

  67. Merve Erbil

    Dua lipa is just amazing

  68. Skkrt pull up with the coupe beep beep

    Dua Lipa's voice & Yuqi's voice should collab lol.


    Minnie and Yuqi brought me here 😍😍

  70. JPicc

    I covered this song and it'd mean a lot if someone could check it out :))

  71. Faze_ Adonis

    2019 anyone?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  72. samia shuptaali

    After listening yuqi and minnie I came here to listen this but now I am addicted towards this song😊

  73. Caleb Groncki

    I've conquered that fear, moving past that what's hard for me.

    Bob Ross

    Do you think I can do it too?

    Caleb Groncki

    @Bob Ross yes you can, very capable. :))

  74. Besin Manny

    I really love the song that could remember me to be brave againBy the way i love the backround too😍😍 -mariandeanchan😘



  75. Tae's Bae

    Now I'm really scared to be lonely cz I just watched conjuring 2

  76. Ugnius Zapolskas

    this song says my life

  77. Cosmic Drifter

    Who the hell is Yuqi and Minnie? I am here for the iconic collab between Martin and Dua.

    becks #

    they are from a group called (G)-IDLE, Yuqi and Minnie sang a short version of this and they did awesome!

    hoto Swu


  78. wafiy fun

    This song really touching my heart because I had had a hard time last year with some of my friends 😭

  79. Sabbaoth Boka

    Hearing this song jss thought of my friends yesterday going our separate ways...China,UK and wz playing n can't help buh breakdown um literally ALONE..

  80. Simi Sone

    Why? Right now try 2 understand.called lonely

  81. Aizere Utegenova

    I hate Monsta X.

  82. Walid Zgheib

    Love the song 😍😍 👍

  83. Kiki B

    Hey random scroller😊Have a nice day!!!


    Same to you 🤗🌸

  84. Faris bataweel

    I love this song thx for the lyrics ❤️



    Faris bataweel


  85. Jenny Tran

    Why am I only finding this song in 2019?!?!?

    خالد الماجد

    Jenny Tran cause we‘re scared to be lonely

    The_Weird_One _YEET

    Lmao same

  86. hanabi x

    I am here cause of dua lipa and nt cuz of some stupid.. Girl group

    Taehyung's Scenery

    Good for you

  87. Nashali Likes turtles

    I’m i the only one here not because of (G)I-dle

  88. Adela Margarita Guerra Vazquez

    Me sientoV A C I A

  89. Peach Mochi

    Yes, i scared to be lonely but im an antisocial person, once im confortable with person i will really love and support that person

  90. SweetLikeStrawberries

    here because of (g)-idle uwu

  91. Liv Stroupe

    While everyone here is talking about some kpop girls brought them here i'm over here because my depression forced me here. I got dumped by my long time boyfriend. He told me to die. It hurts a lot right now. And I know it seems like im seeking attention but im not. I just needed somewhere to say this to.

    Bob Ross

    Its okay you can make through this, I believe in you

  92. lorraine kpop

    :Dua Lipa can't reach high note*:Bitch, listen to this please*

  93. the odd eevees

    I found this by looking up scared to me lonely!idc about how you found it

  94. Syeda Hannain Hashmi

    Lyrics:Is on the screen

  95. Hrvoje Goospeed

    Who da f**k are Minnie & Yuqi??

  96. thara m b

    In the future, will I just be history nobody cares about? What's the point of living? I'll still live onBut idk whyBut I'll live

    Bob Ross

    I think the same way mate

  97. Cassiopeia

    😜 Follow me on Spotify -

    Ariel Etorma

    Anong tittle yan kuya or ate

    Amber Linsley

    Sure thing I'll go on Spotify and follow you k

    no u


    TweenZy SPARK

    This song is amazing I really like it

feat Martin Garrix-Scared To Be Lonely Şarkı Sözü
It was great at the very start

Hands on each other

Couldn't stand to be far apartCloser the better

Now we're picking fights and slamming doors

Magnifying all our flaws

And I wonder why, wonder what for

Why we keep coming back for more

Is it just our bodies?

Are we both losing our minds?

Is the only reason you're holding me tonight

'Cause we're scared to be lonely

Do we need somebody

Just to feel like we're alright

Is the only reason you're holding me tonight

'Cause we're scared to be lonely

Too much time, losing track of us

Where was the real

Undefined, spiraling out of touch

Forgot how it feels

All the messed up fights and slamming doors

Magnifying all our flaws

And I wonder why, wonder what for

It's like we keep coming back for more

Is it just our bodies?

Are we both losing our minds?

Is the only reason you're holding me tonight

'Cause we're scared to be lonely

Do we need somebody

Just to feel like we're alright

Is the only reason you're holding me tonight

'Cause we're scared to be lonely

Scared to be lonely

Even when we know it's wrong

Been somebody better for us all along

Tell me how can we keep holding on, holding on tonight

'Cause were scared to be lonely

Even when we know it's wrong

Been somebody better for us all along

Tell me how can we keep holding on, holding on tonight

'Cause were scared to be lonely

Is it just our bodies?

Are we both losing our minds?

Is the only reason you're holding me tonight

'Cause we're scared to be lonely

Scared to be lonely

Scared to be lonely

Scared to be lonely

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