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Bazzi - Myself

: Myself
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: 06-02-2019
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Bazzi - Myself )
  1. Saif Vlogs

    Nice voice keep going

  2. Nytha Juno

    d autotune dude.-.)

  3. Ferdi fangakk

    Indonesia here.

  4. Avirup Nag

    Really I love it .....❤❤❤

  5. Rem Chhungi


  6. كورة

    Ur voice is b b b b beautiful baby I like it👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Continue.........

  7. اورلوك تشان و ارلوك

    Thats cool

  8. Angelou Reyes

    cool 😎 now do the song " till I collapse".

  9. salad caesar

    Me in a group project

  10. кусочек дошика

    за начало лайк 0:06

  11. varun ruhela

    Who is from india give her like for voice.....👍👍🤘🤘🎵🎵🎵

  12. VIP ATL

    U fuck that song

  13. Call Of Duty 2 Hackers And Cheaters

    It has bad sound :( I wish it aint autotunned !!

  14. Rubix Turtle

    Auto tune so bad

  15. Lisa Weaver

    Your a newbie artist. All my Best!

  16. Betül Özmen

    Your voice is very bad 👎👎👎

  17. manu pacifico

    incredible I loved beautiful now I do not live without your music

  18. DIVVY

    Such a good voice OMG POPSTAR

  19. Nhựt Gaming

    Mu to vl

  20. abhishek police patil

    Love from India 🇮🇳 Lisa ♥️😘

  21. ZORO 々PKC

    Iraq is here baby ♥️🇮🇶♥️

  22. Daniel Vitor

    Cantar ou morrer ♥️

  23. sina zargar

    nice autotune :0

  24. Robert Pachuau

    So white

  25. Dung Dung Thùy

    Ohh I like her hair <333

  26. حراس المرمى - Goalkeeping

    What is that voice 😮I'm shocked So beautiful 😍💗Following you from Egypt 😍😘🇪🇬

  27. Artzic Melodies

    AMAZING, nothing more to say

  28. Raposinha Bia29


  29. EsoMagSorc Kazzuyaa

    Do a bring me the horizon cover

  30. arif aymen

    very good sound and sooooo hooooot .good damn

  31. Vendetta Prankster

    This isn’t even singing it’s just glorified talking

  32. Ananthu 123

    Auto tune BS🙈

  33. Mahesh Don

    Starting is lit on fire

  34. stephany cristine

    vim do video de gacha o cantar ou morrer

  35. una persona desconocida

    Alguien español? ;-;

  36. raj gaurav singh

    Who doesn't use auto tune. So whateve. You were awesome. Keep it up. Don't let negative let u down.

    Lisa Weaver

    raj gaurav singh your support is very much appreciated 💚

  37. 「イウテルピ」Euterpe

    That auto tune is horrible...

  38. Faizan Ahmad

    Do without auto-tune 😊 don't worry it will sound even better

  39. imma little teapot

    this ruined the song for me

  40. Eduarda Fialho Gacha

    Eu vim do vidio cantar ou morrer

  41. Nganingmi thohriinamai

    Ooooh m inlove ☺☺☺

  42. Varun Vlogger


  43. Kyndyl Morgan

    That autotune.

  44. Praboth Malsha

    It’s all auto tuned! We want true talent😡not fake auto tuned voice😡😡

  45. Ángela viviana Gonzalez prada

    Qué bobas copias

  46. Ateek Ahmad Ahmad

    Savage !!

    Lisa Weaver

    haha 😄

  47. yunior figueroa

    Hacen muy notable el autotune...

  48. Erik Govea

    Good until the "Myself" for the chorus. It's the namesake of the song and it was weak compared to the original. It's like making blueberry banana muffins and forgetting the blueberries.

  49. Amaimi Show

    Video is very cool!

  50. Vanced Digimon

    That gorgeous mansion but she looking like she about to go to the mall.

  51. GamerNoob 21

    Só eu que vim do video Cantar ou Morrer?

  52. Sophia Lima

    E eu também


    We dont need an new hoe 😪💔

  54. Alana gamer YT :3

    Amanzig 🙃

  55. Baby Cacto


  56. edison avarachan


  57. turma da poliana

    ameii 2019?

  58. MoonシシDark

    Hi Lisa I'm from Brasil I Love this Song!!♥️

  59. Helan Jaf

    This is good.You should definitely post more I’ll be sure to watch and like!!!😊

    Lisa Weaver

    Appreciate your support man!

  60. Clelia Fraccaro

    You sing very good

    Lisa Weaver

    Clelia Fraccaro thank you !🌷

  61. Harmony

    Kinda weird in my ear. No offence!!

    Lisa Weaver

    I agree! Way too much of post production :)

  62. Ammar Qamar

    I'm just amazedThanks for the beautiful voice....

  63. Gabi games

    eu tbbm vim desse video

  64. Gacha Fofis :3

    Só vim por que achei linda a voz da irmã da coelha de CANTAR OU MORRER sua voz é linda parabéns!

    Gacha Fofis :3

    É nois! :3

  65. 《Heyoon》

    Canta muito parabéns. 👏👏😁

  66. milychu

    i loved it <3

  67. KaioSelvaBr 101

    Hugs of Brazil, loved the cover Congratulations

    Lisa Weaver

    ლKaioSelvaBrლ ოGamerო 🤗 ah thank you honey ! My love to Brasil 💕🇧🇷

  68. Dicas da Kiki


    Lisa Weaver

    Dicas da Kiki 😇thank you 💙

    Dicas da Kiki

    @Lisa Weaver nope.

  69. Guilherme Blanco

    Melhor musica

    Lisa Weaver

    Guilherme Blanco ah Obrigada !💓

    Guilherme Blanco

    @Lisa Weaver de nada

  70. Diego Felipe Alves Gomes

    Eu gostei tanto da música da elisa (não sei) que vim procurar a música e achei!!Eu sou menina tà? ;-;

  71. Baixinha *-*

    What beautiful voice🤩😍😍😍🤗🤗

    Lisa Weaver

    Laura Rezende thank you, love 😊💓

  72. Samara a Aventureira

    Muito melhor que a música original

    cคтн łuzค

    @Lisa Weaver Wow, i'm love you covers

    Samara a Aventureira

    Thanks, i love your covers ❤️

    Lisa Weaver

    Sasa Fofah Mística thank you ladies 🥰 means a lot!

    cคтн łuzค

    @Lisa Weaver I'm love you

    Samara a Aventureira

    I'm addicted to this cover ❤️

  73. sushi de coelho

    Mano eu vim daquele vídeo! De gacha, cantar ou morrer

    Erlando Santos

    Eu tbm ;w;

    Nala •

    @hellow amorinhas quatro;&;

  74. Ana Legal


  75. ى十 тυт

    Eu vim do vídeo cantar ou morte ;-;

    Turquesinha ʕ o ᴥ oʔ

    tbm agr ta na minha plelist

    Ňäømï- čhäň

    Amo esse filme

  76. Afiq Danial

    1.25x, thanks me later



  77. Céline Routcha


  78. Ilyas Syaifudin

    So good. .. ❤❤

  79. hakan keskin

    Bok gibi olmuş Amq ya

  80. si sa syu


  81. Kikikat09

    This needs more views! This is awesome :D I love this cover, Best cover so far!!!!

    Lisa Weaver

    Kikikat09 thank you for your support!💜


    @Lisa Weaver Thanks for the heart. <3

  82. Sandip Bagchi

    Nice voice ♡♡♡♡♥️☺☺☺🙂🙂🙂

  83. Jaco Prawiro

    Auto tune BS

    doggo mckitten

    So true I could tell something with her voice

    Lisa Weaver

    Jaco Prawiro 😅

  84. laura cordova saravia

    Me encantó ♡

  85. Chav x

    You ruined this song

    Chav x

    no, ruined is that word

    cmeterydrive_ _

    no I think you meant fixed

    Chav x

    @cmeterydrive_ _ guys i know what i wrote :))

    Lisa Weaver

    Jacqueline Chavira 😄😄😄 you guys are the sweetest

    Chav x

    It's so sad you actually think its good. I really appreciate the work you did to do this but stop living in a bubble. Your version of this song is terrible. Mainly because of autotune someone did for you.

  86. farasapt

    Your voice is really soothing

  87. Ольга Пухова


  88. Branson Xavier

    Wow! i made a remix..

  89. BIW LY

    Brazil here baby 🇧🇷

    Lisa Weaver

    Bia Monteiro yaay sending you my love all the way to Brazil💚

    hellow amorinhas

    @Lisa Weaver i'm brazilian


    Eu também sou do Brasil!!

  90. The Juggernaut

    She got a phat ass

  91. This Bean Is Restarting on a new account

    So good!

    Lisa Weaver

    Angelica Edits thank youu💛

  92. Liza Proks&Fit

    Прости, Bazzi ,но Лиз ,в твоём исполнении это лучше звучит

    Lisa Weaver

    Liza Proks&Fit да нееет:)) но спасибо тебе 🌷

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