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21 Savage - feat Offset, Metro Boomin-Ric Flair Drip

feat Offset, Metro Boomin-Ric Flair Drip
: feat Offset, Metro Boomin-Ric Flair Drip
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: 08-03-2018
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (21 Savage - feat Offset, Metro Boomin-Ric Flair Drip )
  1. Sonar

    Anyone have a link to download garage band

  2. Pawix123

    Am i the only one who heard METRO BOOMIN WANTS SOM MORE in his head?

  3. PinkKushIsDaBush 1

    My synth piano doesn't sound like that ??

  4. Egartuo

    I boosted the bass so it's orgasmic to hear with overear headphones

  5. Rage Squad

    HMU I can do percussions on GarageBand

  6. Dallasweimorts

    This is good but it would sound better with hybrid knock since it has that metro boomin clap 👏

  7. cgpal78

    Drums Are The Best.

  8. FusionTechCinema

    Metro boomin want some more nigga

  9. puwag17mate

    all u beat makers using other expensive softwares mad because this is free and still sounds better then yall garbage ass beats fohhhhh

  10. Black Music BR


  11. Jeremy Sylva

    "Momma I Hit A Lick" 2 Chains

  12. Mort3 Official

    That 808 is embarrassing you rlly couldn’t have just tuned it? That’s so lazy

  13. Nej Marinković

    we all came here just to hear the piano

  14. SrKooDa

    had this app from android?

  15. Marcus Augusto

    Muito top ...!! Very Nice !!

  16. Kacper Wuuu

    3:40 the voices in my head tell me METRO BOOMIN WANT SOME MORE NIGGA

  17. carolina santos

    do sign of the times by harry styles please

  18. Aaron Bentz

    Who else was expecting the singing too😂

  19. The Master Of Dreams Launchpad cover

  20. KYLEXX

    Thanks man! I tried this myself and it worked and was really fun so thanks!

  21. AM- 10-14

    Lini App

  22. MR. HaZe

    Talent at its best

  23. Darryl Clark

    Garage band gets in my nerves as a DAW

  24. Excelpower G

    Popping but you really not gon shoooooot🤫

  25. Abhijeet Jain

    Holy shit...

  26. Viewsbyturtle

    Who listened to Ric Flair Drip right after this ??

  27. pazzi xscelta

    le basi di gem

  28. Topu Dereck

    YOUR percussion it’s a SHIT, nobody can produce Trap in a GARAGE BAND, you need a FRUTY LOOPS STUDIO OR ANOTHER SoFTWARE WITH THE “PIANO ROLL” ...ey yo PEOPLE, don’t trust in this VIDEO

  29. Younes Sahraoui

    You got skillz 🔥

  30. Sam Munkbayer

    Do sucideboys please

  31. rref _

    These vids are the like Great Value version of the actual songs lmao

  32. Champ

    Haha! That’s fucking sick

  33. Mantis Toboggan

    That’s amazing!

  34. Benjie Nazzaro

    Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

  35. The Night Wing

    Can I get a link to app

  36. Holden Snyder

    Can u do boy boy west coast. Bottoms up

  37. Jes Boss

    Ric Flair drip go WOoO on a bitch

  38. Black ninja ph23


  39. an bo

    21 savage best work

  40. i robot

    I’m ready to be a SoundCloud rapper

  41. Emerson Ramos

    which app name ??

    Kim Maiava

    Lil rr garage band

    Emerson Ramos

    Thanks 😍

  42. Rayan Tahir

    Can’t wait for 21 Savage’s part.


    Rich flair drip go woo on a bitch

  44. VIDDO Z

    Zeze - travis scot

  45. Prince Russel Mendoza

    What app is that?

  46. Jeremy Cardenas

    Damn, thats pretty bad ass

  47. jisan prod

    Off key

  48. Nick Sacco

    Metro boomin in his car on the way to the studio:

  49. Tony Mane

    For the snares you could do the hip hop clap kit that’s on this GarageBand otherwise nice job bro the moldy & kicks bump

  50. GennX Beats

    you ever heard of fl studio?

  51. GustavMJ

    The 808 is SHIT as Fuck

  52. Cxrtez

    Aaaand thats it lol

    TM TM

    Trash right?

  53. lil cloudie

    3:10 thats me everytime i open fl studio

  54. JOBOT345

    Your good at this but can you demonstrate everything and do it slower I’m trying to do this but I can’t because it’s to fast

  55. Izz Israq

    lmao tbh i was waiting for 3:23

  56. nameruku

    Its not a snare

  57. jjjrjrnrnrbbebe

    808s sounded so bad, goddamn, my musical producer ears are bleeding,

  58. Phillip Jacobs

    Metro boomin wants some more, nigga

  59. William Makssi

    Who else screams METRO BOOMING WANTS MORE.. HEY!!!

  60. Jesus Lucas

    Weeeell done

  61. Keonte Hodge

    If you’re reading this watch D.E.A.D. by Kingston Hughes 🔥 all feedback is appreciated!

  62. TH Uzi

    can u do thotiana

  63. planetX

    DO NUKETOWN BY SKI MASK THE SLUMP GODlike so they can see

  64. Skinny

    Next xxxtentacion - fuck love please🙇

  65. Ethan Cossell

    You've earned a subscriber my good man

  66. Albo

    from 3:43 i can't don't put like

  67. Tony Vercetti

    When those bells hit

  68. A K S

    Do Offset- Lick 🔥🔥

  69. Mingo Official TM

    Eq your low end bro and download some more audio unit extensions so that you can access better limiters and stuff. Sounds fire tho

    TM TM

    Bro this guy knows nothing about music. Don't try tell him how to mix lmao. He's the type of ignorant fuck to tap C on the bass in a key that has no C and go "BrUh ThIs iS LIt"... fucking L city

  70. Jesselle Elnadrin

    metro boomin want some more cookies

  71. Jacob Mann

    Ooh shiat

  72. Bryxn MX

    Ouuh fireeeeee!

  73. Domination

    The 808 is a little to high pitched

  74. Wally Yung

    Goin to the jeweler bust an ap

  75. mostmasterful

    is garage band free? sorry broke nigga problems

  76. Jairo Argueta

    Please do butterfly effect or sky fall by Travis Scott

  77. Boofy

    This shit crazy 🤯

  78. titaniumbeats

    It’s not a snare, it is a clap. Wack remake

  79. Vintage

    Normally ppl start with the melody or beat and then put a 808?


    yeah that was bothering me more than it should've tbh

    Jerma uwu

    well since he was only reverse engineering it's not a big deal but ye, it gets wonky fast

    TM TM

    This guy's mentally inept. Type of nigga to press C on a bass in key that has no C and go "YeAh huehueheu sO LiT, Huehueheu I'm fickimg retarded hueheueheb"

    TM TM

    @Jerma uwu L

    Jerma uwu

    whats up?

  80. Noah Blair

    Can you do self care by Mac Miller

  81. 808TROPA

    So bad the 808's😂😂


    Ever since I was young it’s been my dream to make music and turn hearts and heads .. I’m a young beat maker from New Jersey and I’ve decided to put my dreams in action and start making beats ... this is my dream guys ... it’s the only talent I have that can take me some where . All I ask for is a piece of your time and a thumbs up ... anything you guys can do for me gets me closer to my dream . Please give me a chance to show that I’m im worth it .. thank you guys. LETS SUPPORT EACHOTHER ❤️

  83. TM TM

    Not great. That bass? What you doing

  84. VI Legend

    _Metro boomin wants_*_Some more_*

  85. Tae Reneau

    Please do Ball w/o you by 21 savage

  86. Logan Woolsey

    Yeah but that 808... 😬

  87. PoloNoLogo

    Somethin somethin somethin somethin look like hula hoops

    lxqan _

    lol omg same like ik bout the hoola hoops but the freak he says before that? 🤣

  88. Drake Kajioka

    do xo tour lif3

  89. BreezyGuy

    3:22 is where the hard work pays off. No problem :)

  90. WackBeats


  91. psk

    The race by tay k

  92. noChill Tracks

    Génuis 🙌👍

  93. DARK L1FE

    808s are trash

  94. Xola Komisa

    The 808s are bleeding into each other....

  95. Damage-Beats

    Well close enough for weak phones

  96. PokeyDex

    If you do it on Mac you can add the song in

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