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Arctic Monkeys - Do Me A Favour

Do Me A Favour
: Do Me A Favour
: 3.17 MB
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: 01-05-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Arctic Monkeys - Do Me A Favour )
  1. alxceresa

    🖤🖤🖤🖤 this song is just too much

  2. paula

    nick deserve the world look at the bassline OMG

  3. Coma Baby

    He looks high but yknow what that's okay

  4. Intan Jenner

    Play 1.25 speed for the actual version. But this version still better tho 👌

  5. gabriela

    I really wanted to appreciate Do Me a Favour in Mexico City but they gave us The Ultracheese that definitely made me to fall in love even more with it.

  6. Franky Morcelius

    Alex looks like Ian Curtis here..

  7. Robbie Richardson

    He went from being great to looking and sounding like a corny wedding singer! 😬

  8. Jean Carlo

    Turner sould sing his old songs like before

  9. VladBiRi Play

    Save me 3:45

  10. Polina aleksandrova 2003


  11. me_myfriends_and_high

    only 37 dislike, <3

  12. Beau Risdon

    Put it on 0.75 speed and it's a song from TBHAC


    more rhymes than tbhac

  13. Tee Hull

    this crowd was so good 🤯

  14. Joel Travis

    What are they yelling at the beginning??

    Sass S

    Here we ,here we ,here we fucking go !! It's a Scottish tradition 🤘👌

  15. Shanay Das Guru

    What's the crowd chanting 00:15-00:26?


    "Here we, here we, here we fucking go" its a semi common chant at UK festivals

  16. LouiSpacetime

    What is the crowd chanting at the beginning?

    Hamza Ahmad

    LouiSpacetime here we fucking go

  17. haniyfa azalea

    3:12 exactly what i was doing

  18. David Clarke

    Start to fall apart hold on to your heart

  19. cerperalpurpose

    Nobody mentions Nick playing a difficult bassline faster than usual all while looking at Alex.

    Big N Daily

    It's really not that difficult to play. Library pictures on the other hand... oh that can be a finger exercise

    Day Light

    Wow now its 87 people that didn't realise this live has slower BPM than the actual song


    @Day Light No ones arsed mate

    Day Light

    @Jordan i think you've talked about your comment "mate"

    secretdoor 15

    Day Light what a crappy comeback

  20. kyrac1999

    I’ve never wanted to be a microphone so much in my entire life

  21. Alex James

    Hands down their best performance of this song. The keys add a different dimension to the song. Alex’s voice is just as beautiful and it’s like he’s come to terms with the heartache in the song but he still sings it like it first happened. Absolute a genius. ROLL ME UP SOME TONE

  22. reyasem

    Wait, is it just me or did they actually slow it down?


    they did

  23. Idahotik

    is it just me or did his voice get deeper


    fucking Idahotik it’s been getting deeper since humbug

  24. Abigail Delete

    Looks like TLSP

  25. As Arabella Oh

    Well the mourning was comolete

  26. Ecdad Büken

    slow but still awesome

  27. Metalllians86

    what were they chanting at the beginning?..i hear that in other AM vids too...

    Sam Steele

    Metalllians86 'here we, here we, here we fucking go' it's a Scottish thing, we do it at every concert

  28. Matteo Agozzino

    What kind of Drum Matt plays in this Concert?????

  29. Kion Manikam

    Proud to be at the barrier that day... fuck

  30. Matthias Thurow

    2:29 - looks kind of weird, when you are a German. The farewell could be misinterpreted.

  31. Bby Cheese

    0:31 boi who gave you the right to do that???

    Karima Fouad

    Armies everywhere

  32. Yvzcn Club

    baştaki dayı kralsın


    Yvzcn Club Hahaha, evet nereden bildin?

    Yvzcn Club

    nyxaries ben seni götürürüm no problema :)


    Yvzcn Club Çok minnettar olurum :)

    carpe noctem

    @Yvzcn Club hee hsjshdjjdsf

    Kutay Arslan

    Yvzcn Club valla he gelseler artık

  33. Jackson Oliveira

    Do me a favor à lá tranquility base kkkkk

  34. Gordon Freeman

    Yall loving his looks. You should focus on his music, little turds. This song is just... Too sad.

    Devika Dwivedi

    Gordon Freeman it’s an amazing song though.

  35. jess herrera

    i need the chance to SCREAM “perhaps fuck off might be too kind” at one of their concerts. that would get my chakras aligned again.

  36. Y •


  37. luana pedrosa

    i cant wait to see them live next year i'm sooooo excited

  38. DankLizard56

    What was the crowd chanting in the beginning?


    here we here we fucking go

  39. Marabella

    IDK if he is doing it on purpose, or he is on drugs lol

  40. Driixyy

    Here here here we fukin go

  41. Ignacio Alejandro Martinez Baez

    TRNSMT 2018 is the first venue where I notice how handsome and manly Nick is.

    Nate Jordan

    Here we, here we, here we fucking go, it's a Glasgow ting

  42. Kieran McCarthy

    You guys should check out a song called "Tonight by The Difference" Im getting AM vibes

  43. Darcy Dreamed

    This song is one of their finest

  44. lynn turner

    olha que cabelo lindo mano vai se fude

  45. Alzat97

    I bet She would dedicate this song to me now, I would.

  46. Michela Mancini

    do me a favour and come to Italy


    Lascia perdere. L'anno scorso in Italia sold out dopo poche ore, non ho fatto nemmeno in tempo a provarci

  47. Danilo Doudement

    Afetado do canta assim agora.


    da um ranço poha, canta direito caralho

  48. Cesar Garcia


  49. kung foo fighters

    Love that bass in 2:59

    stephen moncrieff

    Thats me, can confirm I was feeling it

  50. Boná

    BRAZIL 2019 PLX

  51. fiendishwonder

    That crowd knows what's up.

  52. JR. Lee

    Love this version

  53. Steven Stone

    Crowd: Sings every word of just about every song and sometimes sings the guitars notesAlex: Let's change the rhythm of the lyrics on this one that everyone knows by heartMADLAD


    I was there and i didn't hesitate with the rhythm of the lyrics on this one as much as i did with the "bear that in mind tonight" part in View From The Afternoon. That threw everyone off haha

  54. João, o perdido

    Bring my deafening guitar solo back!

  55. paola bueno

    He's so fucking hot, holy fuck bro.

  56. Romy Suter

    ive been listening to this song whenever i need a cry and OH MY GOD it sounds so good live

  57. ズルデュビ

    um amor por essa música

  58. Ανδρέας Γενάρης

    live at the apolo was way better!!

  59. Grant Paterson

    probably the best night of my life


    luck fuck you are

    Cameron Brown

    Same here man, 10/10

  60. Slavomíra Nemčíková

    1:33 the moment when he decided to shave off his hair

    Brooke Weir

    he shaved his hair right before i saw him in concert and i was fucking PISSED


    LolaBunny Same haha

    Jonathan Cortes

    hahaha he said that?

    Hurtado XII

    @M well it's growing back, now he's got the AM era look

  61. Queens of the Drone Age

    chick looks scared at start when she turns around.Btich u shuda sen the death pit i started at bdo 2009 if you were there beware that nothin lov

  62. sasna blen

    aaah 3>

  63. pattithestranger

    the crowd is insaaane <3

  64. Juanse Betancourt

    fucking glorious

  65. Ricardo SC

    Arctic MonkeysDO ME A FAVOUR LYRICS[Verse 1]Well, the mourning was completeAnd there was tears on the steering wheel dripping on the seatSeveral hours or several weeksI'd have the cheek to say they're equally as bleak[Verse 2]It's the beginning of the endThe car went up the hill and disappeared around the bendAsk anyone, they'll tell you that it's these times that it tendsTo start to break in half, to start to fall apart, hold on to your heart[Chorus]And do me a favour and break my noseOr do me a favour and tell me to go awayOr do me a favour and stop asking questions[Verse 3]She walked away while her shoes were untiedAnd the eyes were all red, you could see that we'd criedAnd I watched and I waited 'til she was in siteForcing a smile and waving goodbyeCuriosity becomes a heavy loadToo heavy to hold, too heavy to holdCuriosity becomes a heavy loadToo heavy to hold, will force you to be cold[Chorus]Do me a favour and ask if you need some helpShe said, "Do me a favour and stop flattering yourself"And to tear apart the ties that bindPerhaps "Fuck off" might be too kindPerhaps "Fuck off" might be too kind

  66. Baby Blue

    Esse Bixo tá só na maconha, so canta lento agora

    Waishington Luis Oliveira Junior

    kkkkkkk é nao mosso

    Amanda Loureiro

    Ne po, a antiga tava mais animada

    Alyson Bravo

    Também prefiro eles nas antigas.

  67. Kellett

    State of this

  68. rasvatonttu

    Im fucking crying, they're coming to Finland, and I cant go. The Festival is 18+. I'm so fucking annoyed!!!

  69. Kappapa O'Laochda

    Woah, no beard

  70. Renee

    thanks for posting! great quality :D

  71. Leilany Espino

    Mi favorita. Me encanta cómo la canta,como todos reviven ese momento. Alex eres tan😍

  72. tarun arora

    The keys just add another layer and dimension to this song that should be explored in the studio. It makes it sound gentle towards the end unlike the original which is full of angst.

    Lucas Matheus de Souza

    i prefer angst

    Connor James

    It’s meant to be full of angst, it’s a song about pain and the end is the breaking point where everything is released, all the pain and sadness is just an explosion

    Brenda Dover

    I like the angst

  73. Ivan Cortes

    What does people sing at the beginning? 00:16

    S. Herrera

    "Here we,here we,here we f***ing go"

  74. Lola Martin




  75. Lola Martin


    Marcos Flores


    Kevin Alexander Tincahuallpa Zuñiga

    Pocos días que estén en Perú :)

    Camila Gimenez

    Una semana y los vemos en Argentina! No falta nadaaa

    Victor David Martinez V.

    ahora mismo andan en México :')


    Hace un mes los vi en vivo, épico

  76. Denis Steven

    I love this song

    S. Herrera

    Denis Steven same!!

  77. Santiago Martin

    some more saw the guy at the bottom at 3:42

  78. L. F.

    best performance of do me a favour


    L. F. you should see do me a favour on mad cool 2018,imo its better than this

    Gabriela K

    possibly the best ever ❤️

    K4i0 ViCtOr

    For me the 2013 version of this Glastonbury song is still better

    Joel Jacques

    Nah mate, Reading 2009 always leaves me in tears

    Intan Jenner

    Nah imo in Glastonbury 2007 the best, we could feel his emotion

  79. Denise Davila

    Is that the crowd singing along the entire performance??

    Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev

    scottish ppl sing to everything but horribly and hum to every guitar riff cuz they dont have talent like the english


    They sang every word of the whole set list, was an amazing concert!

    Lee McQueen

    @Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev Hahaha English crowds are awful.

    Martin Polajner

    Yeah it s a special instrument it takes years to master

  80. Slot Machines In The Laundromat

    Thumbnail makes Alex look like a donkey

    Rory Whelan

    Slot Machines In The Laundromat A HANDSOME donkey

    Ibnu Arianto

    Arctic Donkey?


    He has some of the worst thumbnails

  81. Marcello Niccoli

    Fuckin slow

    Coolaught Rainer

    Marcello Niccoli it's Alex' way of singing. It's actually the same tempo.

    Nicolás Montuoro

    Coolaught Rainer It's not


    this song is not that bad in slow version


    Try 1.25x

  82. MiaLeht

    Hi, I didn’t need this. He’s too gorgeous


    Ugh I know

  83. dayshawna


  84. Cherie Wilkinson

    I was in this crowd.Boiling hot fabulous day but this song and atmosphere gave me a much needed chill and chance to get my breath.Amazing feeling.

  85. lara rose

    when it gets to the point that you don’t whether it’s sweat or gel in his hair

    Ooga Booga

    lara rose mostly sweat at this point but I’m guessing by the look of it when it’s dry, it’s probably pomade

    Hurtado XII

    It's wax

  86. Pedro Gabriel

    what was the crowd chanting in the start?

    Ricardo Diaz

    Pg HU3 "jaime. jaime. jaime fucking cook"

    wee jobbie

    'here we, here we, here we fucking go' haha Scottish people do it at every concert basically

    Francisco Soares

    here we, here we, here we fucking go

    Tania Ríos

    Hahahae,x D.Thanks!

    F In The Chat

    Miles, Miles, Miles fucking Kane

  87. Eduardo Pais

    How did you get these?? Keep em coming, thanks!


    Béco Silva on the BBC iPlayer

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